Welcome! Below you’ll find a simple shaft flex calculator based on the estimated swing speed of your 6 iron. Fire away to find your right flex.

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What is Golf Shaft Flex?

Golf shaft flex refers to the amount of bend or “flex” in the golf shaft. The different types of shaft flex are typically categorized as Extra Stiff (X), Stiff (S), Regular (R), Senior (A) and Ladies (L).

Typically, a golfer with a faster swing speed will require a stiffer flex while those with slower swing speeds may benefit from a softer flex. The extra stiff option is designed for players who generate very high clubhead speed and need maximum control over their shots.

Conversely, senior and ladies clubs have a more flexible design that can help produce more distance on shots.


Why Shaft Flex is Important

The flex of your golf shaft is vital as it impacts mass, club head speed, and your shot dispersion. A simple way to determine your desired flex is by assessing your swing speed. Faster swing speeds typically suit a stiff or extra stiff flex, while the average golfer requires added flex for more spring into the ball.

As an average golfer, we recommend acquiring adequate flex in your shafts to receive the added whip assistance into impact. This boosts the flexibility of your clubface, improves energy transfer, and increases ball speed for a high and long launch.


Golf Shaft Flex Chart

The chart below offers a breakdown of how the calculator above works based on the estimated swing speed (MPH) of your 6 iron (if you’re not sure what your swing speed is, check out this list of our top swing speed radars here  – you’ll find options for any budget):

Swing Speed Name Swing Speed (MPH) Shaft Flex
Super Fast >92 Extra Stiff
Fast 84-91 Stiff
Moderate 75-83 Regular
Slow 65-74 Senior
Very Slow <65 Ladies

What’s The Difference Between Stiff and Regular Flex?

A stiff golf shaft flex is designed for players who have a faster swing speed and produce more power. This flex will generate higher ball flight, increased accuracy, and greater distance than regular golf shafts.

Regular golf shaft flexes are designed for players who have slower swing speeds and less power. They provide a lower ball flight, improved control, and shorter distances than stiffer shafts.


Some Other Things to Consider

Sometimes finding the correct shaft flex can be more complicated than basing it solely off your swing speed.

If you want a higher launch angle from your clubs, you’re going to want an extra degree of flex from what you’re already using. Conversely, a lower launch demands a stiffer shaft.

So if you’re currently using a Regular shaft flex and want a higher launch angle, you should consider switching to Stiff flex shaft. But if a lower launch angle is what you’re after, a Senior flex might be the move.