Are Putting Mirrors Worth It? (Plus 3 Best Mirrors to Try)
Written by Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.

Updated on December 12, 2023

The golf equipment market is stacked with training aids to help you improve your game.

Much attention is focused on the products that assist your long game, but I dedicate my time to short game training. In this post, I shine the light on putting mirrors to determine whether they are worth it.

I will ease you into the article, highlighting the features and benefits of these training aids before unveiling our top picks for 2022. By the end of this post, you will have a clearer understanding of whether this accessory can add value to your short game.


What Does a Putting Mirror Do?

1.Gives You Feedback on Head And Torso Position

Golf coach Phil Kenyon explains that the first benefit of a putting mirror is the feedback it provides regarding your head and torso position. It enables us to visually identify the most suitable setup for each putt:

The idea is to find the position you feel most comfortable in to induce the desired stroke path. Once you are used to this setup, you can use the mirror to determine if you have employed the correct setup lines.

Kenyon further suggests that you tilt the angle of the mirror to provide a complete vision of your head position. In addition, this setup produces a clear view of your shoulder to watch for deviation during your stroke.

2. Provides Consistent Set-Up Position

The mirror aspect of this training aid helps you view your posture and alignment at address. This allows you to double-check that you have implemented the correct setup to enable you to square the putter face up for contact with your golf ball.

The more you replicate this scenario, the easier it becomes to produce consistent accuracy and distance control on the green. When you stand in the desirable position, it is easier to send your putter face along the intended line for better accuracy.

3. Encourages Square Putter Face Alignment

Your setup position tees you up for a successful putting stroke that sends the ball on the intended line for optimal accuracy. The mirror shows where the golf ball is positioned relative to the center of the putter’s face. This promotes consistent strokes out of the sweet spot for superior accuracy and distance control.

When you strike it off the putter’s heel, it generates left to right side spin for right-handers and the opposite for lefties. This causes the ball to miss to the right of the cup. Conversely, a toe strike generally produces a hook shape, sending the ball to the left of the hole.

4. Starts Your Ball On The Correct Line

Premium putting mirrors contain slots to create a gate of tees. The idea is to limit the twisting of your putter face through impact. As a result, you strike the ball with a square face, sending your putt along the intended line.

If your putting aid does not possess these slots, you can set up a gate of tees 2-inches ahead of the mirror to achieve the same result.

5. Improves Speed Control

Putting mirrors also feature slots to insert a tee behind your putter. This prevents you from producing excess power at impact to improve your speed control. Therefore, you enjoy more two-putts and, if you are close enough, a couple of birdies.


Are Putting Mirrors Worth It?

Yes – from enhancing your setup to putter face alignment and accuracy, these training aids are worth it. In addition, they are incredibly affordable and accessible to the average golfer, leaving you with little to lose if you acquire one.


3 Best Putting Mirrors

Govea Webb Mirror Putting Aid – Overall Best Putting Mirror


  • Affordable
  • Contains slots for tees in front and behind your putter face
  • Promotes a square face at impact
  • Helps you improve your speed control
  • Portable


  • The mirror scratches relatively easy, but you can live with it for the price

The Govea Webb Mirror Putting Aid is our overall best option, especially for those looking for a budget option. It is designed by golf coach Shaun Webb to improve your posture, face angle at impact, accuracy, and speed control.

As a 12” x 6” product, this mirror is easily portable, allowing you to use it on the practice green or on your indoor putting mat.

Furthermore, the device is fitted with tee slots in front and behind your putter head. The front slots encourage you to square your putter face at impact to start your ball on the intended line. Conversely, the back slots are set to control the weight of your putt, leaving you close to the cup for a tap-in 2-putt.

There you have it. You do not need to have a fortune to own a putting mirror. The Govea Webb construction is priced for every golfer to enjoy it.


Puttout Mirror Compact Training Aid – Best Mid Range Putting Aid


  • Maximum traction
  • Contains tee slots for speed control and accuracy
  • Shatterproof mirror
  • Scratch resistant markings
  • Compact design


  • Moderately expensive for a putting mirror

The Puttout Mirror is a compact training aid built to serve you indoors and out. It is fitted with a rubber base and spikes to remain stable on any surface. In addition, the mirror is shatterproof and features simple non-scratch alignment markings.

This mid-range putting aid is tasked to improve your eye position over the golf ball and the consistency of your stroke. Like most putting aids, it features slots to insert tees. The slots ahead of your ball create a gate to encourage a strike with a square face.

On the contrary, the slots behind fit a tee to manage the power of your putt. This prevents you from leaving putts short or blasting them past the cup.

The Puttout Mirror Compact Training Aid is a suitable option for golfers looking for an affordable and durable model.

EyeLine Golf Putting Alignment Aid  – Best Premium Aid


  • Fully equipped to improve every element of your putting stroke
  • Features a center aiming line
  • Contains a ball gate
  • Includes a stroke restrictor
  • Setup with putter impact gates


  • Expensive

Golfers seeking a top putting mirror product should keep reading. The EyeLine Golf Groove Mirror is a premium product that is equipped to assist every area of your putting stroke.

The mirror is covered in lines to ensure that the center of your putter’s face aims at the target. Furthermore, a putter impact and ball gate encourage a square face through impact to keep your golf ball on the intended line. This boosts your accuracy for fewer putts on every green.

In addition, the putting mirror possesses tee slots to employ a stroke restrictor. Therefore, you deliver a consistent stroke for improved distance control.

These extensive training features are worthwhile to help you hone your skills with the flat stick. However, they come at a price. A putting mirror is nowhere near the cost of a reputable golf club or other training aids. But, there are still more affordable options on the market.

BONUS: Practice More at Home Using a Good Putting Mat

Like you, I can’t always make it out to a real putting green to practice my putting. So I’ve long been a fan of investing in a good putting mat to practice at home. My colleague August recently reviewed the PrimePutt alongside 2 others and rated it his top putting mat.

Top Pick
PrimePutt Putting Mat

Lower your score and increase consistency by practicing daily on a quality, tour-grade, true roll turf mat.

Check Price on PrimePutt Read Our Full Review

Here’s what August had to say after thoroughly testing out this mat over several weeks:

“This mat had the closest to a real grass feel. I was amazed at how well it laid flat right out of the box.

I love that the ball sits at the back of the cup when you make one in. What this does is avoid having your next ball deflect out, which I thought was really cool.

The mat doesn’t leave massive footprints when you’re walking on it, like the other mats I tested.

I’ve sent some feedback to the PrimePutt team no how I think they can further improve the mat, and they told me they’re working on those as we speak.”

Check out PrimePutt’s mat here.


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Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.