Callaway Apex DCB Irons – An Honest Review After 2 Years
Written by Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf since the age of 7. Almost 30 years later, she still loves the game, has played competitively on every level, and spent a good portion of her life as a Class A PGA Professional. Britt currently resides in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children. Current Handicap: 1

The Callaway Apex DCB irons have been in my bag for about two years. I can honestly tell you that this set of irons was not the one I thought I would end up with, as I was playing a Cobra blade when I first found the DCB.

If you want to know the story behind how I ended up with the Callaway Apex DCB, what I think of them, and whether or not you should invest in these irons, I’ve got all the information you need.

Callaway Apex DCB 1

Overall Rating and Thoughts

In the end, I highly recommend the Callaway Apex DCB irons for mid-handicappers and even high handicappers that care about feel. If you hit a great shot with this iron, you are well rewarded for it, and it feels as pure as a premium blade iron.

However, the top-down look and overall clunkiness of the club make me say that it’s best to look at a mixed set with these clubs.

Keep the long irons in the DCB and then have a few short irons in the standard Apex. You may lose out on a bit of distance and forgiveness in the short irons, but the overall accuracy and workability will make up for it.

Overall Rating: 7/10

Why I Chose the Callaway Apex DCB

So here’s how it all happened…

I had some trade-in credit that I could use towards custom Callaway irons. I went to the range and tried the Callaway Apex and the Apex DCB.

I’m a scratch golfer who gets to play a few nine hole rounds a week with my husband and kids. I’m not currently competing in anything, so the time I spend on the range is not nearly what it was years ago (although I’ll be out there as soon as the kids get a little older).

I hit the Apex DCB with the Trackman launch monitor to help get a better idea as to how they performed compared to my current irons. It was a no brainer; I hit every one straight, high, and long.

However, I wasn’t sold on the look of the iron. I went with them anyway, and I’ve had some ups and downs with these irons over the last few years (which I’ll detail below).



Callaway Apex DCB Irons Features

Forged and forgiveness don’t usually go hand in hand.

That wasn’t the case with the Apex DCB, and that’s really what sets this iron apart from others on the market.

Deep Cavity Back

The DCB stands for deep cavity back. Callaway admits this is the most forgiving Apex iron they have ever made, with an easy launch and impressive turf interaction. I can tell you that the irons are very easy to get in the air, and the wide sole certainly makes them forgiving at impact.

The most important feature here is that regardless of what your golf handicap is, you can play with a forged golf iron.

Like I said, even though I play to scratch, I would highly recommend these for the 10 to 20 handicap range.

Wide Sole

The sole of the Callaway Apex DCB is incredibly wide. This is also a progressive design, so you can see it get larger as you move toward the longer irons.

I don’t mind the wider sole in the longer irons, but I would be fine if some of the shorter irons had a narrower sole.

One thing I would suggest for golfers that are looking for a slightly narrower sole is to do a mixed set with these and the regular Apex.

AI Designed Flash Face

The year these DCB irons came out, it was the first time Callaway had created an AI-designed Flash Face Cup. The ball comes off the face really hot, which means you can generate quite a bit of distance with these clubs.

Having made the switch from irons that were considerably older and not created with AI technology, there is a big difference in the way the ball comes off the face. Distance won’t be your issue with these irons in your bag.

Forged 1025 Mild Carbon Steel Body

Callaway was able to include their patented urethane microsphere in the Callaway Apex DCB, and that only improved the overall feel. In addition, each iron has 50 grams of tungsten, which helps position the center of gravity in the ideal location.

If you hit some off-center shots at times, the Callaway Apex DCB can really help.


Callaway Apex DCB 3

Callaway Apex DCB Performance

Now that you have a better idea of what these irons feature from a technology standpoint, here’s what to expect regarding performance.


The Apex DCB is a bit pricey. In fact, all the Apex lines are more expensive than the Mavrik line.

The Paradym line is a little more expensive to start out because of the improvement in technology and materials.

I have these irons in the 5-PW, which helped to save a little bit of money. Hybrids and wedges fill in the rest of the set.

Overall, you can tell they’re made with high-quality materials. Feel is something that most people don’t mind paying for, and you are certainly paying for feel when purchasing these irons.

Feel & Sound

I don’t usually like Callaway irons because I’ve never found the feel was a match for my game. My mind has been changed since playing the Callaway Apex DCB. These irons have a great feel.

My only complaint here is that even when you hit a poor shot, the feel is still pretty good.

If you are really trying to hone in on your ball striking, the feedback from the DCB won’t be quite enough.


Spin on golf iron shots is incredibly important.

I had no trouble creating high-lofted shots that stopped on the green where I needed them to.

This can be hard to find with a golf iron that has a thicker sole and a bit of a lower loft, but the DCBs present no issue when it comes to spin.

Make sure you pair them with a higher spin ball, like the Titleist Pro V1 or the Callaway Chrome Soft, and your control will be significantly improved.


The Callaway Apex DCB irons are forgiving.

There is quite a bit of offset here, so expect to feel as though they are a little draw bias. If you are a golfer that tends to miss shots to the right, you may find these to be a good fit.

In addition, the wider sole translates to pretty consistent turf interaction. For golfers that hit thin or fat shots from time to time, you may notice more center strikes with the Apex DCB irons.


The Apex DCB was the longest of the Apex irons that I tried. Since this is more of a game improvement iron, the lofts are strong and the total distance is strong as well.

I like that you get a combination of solid distance with an impressive feel. Sometimes that combo can be hard to find.


What I Like About The Callaway Apex DCB Irons

I’ve been playing with the Callaway Apex DCB irons for two years now.

Some days I feel like I’m ready for a change, and then other days, they make the game so easy it’s really hard to give them up. I think the most positive thing that the DCB irons have to offer is forgiveness and distance without sacrificing feel.

I’ve never really found a game improvement iron to have forgiveness but still be able to maintain the feel.

Long distance is easy with the Apex DCB irons.


Callaway Apex DCB 4

What I Dislike About The Callaway Apex DCB Irons

The thing I struggle with most with the Callaway Apex DCB irons is the look.

The top-down look is just too thick for me, which I don’t find it to be confidence-inducing. In fact, when I look at it, I struggle with feeling as though I can place the ball on the green where I want.

With that being said, when I have a long shot to a green, that might be in the first cut of rough or to a pin that is tucked away, the thick top line and wide sole actually do promote some extra confidence.

It’s a tough thing in golf trying to find that balance between what works and what feels and looks good.

I think that I’ll have to switch to something a little more streamlined in the near future. However, I do love the longer irons, and for golfers that want a great feel but easy performance, the Callaway Apex DCB can be a really great choice to consider.

Callaway Apex DCB Iron Set


  • Forged feel in a game improvement iron
  • 50 grams of tungsten for improved center of gravity
  • Easy to launch
  • Long distance
  • Pleasing sound at impact
  • Progressive wider sole for extra


  • Thick top-down look
  • Don't offer much feedback on missed shots
  • Bulky look
  • A little more offset than better players may want
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Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf since the age of 7. Almost 30 years later, she still loves the game, has played competitively on every level, and spent a good portion of her life as a Class A PGA Professional. Britt currently resides in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children. Current Handicap: 1