Welcome! Below you’ll find 2 golf handicap calculators. The first one is a simplified version of calculating your handicap based on your most recent scores. The second will reveal your handicap based on a specific course. Fire away!

Simple Golf Handicap Calculator

Enter your most recent scores below. We’ll need a minimum of your last 5 scores, but you can enter up to 20 to make your handicap index calculation more accurate.

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Course Version

Once you’ve calculated your handicap above, we can use it to calculate your handicap index based on the specifics of each course.

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How do we calculate your simple handicap index?

We start by finding the lowest 40% of your scores. We then add those numbers together and take their average. So if you enter 20 scores, we’ll take the average of the 8 lowest scores (i.e. add the 8 lowest scores together and then divide that number by 8). We then subtract that number by 72 to calculate your golf handicap index. So for example, your golf handicap if you typically shoot 100 will be 28. If it’s 90, your handicap will be 18.

How do we calculate the course version of the handicap index?

Here’s the formula we use in that calculation: [Handicap index * (Slope Rating / 113)] + (Course Rating – Course Par Score)

What is a Course Slope Rating?

A course’s slope rating is a numerical value assigned to golf courses that measures the relative difficulty of the course for players who are not scratch (or zero handicap) golfers. The higher the slope rating, the more difficult it will be for those with higher handicaps to play.

What is a Course Rating?

Course rating is a numerical value that measures the difficulty of a golf course for scratch golfers compared to other courses. It is determined from the effective playing length and obstacle factors for 9 or 18 designated holes, and it is expressed as one decimal point. This rating indicates what a scratch player would be expected to score on the given course.

What is a Course Par Score?

Par is the number of strokes needed to complete a hole in a golf course. Par score for a course is par for all 18 holes.

How can you lower your handicap and improve your overall golf game?

We’re glad you asked!We have a ton of great resources to help golfers improve every area of their game and start lowering that handicap.Here are some of our top articles: