The 8 Best Putting Lasers to Help You Sink More Putts [2022]

Besides reading the line and judging the speed, I have found beginners and high handicaps struggle with alignment.

It doesn’t matter how well you read a line or judge the pace. If you are aiming off line, your putts stand no chance. This article seeks to rectify that by introducing you to the best putting laser aids to sink more putts.

I’ve compiled a combination of affordable, mid-range, and premium options to cater to all players. Whether you are a beginner on a limited budget or a high-rolling lower handicapper, this list gives you options.


Budget Laser Target Line Putting Aids

1. SWTM Golf Putter Sight Pointer

The SWTM is the most affordable laser putter aid to achieve the perfect aim. It is a simple, portable design that attaches to your shaft and shines down on the ball at address. The laser helps you identify and keep your putter path consistent during your backstroke and follow through.

Apart from keeping your putter head on line during your stroke, it ensures your face is aiming along the correct line. That helps you send your ball off on the proposed start line for added accuracy.

Given the lightweight construction of this putter laser, it also attaches to other clubs. However, it’s best set-up to improve your short game. Its affordable price point suits beginners and casual golfers on a budget.


2. Foretra Golf Putter Plane Laser Pointer

The Foretra is an adjustable putter laser pointer aid that helps you aim at the desired target. Subsequently, it allows you to see if your clubhead remains on the path during your stroke for a square impact point of the putter.

Furthermore, the adjustable pointer helps you align the laser with your ball for added accuracy.

Finally, this laser pointer is highly affordable and portable, allowing you to attach it to other clubs and practice wherever you have a putting mat or green.


3. Peyan Golf Laser Sight Pointer

This golf laser sight pointer features a similar construction to other affordable designs. Its sole purpose is to help you master your putting alignment.

An adjustable pointer allows you to calibrate the laser for improved accuracy, while a lightweight construction means it can attach to any putter.


Mid-Range Laser Putter Aids

4. The Smart Golfer LPAS Smart Laser Putting Alignment

The Smart Golfer LPAS attaches to your putter face and exhibits the correct vision line of the clubface. It instantly demonstrates when the face of the putter is aiming along the incorrect line. On long putts with multiple breaks and speeds, pick a point nearer to you to set up on target.

A button that attaches to your grip connects to the laser pointer. That means a wire runs up your shaft, which may be distracting. Whenever you wish to deploy the laser, press the button to see where your clubface is aiming.

One complaint I have is that the product looks cheap and the light sometimes struggles to prevail in bright conditions. However, it does what it needs to and helps you improve your aim.


5. ProActive Sports

This laser putter is a great product to assist you with aligning your putter face with the target. Plus, it allows you to determine whether your putter head remains on plane during your backstroke and follow through.

Employing this laser with solid line projection improves your aim to ensure that you start your ball on the desired target line. That helps you improve your accuracy on the green for more consistency on long and short putts.

The rechargeable device attaches to your shaft, and the laser reflects onto your target line and putter head. Therefore, it is portable, and you can use it on your indoor putting mat or the practice green.


6. Perfect Practice Golf Laser Glasses

Perfect Practice glasses take the individual golfer one step further into the future. Thanks to their laser module glasses. Instead of attaching a laser to your club, you wear it. These frames train your head and eyes to remain above the ball at address.

It helps you follow the line of your putter and ball from your backstroke through impact. Considering that Dustin Johnson uses these glasses, one may suggest that it forms part of the equipment of the serious golfer types.


Premium Putting Laser Systems

7. Mark-Tech Rechargeable Green Laser Putter

The Mark-Tech rechargeable green laser putt is a high-performing product with rechargeable batteries and a powerful green laser. It is easy to set up and requires no calibration, unlike products that attach to your shaft.

This laser aid shines brightly on your target, providing great visuals for a true assessment of your clubface position. You can see where your clubface is pointing throughout your stroke. That helps you identify and make adjustments to your stroke for improved results on the green.

This device offers an accurate aim kit to eradicate silly alignment errors that can cause you to miss makeable short putts.

An issue one may have is the added weight the device gives your putter. That could lead to inconsistencies in your distance control on the course. You may leave putts short when it is not attached to your putter because you usually do not need to hit the ball with as much force.


8. Greenon Laser Coach Putting

The final putting laser aid on this list is the most expensive. It performs multiple functions, such as pointing you along your target line and exposing the angle of your putter face at impact. In addition, it guides you to master the distance control of your putts for fewer three-putts.

Besides giving you the perfect line, this laser putter aid provides visualization training to help you understand where your putter face needs to reach at impact. As a result, you will pay more attention to getting your face square for improved accuracy.

Finally, it features a powerful green laser for optimal visuals and is rechargeable to avoid frequently purchasing batteries.


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Matt Stevens

Matt Callcott-Stevens started playing golf at the age of 4 when Rory Sabattini's father put a 7-iron and putter in his hand. He has experienced all the highs and lows the game can throw at you and has now settled down as a professional golf writer. He holds a Postgraduate in Sports Marketing and has played golf for 28 years.