An Honest WellPutt Putting Mat Review
Written by August Noble

August Noble was first introduced to golf at 7 years old. In 2013 he started seriously working on his game and was able to reduce his handicap from 19 to 3.4 in less than two years. He's been helping other golfers do the same ever since. Current Handicap: 4

Welcome back to my putting mat review series!

In this article, I’m going to dive into what I like and dislike about the WellPutt putting mat. Also, check out my takes on the Birdieball and PrimePutt putting mats before deciding which one to buy.

Have you noticed that there are a ton of putting practice greens out there? The sheer amount of options can make it overwhelming to choose the right one.

However, WellPutt sets itself apart from its competitors by offering a putting training system instead of just a practice mat.


Overall Rating and a Couple of Different Thoughts

The WellPutt practice mat was kind of tough to rate. On the one hand, I like the training system, but I miss the simplicity of just trying to sink a few putts during my free time. I think the WellPutt would be great to keep on hand for those dreaded times when your alignment gets really off.

If I’m rating the WellPutt as a putting training system, it’s a 6 out of 10. Getting to play 18 holes with a unique point system is a pretty cool way to practice. However, not having any cups or flagsticks keeps me from rating this product higher.

As far as being just a practice mat, I rate the WellPutt a 4 out of 10. The surface is very slick, which causes your putts to roll way too fast. This makes the overall practice experience seem unrealistic.

If there was a way to slow down the surface, I could give the WellPutt a higher rating in this area. Golfers could try laying the mat on carpet instead of a hard flat surface. That could give you a little bit slower of a roll.

If your budget allows, I’d buy the PrimePutt as your main practice mat and the WellPutt just for alignment and speed training. This would give you the best of both worlds. Thanks for reading this series. I hope these reviews have helped in your quest to sink more putts!

Watch my review comparing the BirdiBall vs PrimePutt vs Wellputt, or click into each putting mat’s written review below:


Quick Overview of The WellPutt Putting Green

Have you ever heard the classic coaching saying, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect”? That phrase reminds me of the WellPutt putting mat. The creators of WellPutt designed this mat for golfers who are serious about honing their putting stroke.

While other practice mats on the market will have you mindlessly trying to hole putt after putt, the WellPutt putting mat comes with an actual training system. You’ll be able to work on the most crucial aspects of your putting stroke, like speed and alignment.

WellPutt is so serious about helping golfers improve their putting that this mat comes with a comprehensive training manual. The company also has a mobile app so that golfers can easily track their putting performance and progress. At only a little over 4 pounds, it’s easy to bring this mat with you on road trips or golf tournaments that are far away.


wellputt putting system

What I Like About The WellPutt Putting Green

The WellPutt practice mat is quite a bit different from the other 2 that we reviewed, which is refreshing. It’s nice to see a company take a different approach to practicing putting instead of just following along with the crowd. Here are some of my favorite aspects of the WellPut putting mat.

  • Easy Installation: Since there are no cups or flagsticks to install, setting up the WellPutt practice mat is painless and headache-free. Simply roll the mat out and tape it down using double-sided carpet tape.
  • Comes with a Training System: I was blown away at the size of the training manual included with this practice mat. This system will help golfers hit straighter putts with just the right speed. It even has a mobile app to keep you accountable and motivated. Just how expansive is the app? There are 3 different training levels and 54 exercises on it. It’s available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Great Size: The WellPutt mat has plenty of size. The one I sampled was 13 feet long, which meant I had plenty of room to work on my short and medium-range putts right in my living room.
  • Decent Flatness: This mat is made of a carpet type of material that lays pretty flat right out of the box. You won’t have to deal with any annoying bumps or high spots that can inhibit your putts.
  • You Can Play 18 Holes: Part of the WellPutt training system is that you can play a full 18-hole round. This is a pretty neat feature, and it comes with its own points system so that you can practice with more purpose. This is way more effective than just mindlessly trying to sink putt after putt from a variety of distances.
  • Tons of Alignment Lines: Putting comes down to 2 things: speed and alignment. The WellPutt has a plethora of lines so that golfers can focus on going straight back and straight through every practice putt. It also teaches folks how to aim 12 to 18 inches past the hole when judging how much speed to hit their putts with.
  • Credibility: This putting practice mat is endorsed by Cameron McCormick. If you’re an avid golf fan, that name may sound familiar because he currently coaches So Yeon Ryu, Daniel Berger, and Jordan Spieth.
  • Great for Ball Speed Training: Here’s another cool feature that a lot of folks may not know about. Each direction you putt has a different speed. One direction helps you practice your putting accuracy, while the other assists with distance control.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: WellPutt stands behind the quality of all of its practice mats. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their products, which is something that’s rare in this day and age.
  • Available in 3 Different Sizes: The WellPutt putting mat comes in 10, 13, or 26 feet. This is nice because the buyer can choose whichever size will fit in their desired practice area. The 26-foot option is probably best for a garage or for outdoor use, while the other two shorter versions are best for your home or office.
  • Award-Winning: The WellPutt practice mat was named the Best Game Improvement Mat in 2020 and 2021 by My Golf Spy.
  • Custom Orders Are Available: Need a putting practice mat that’s a different size, shape, or color? WellPutt will help you design the perfect practice green for you and your putting stroke. You can contact them at



What I Don’t Like About The WellPutt Putting Green

While there are a ton of good things about the WellPutt practice mat, I do have a few beefs with it. Let’s take a look at some of the features that WellPutt could improve.

  • No Cups or Flagsticks: This one is a biggie for me! Not being able to hear or see my golf ball roll into a hole takes a lot of the joy out of practicing. Hitting my putt and having to check to see if it was a good one gets old very quickly.
  • Surface Too Slick: I also wasn’t too thrilled with how slick this practice mat was. The material makes it feel like I’m playing putt-putt golf on some very thin carpet. It feels nowhere close to putting on a real green. WellPutt claims on their website that their mats are designed this way because it makes for more effective ball speed training. I respectfully disagree because no golf course in the country has greens as fast as this practice mat!
  • Too Many Lines: I’m all for working on my alignment, but the sheer number of lines on the WellPutt practice green is simply too overwhelming. All of the lines could make some golfers overthink their putting process, which is definitely not a good thing.


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August Noble

August Noble was first introduced to golf at 7 years old. In 2013 he started seriously working on his game and was able to reduce his handicap from 19 to 3.4 in less than two years. He's been helping other golfers do the same ever since. Current Handicap: 4