The 8 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers [2022 Edition]

If you’re a golfer, have you noticed that it’s hard to find the right golf ball? There are so many options on the market today that the entire process can quickly become overwhelming. If you happen to be a mid-level handicapper, what golf ball is best for your game?

We break down what type of ball is best for mid handicap golfers and which brands to try. Our goal is to help you find the perfect golf ball so that you can be on your way to shooting lower scores.

If you just need a quick recommendation, here are our top choices:


What Kind of Golf Ball is Best Suited for Mid Handicappers?

1. Opt for a Low to Medium Compression Rating

Since most mid handicappers have a slow to medium swing speed, they are better off finding a golf ball that is a little on the soft side. Mid handicappers don’t necessarily need a super low compression rating (50 or so) like women, seniors, or high handicappers.

In most cases, a golf ball with a compression rating in the 60 to 80 range will work just fine for mid handicappers. A ball that has a higher compression rating than 80 will probably create too much side spin for the mid handicapper. This will make it tougher to avoid those annoyingly inaccurate tee shots with the driver.

2. Find a Golf Ball in the Cheap to Moderate Range

A nice thing about being a mid handicapper is that you won’t need a premium golf ball that costs an arm and a leg. High-end golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1 could be worse for the mid handicapper because of their high spin rate.

As a mid handicapper, expect to pay about $1 to $3 per golf ball. This is about half the price of premium golf balls. That nice chunk of savings can be put toward your greens fees instead of overpaying for golf balls.


8 Best Golf Balls for Mid Handicappers

1. Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

This ball is known for its ultra soft feel, superior distance, and excellent greenside control.

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While other brands like Bridgestone, Callaway, and TaylorMade make great golf balls, Titleist is still the king!

Mid-level handicappers can enjoy all the usual Titleist benefits like maximum ball speed, an ultra-soft feel at impact, and a consistent ball flight. The nice thing about the TruFeels is that they only cost $1.91 each.

Mid-handicappers usually struggle with their short game, so they will appreciate the exceptional greenside control that the TruFeel provides. For the price, this golf ball is one of the best for short game shots like pitches, chips, and putts.

Why does the TruFeel provide extra distance? It’s because of the new TruTouch Core that reacts well when struck by the clubface. The TruFit Aerodynamics helps create a springboard type of action that helps the golf ball carry a bit further than other brands.

How is this ball so soft both at impact and on the greens? The proprietary TruFlex cover helps reduce vibration while at the same time providing more control. The urethane cover gives this golf ball a large amount of durability.


2. Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Supersoft has been one of the most popular golf balls for years. The new Hybrid Cover features a multi-material construction allows for an incredible combination of fast ball speeds from high launch and low spin, soft feel, and excellent greenside control.

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Callaway takes home the second-place spot on our list for best golf balls for mid handicappers.

The Supersoft has been around for quite some time, and Callaway has spent tons of time and money on research and development to keep improving this golf ball. Many veteran golfers have been using the Supersoft for years and wouldn’t dream of switching from it.

DOW Chemical assisted Callaway in the development of this golf ball’s hybrid cover, which is one of the keys to its extremely fast ball speed. The High Speed Soft Compression Core also promotes an immensely high ball flight. Hex Aerodynamics also adds to the higher launch and ball flight.

If it’s greenside control you’re after, the Supersoft is a great fit for that as well. This golf ball has a high spin rate while putting, which is another benefit for mid handicappers. The thick, black line on the side of the ball acts as a nice putting alignment aid.


3. TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls

TaylorMade Project (s) Golf Balls

Durable and soft ionomer cover provides great feel and increased spin around the greens.

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These golf balls from TaylorMade provide a lot of nice features for mid handicappers.

The Dual Distance Core provides not only plenty of yardage off the tee but an amazingly soft feel on the greens. Lots of PGA Tour players use TaylorMade golf balls so that further adds to their credibility.

The core is made up of two layers and that’s what helps reduce sidespin, especially with the driver and fairway woods. This is vitally important for mid handicappers since too much sidespin leads to slices and hooks.

The compression rating of the Project (s) is 60, which makes it an ideal choice for mid handicappers with slower swing speeds. The Aerodynamic Ionomer cover provides lots of greenside spin and plenty of control. The 342 LDP dimple design reduces drag, which leads to a higher ball flight.


4. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

One of the more affordable, quality balls on the market. With a soft center that gradually transitions to a firm outer edge, the FastLayer Core offers incredible softness and great distance off the tee. The dimple pattern reduces drag at launch and increases lift during descent.

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Srixon has started to make a name for itself in the golf ball manufacturing industry. The Soft Feel is an excellent choice for mid handicappers since it provides lots of distance and a softer feel on short game shots.

How is this golf ball so long off the tee? The main reason is the FastLayer Core and 338 Speed Dimple Pattern which reduces drag and increases lift. Many golfers claim that this ball still performs remarkably well in windy conditions, which is impressive.

This golf ball has a nice thin cover that reacts beautifully both on and around the green. The Soft Feel is available in white and yellow colors.


5. Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Ball

Pinnacle Golf Rush and Soft Golf Ball

Provides plenty of distance off the tee box thanks to the proprietary high energy core. Pack comes with 15 balls.

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Pinnacle isn’t a big-time name in the golf world, but they’ve been around since 1973.

The Pinnacle Rush is one of the most underrated golf balls on the market. We love the fact that this pack comes with 15 golf balls instead of the standard 12 like most other packs.

The Rush provides plenty of distance off the tee box thanks to the proprietary high energy core. Pinnacle’s goal is to help every golfer hit every one of their clubs further. Mid handicappers will also appreciate the low spin rate of this golf ball, especially with the driver!

The 332 dimples and ionomer cover provides a consistent ball flight. This golf ball is highly durable and doesn’t scuff easily on the golf course. The ball is available in white or pink.


6. Trust 3-Piece Tour Golf Balls

Trust Bison Soft 3-Piece Tour Balls

Bison Soft is best suited for golfers who swing the driver at 95 mph or slower.

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Here’s a newer brand that is worth trying if you’re a mid handicapper. These golf balls are specifically designed for golfers with a swing speed of 95 miles per hour or slower. This makes them a fantastic choice for most mid handicappers.

The urethane cover holds up incredibly well, even if you happen to hit one off the cart path! These are the Bison Soft golf balls, which have a low to mid compression rating. If you’re a mid handicapper who swings faster than 95 miles per hour, consider buying the Bison V or Bison X instead.

The price of this golf ball is a bit pricier than some of the others on our list, but that’s because this one is made up of three pieces instead of the standard two. The three-piece construction leads to an even better feel on the greens. We highly recommend giving the Trust brand a shot.


7. Cut Grey 3-Piece Urethane Golf Balls

Cut Grey Golf Balls

3-piece construction built with soft feel and incredible spin. Perfect for golfers with moderate swing speeds looking for greenside control, good distance and responsive feel.

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Cut is becoming increasingly more popular at country clubs across the nation.

The Cut Grey features a Tour quality urethane cover, which leads to a fantastic feel at impact. This golf ball has a compression rating of 80, which means it’s a good choice for mid handicappers with more medium swing speeds.

The 314 dimple pattern makes this golf ball perform well, even in less than ideal conditions. This ball gives golfers more control on the greens, more distance off the tee, and a responsive feel that is incredible. Golfers also rave about the high trajectory that this golf ball provides for them on approach shots.

Cut’s key motto is that these are the “Best Damn Golf Balls Under $20”. Judging by all the positive reviews, that definitely could be the case. I’ve played with the Cut Greys a few times and was thoroughly impressed by their performance on the course.


8. Volvik T2  Long Distance Golf Balls

Volvik T2 Long Distance Balls

The ionomer cover ball is soft compared to the conventional urethane (polyurethane) ball and has a high compression ratio, thus providing a distance suitable for the swing speed. 

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Here’s a golf ball that’s worth trying if you’re a mid handicapper.

Volvik specifically designed these golf balls for average golfers, as evidenced by the low sidespin rate. This goes a long way toward increasing accuracy for mid handicappers.

The power dual-core of this ball provides a soft feel and a high amount of ball speed. Another cool feature of this pack of balls is that it’s multi-colored. You’ll receive one pack of red, yellow, orange, and green. Many golfers love Volvik’s matte colors because they are easier to find on the course.

The ionomer cover adds to this ball’s durability and also helps prevent the curves of hooks and slices. This cover also leads to more control for short game shots, which mid handicappers will find helpful.


How to Select the Right Golf Ball for You

Still not sure how to decide which golf ball is right for you and your game? Here’s a brief checklist of features for you to consider before purchasing.

1. Compression Rating

We talked about compression rating earlier but felt it was worth reiterating here. The key when buying golf balls is to find a ball that matches your swing speed. Why is that important?

If you have a slow swing speed and choose a ball that is too hard, you’ll have trouble creating the necessary rebound effect that happens on impact. That leads to reduced distance, which is a huge disadvantage for mid handicappers.

On the other hand, if you have a medium swing speed and choose a ball that is too soft, you’ll be wasting energy and sacrificing distance. It’s usually a good idea to get your swing speed measured by a professional. That makes it much easier to choose the right golf ball.

2. Price Range

Never overpay for golf balls. There are so many viable options on the market, no matter what level of handicapper you are. If you’re a high or mid handicapper, you should be looking for golf balls in the $3 and under range.

The only folks that need premium golf balls are the rare golfers that regularly shoot in the 70s. These low handicappers will benefit from the workability and high spin rates of premium golf balls.

3. Forgiveness

This feature is especially important for most amateur golfers. Most amateurs have several shots per round where they mishit the ball. If they’re using a golf ball with a high forgiveness level, those mishits won’t hurt their scorecard as much.

Most golf balls with a high amount of forgiveness naturally have a low amount of sidespin. Again, this is another crucial factor for golfers who struggle to hit the ball straight.

4. Short Game Spin

This is always an important factor to consider. When putting, how much do you want your golf ball to spin? Most golfers want the highest spin rate possible since they feel it gives them a bit more control.

The amount of greenside spin that is needed can be greatly affected by the type of courses you play and the time of year it is. Practice putting with some golf balls with different short game spin rates to determine what you’re most comfortable with.


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