The 8 Best Golf Balls for Women [2022 Edition]

If you’re a woman who plays golf, it can be difficult to find the right golf ball to match your game. 

That being said, finding the perfect golf ball will help you shoot lower scores and have more fun on the course. Our goal with this article is to help women golfers find the right golf ball. 

There are tons of golf balls out there, but if you’re a woman, which ones are best for you? We break down what type of ball is best for women and which brands to try. 


What Kind of Golf Balls Are Best Suited for Women?

Since most amateur women golfers typically swing a bit slower than their male counterparts, it makes sense that women should hit a different type of golf ball. 

Here are the most important factors to consider when shopping for the best golf ball for ladies. Use this list of factors as a general guide when looking to find the perfect women’s golf ball.

1. Make Sure You Find a Golf Ball Made for Women

Since most women golfers swing the club in the 60-75 mile an hour range, it’s crucial to find a golf ball with a low compression rating. Don’t get too hung up on which brand of golf ball to use. 

As long as the brand states “Lady” or “Women” on the box, it will work just fine since all golf balls marketed to women have lower compression ratings. Hitting a golf ball with a lower compression rating will help women get the most distance out of every shot. This is because golf balls with a lower compression rating are easier to compress. 

2. Greenside Spin

Since most women don’t typically hit the ball as far as men, it’s even more crucial that they get the maximum level of spin on and around the greens. Finding a golf ball that delivers plenty of spin will make your short game shots (chips, pitches, putts) more accurate.

Golf balls with a urethane cover will usually do a great job of producing enough spin. Surlyn covered golf balls will also provide plenty of greenside spin and should be a bit cheaper as well. 

3. Find a Golf Ball that Provides a High Ball Flight

Golfers with slower swing speeds (both men and women) often have a hard time getting the golf ball high enough in the air. 

This can be frustrating because there’s nothing worse than making solid contact but seeing the ball barely get in the air. No matter what your handicap is, no one ever likes to hit those annoying “worm burner” shots.

Find a golf ball that provides a lofty ball flight because doing so will result in more distance and better overall accuracy. Most brands that offer high ball flights talk about having a special dimple pattern that will enable this. 

A higher ball flight will help you hit more accurate approach shots.

4. For Most Women, A Golf Ball with a Softer Feel is Best

This one is more of a personal preference, but most women perform better with a golf ball with a softer feel. This usually lets them control the ball better, especially in the short game. Better short game control is one of the keys to shooting lower scores.

Try out several different brands of golf balls and choose the one that you think feels the best at impact. This will lead to more confidence on the course. More confidence is a necessary part of shooting lower scores.

5. Price

Most golf balls marketed to women are around the same price range of $25 to $35 per dozen. Most lady golfers are much more accurate with their shots so they lose fewer golf balls than men. 

This means that women won’t have to buy new golf balls nearly as often, which can add up to big savings!


The 8 Best Golf Balls for Women

1. Bridgestone 2019 e6 Lady Golf Balls

LPGA Tour star Lexi Thompson uses Bridgestone golf balls and that has made this brand popular amongst women golfers. 

The engineers at Bridgestone pride themselves on creating premium golf balls that consistently outperform other brands. Bridgestone invests a great deal of time and resources into making high-quality golf balls that perform brilliantly on the golf course.

Bridgestone made sure that this golf ball provides two of the most important features for lady golfers: longer distance and softness. The compression rating of these Bridgestone e6 lady golf balls is 40, which is ideal for women. 

The price is also phenomenal as these are only $1.83 each.

Price: $21.99 per dozen

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2. Srixon Ladies Soft Feel Golf Balls

These Soft Feel balls from Srixon are exactly like the ones they sell to men, except these come in both pink and white colors. 

The FastLayer core means that ladies can count on some extra distance off the tee with this golf ball, and hitting the ball farther off the tee typically leads to you shooting lower scores.

Need a ball that provides a high trajectory? Srixon covers that with this ball’s 338 Speed Dimple Pattern. This will help ladies get the ball in the air more easily. This dimple pattern also leads to better performance, even in windy conditions.

If it’s plenty of spin on the green that you’re looking for? This ball has you covered in that area as well. The soft, thin cover makes chips, pitches, and putts feel amazing at impact.

Price: $21.99 per dozen

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3. ACCUFLI Max Soft Golf Balls

These golf balls aren’t specifically marketed to women but they check all the boxes as being a great choice for lady golfers. The compression rating of these balls is around 55, which makes it well within the necessary range for most women’s swing speeds.

This ball is made out of an ionomer material that results in both a soft feel and a soft landing on approach shots. The vivid matte colors are also a nice touch. Not only do the matte colors look great, but they are also easier to find while on the golf course. 

The 326 oversized dimples help create lift and reduce sidespin. This is great for increasing your accuracy. This may not be a popular brand like Titleist or Bridgestone, but it is worth trying out.

Price: $17.95 per dozen

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4. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls, Matte Pink

The world’s most popular brand of golf ball had to make our list for best choices for women golfers. 

The Velocity may cost a little more than some other brands on this list, but the added benefits make it worth it. Women golfers who struggle with directional problems like hooks and slices will especially appreciate the reduced sidespin that the Velocity offers.

If you need long-distance, reduced spin on long shots, precise control on iron shots, and a high amount of trajectory, give the Velocity a shot. The matte pink color of these golf balls makes them stand out. The price is also pretty reasonable.

Price: $27.97 per dozen

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5. Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls (15PK)

Nitro makes one of the most affordable golf balls on the market. 

These balls are made with Nitro’s White Hot Proprietary Technology which helps create greater distances, especially with the driver and fairway woods. The perfect 352 dimple design makes this ball fly high in the air with less aerodynamic drag.

These golf balls are one of the most durable out there because of the Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover, which helps prevent scuffs and nicks. The compressing rating of 70 is a little higher than we would like but still within the necessary parameters for slower swing speeds. 

The Nitro is also approved by the USGA for tournament play so it’s great for the serious lady golfer.

Price: $15.99 per 15 golf balls

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6. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls (12-Pack)

These Wilson Staff’s are an excellent choice for women golfers who want extra distance off the tee and extra softness on the greens. 

Wilson is one of the most trustworthy brands in the golf world so you won’t have to worry about quality with these golf balls. Wilson has figured out the perfect balance between distance and control.

The core of this golf ball is 22% softer than others on the market. This results in a fantastic feel both at impact and during your short game. Many women golfers have raved about how high these balls will fly, which is because of the new 302 Ph.D. aerodynamic shallow dimples.

Price: $14.99 per dozen

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7. Bridgestone Lady Precept Golf Ball 2021

Bridgestone makes the list twice with their 2021 Lady Precept. This ball provides the three essentials: softness, distance, and trajectory.

The core on this golf ball is extremely soft which results in an incredible feel, very little vibration at impact, and precise control.

The high trajectory is achieved because of the 330 seamless dimple design. This ball has a 50 compression rating, which makes it an excellent choice for all women golfers. This golf ball is one of the best on the market for ladies.

Price: $21.99 per dozen

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8. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls (One Dozen)

These purple golf balls from TaylorMade have an attractive look to them. They also perform quite well both on the tee and around the greens.

These golf balls are made of Urethane, which leads to plenty of distance on every shot. The soft ionomer cover gives these beauties a supreme feel on the greens. 

The matte paint is also UV resistant, which means the color won’t fade even after many hours in the sun. They are also much easier to find during a round than plain white golf balls.

TaylorMade is one of the most reliable brands on the market so women golfers know they are getting a quality golf ball in the Kalea. The price of only $1.66 each is also outstanding!

Price: $19.97 per dozen

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Golf Ball FAQs

Is there really a difference between men’s and women’s golf balls?

Yes, there are several differences between men’s and women’s golf balls. 

Generally, women usually swing the golf club a bit slower than men. This means that golf balls that are marketed to women have a lower compression rating than golf balls marketed to men.

The average male golfer uses a golf ball with a compression rating of 80 to 100. The average female golfer uses a golf ball with a compression rating of 60 to 70. The lower compression rating makes the ball easier to “compress” for women.

Another big difference between men’s and women’s golf balls is the dimple pattern. Since women’s golf balls are made for slower swing speeds, the dimple pattern is made to help get the ball in the air with relative ease. Lots of men’s golf balls provide more of a medium trajectory instead of super high.

On the other hand, golf balls for men that are extra soft may end up having the same compression rating as that of golf balls made for women. One example is Titleist Velocity, which is the same golf ball for both genders, with the only difference being the colors. 

Does it matter what golf ball you use?

Yes, the golf ball you choose can have a significant impact on your overall game. Women golfers will benefit greatly from using softer golf balls since they are easier to compress. This will result in getting the maximum amount of distance from each shot.

Could a woman play a round of golf with a man’s golf ball? Absolutely! However, she must keep in mind that she could be sacrificing some distance if the man’s golf ball has a higher compression rating than what she is used to playing.

Golf is hard enough as it is. Don’t make it any more difficult by playing with a golf ball that isn’t fit for your unique skill set. It’s always a good idea to match your swing speed with the type of golf ball you choose to play with on the course!

How far do women typically hit a golf ball?

The average female golfer can hit the driver about 150 yards off the tee. However, the average woman competing on the LPGA Tour drives the ball 252 yards off the tee! 

Here’s a handy chart that shows how far women typically hit each club in the bag. 

Check out the huge distance differences between the average amateur woman golfer and ladies on the LPGA Tour (courtesy of Golf Storage Guide).

Club Women’s Avg Distance LPGA Tour Avg Distance
Driver 150 252
3 Wood 130 205
4 Wood 125 200
5 Wood 120 195
4 Iron 130 175
5 Iron 115 165
6 Iron 110 155
7 Iron 105 145
8 Iron 100 135
9 Iron 90 125
Pitching Wedge 75 115
Sand Wedge 65 85


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