The 13 Best Cheap Golf Balls That You’ll Love [2021 Edition]

Finding a quality golf ball doesn’t have to break your budget. There are several good options out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg. If you are looking for golf balls that are cheap but still hold up well, this is the article for you!

We review the best budget golf balls on the market and recommend which ones to try. Our goal is to help you find a great golf ball at a great price.


Does Price Matter When it Comes to Golf Balls?

This is a tough question to answer because it all depends on what type of golfer you are. Highly skilled golfers (low handicappers) usually want to create lots of backspin with their iron approach shots. As a general rule, golf balls that are easier to spin are the three-piece and four-piece balls that cost more money.

The majority of golfers are not low handicappers. The USGA says that less than 1% of golfers are single-digit handicappers. This means that for most amateur golfers, a cheap golf ball will perform just fine on the course.

So, to summarize, price only matters if you are a highly skilled golfer who wants their golf balls to spin a great deal. Most golfers, particularly high handicappers, will notice very little difference between cheap two-piece golf balls and higher dollar premium golf balls. Switching to a cheaper golf ball will give you more money for golf lessons and greens fees.


13 Best Cheap Golf Balls You’ll Actually Love

1. Nitro NMD12OBXC Maximum Distance Golf Ball

If you need the cheapest golf ball that still flies off the tee remarkably well, the Nitro is your best bet. These golf balls are only 83 cents each, which is incredibly affordable. This ball provides plenty of distance because of its two-piece titanium core.

The dimple design of this golf ball will give you an aerodynamic advantage that will help all of your shots fly higher and farther. The cover is one of the most durable on the market because it’s made out of Dupont Lithium Surlyn. It is almost impossible to get scuffs or nicks on this golf ball.

The other nice thing about this golf ball is that it has a lower compression rating. This helps give it a softer feel, both on and around the greens. Using a golf ball this cheap will save you loads of money over an entire golf season.

Price: $9.99 per dozen

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2. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft Golf Balls

TaylorMade is one of the best brands in the world of golf. The company prides itself on creating golf products for players of all skill levels. These golf balls are less than one dollar each and provide the perfect combination of softness and distance.

This ball has an iothane cover that is extremely durable and resistant to cuts, nicks, and scratches. The core of the ball is designed to make the ball travel farther. The design of this ball limits sidespin off the tee but creates plenty of spin for your short game.

TaylorMade’s patented dimple design helps reduce those annoying slices and hooks that most golfers struggle with from time to time. I can personally vouch for how well the Noodle Long and Soft performs on the course. The first time I tried these golf balls I was amazed at how soft they felt while putting on the greens.

Price: $21.99 per 2 dozen

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3. Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson has been an established brand in golf for quite some time. This company has a fine reputation for making quality golf products. The Gold Staff 50 Elite is a fantastic option for golfers on a tight budget.

The price of these golf balls is a little over one dollar each. That’s an incredible deal for a ball that has a compression rating of 50. This low compression rating means more driving distance for high handicappers. It’s also a great choice for golfers with slower swing speeds (beginners, seniors, and most ladies).

Golfers who want a soft feel and a lot of greenside spin will love this golf ball. This ball is also a perfect fit for golfers with slower swing speeds. Wilson achieves a great balance between distance and softness, and that’s something all golfers will appreciate.

Price: $12.97 per dozen

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4. ACCUFLI Max Soft Golf Balls

Accufli isn’t a well-known brand like Bridgestone or Titleist but they do offer a decent golf ball at a phenomenal price. The price is only $1.46 each which is very reasonable. Accufli offers these in a cool matte mix pack so that you can have four different colors to choose from.

This ball is made with an ionomer thin cover that responds with a beautifully soft feeling at impact. The other nice thing about these golf balls is that they seem to land pretty softly on the greens. The technology that Accufli uses provides higher ball speeds and more precise accuracy.

The low compression energy core of these golf balls makes them well suited for medium to slow swing speeds. The 326 dimples are designed to increase lift and reduce drag and sidespin. The urethane coating also contributes to this ball’s soft feel.

Price: $17.55 per dozen

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5. 2021 Callaway Warbird Golf Balls

Callaway makes our cheap golf ball list with their Warbirds! Callaway’s engineering team designed this golf ball for maximum ball speed, no matter what club you are using. Players of all skill levels will love the extra-large, high-energy core that provides explosive distance off the tee.

This golf ball may be cheap, but it flies at a higher trajectory than most premium golf balls thanks to the HEX technology that Callway employs. The result is an incredible feeling golf ball that responds remarkably well on any green. That’s hard to find in a cost-effective two-piece golf ball.

Price: $17.99 per dozen

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6. TaylorMade Rocketballz Speed Golf Balls

TaylorMade makes our best cheap golf ball list a second time with its Rocketballz Speed golf balls. The folks at TaylorMade had three goals in mind when they made this golf ball: Power, Playability, and Distance. The high-energy reactive core leads to plenty of distance off the tee.

This ball also features a soft ionomer cover for more control in your short game shots. The nice thing about these golf balls is that you can receive a bulk discount when you buy more than one dozen. Saving money is always a good thing, especially in a costly sport like golf.

Price: $16.99 per dozen

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7. TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Balls

TaylorMade may just be the king of cheap golf balls since they offer three different options that are highly affordable. The TaylorMade Distance Plus provides a high amount of ball speed while keeping the sidespin to an absolute minimum. The reactive core also gives this ball a pretty good feel for chips, pitches, and putts.

This two-piece constructed golf ball has a high level of durability and a compression rating of 77. TaylorMade’s new Plus Alignment Aid is a cool new tool that helps you line up your putts on the green. This is a nice new feature that should help all golfers sink more birdie putts.

The reason this golf ball performs so well is because of the 342 dimple pattern that was specifically designed to increase distance. One interesting note on these is that the white color is currently selling for $1.67 each but the yellow color has been marked down to $1.04 each. Jump on that deal while it is still available!

Price: $12.49 per dozen (Yellow) and $19.99 per dozen (White)

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8. Cut Blue Golf Balls, 4 Piece Urethane

Cut Golf is a new brand to the golf scene but they have already made a big splash in lots of clubhouses. Their company motto is that they make “the best damn golf balls under $20”. Judging by some of the comments I’ve heard from other golfers on the course, their motto may very well be correct.

It’s extremely rare to find a cheap golf ball that has a 4-piece construction. Almost all cheap golf balls are made up of two pieces. That factor in and of itself makes this golf ball worth trying since this ball should perform quite a bit better on the green.

The cover of this golf ball is made of a high-quality Urethane that holds up very well, even in less than ideal conditions. This ball has a 314 dimple pattern that provides plenty of distance without sacrificing softness. The compression rating of 90 is a little higher than we would like, but this is still a solid choice if you’re looking for a cheap golf ball.

Price: $19.97 per dozen

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9. Titleist TruFeel Golf Balls

If you’re a fan of the Titleist Pro V1 but don’t want to shell out the big bucks, look into the Titleist TruFeel golf balls. The TruFeels are about half the cost of the ProV1s so you’ll save a ton of money. You’ll also get the maximum distance and soft feel that Titleist is known for around the world.

The proprietary TruFlex cover provides an incredibly soft feel that all golfers will love, especially on and around the greens. The new TruFit aerodynamics ensure that you will get plenty of distance off the tee. The consistency and durability of this golf ball are also top-notch.

The TruFeel also has a handy alignment aid so that you can line up your putts without having to mark up your ball with a Sharpie. 

Price: $22.97 per dozen

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10. MIZUNO RB 566 and 566V GOLF BALL

Mizuno makes outstanding wedges but they aren’t that known for making golf balls. However, these RB 566 and 566Vs are very budget-friendly and also perform very well on the course. The durable Ionomer cover means that this ball will hold up without scuffing, nicking, or cutting.

The 566 micro dimples are designed to maximize both distance and trajectory. This unique design also helps this ball fly incredibly straight. Mizuno has figured out how to provide a cheap golf ball with a lot of short game spin but not much driver spin. This makes it an ideal choice for mid to high handicappers.

Price: $21.95 per dozen

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11. Vice Golf Tour White 2020

Vice, like Cut, is also newer to the golf ball manufacturing market. However, Vice’s popularity is growing at a rapid pace, especially amongst folks that want a high-performing discount golf ball. This ball is made up of three pieces, so it should feel a bit softer at impact than most two-piece balls.

The Surlyn material ensures that this ball will hold up well for a long time on the course. Golfers are raving about how far this ball flies and how well it reacts in the short game. The price is in the moderate range at $2.08 per ball.

Price: $24.97 per dozen

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12. Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

The trusty Bridgestone E6s make our list of Best Cheap Golf Balls for a variety of reasons. It provides extra distance off the tee thanks to the softer and larger core. This ball is perfect for golfers with slow to moderate swing speeds.

The two-piece construction provides tons of ball speed at impact but plenty of softness on the green. Golfers rave about how easy it is to control the E6 while chipping. This is an added benefit that cannot be ignored.

PGA Tour icons like Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Kuchar, Fred Couples, and Lexi Thompson all represent Bridgestone Golf products. This adds further credibility to an already impressive brand. The price is pretty decent too, at just under two bucks per ball.

Price: $23.97 per dozen

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13. SAPLIZE Distance Golf Balls

Here’s another new brand on the market that may be worth trying. Saplize makes these golf balls with a titanium sarin outer shell that provides plenty of durability. The elastic core helps increase the length of your drives.

This ball has a compression rating of 80 and it enables a higher ball flight than some other brands. This ball is designed with a 332 dimple pattern which helps reduce drag and sidespin. An alignment aid is also provided on the side of this ball to make it easier to line up your putts.

Saplize is the newest brand on our list so it’ll be interesting to see how well they are received by golfers. The insanely cheap price makes them worth trying if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

Price: $14.99 per dozen

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