Expert Review: Are Cobra Golf Clubs Any Good?
Written by Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf since the age of 7. Almost 30 years later, she still loves the game, has played competitively on every level, and spent a good portion of her life as a Class A PGA Professional. Britt currently resides in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children. Current Handicap: 1

Updated on March 5, 2024

Years ago, when I was a new assistant golf professional at a golf course, there was a Cobra demo day on the range. To be honest, I was letting all of the higher handicappers know that Cobra would be there, as I assumed that’s who their products would be for.

I was wrong.

In fact, that same demo day, I found a golf driver that stayed in my bag for ten years and took me through many tournaments. Cobra is not all about forgiveness, and they proved that they might be the leaders when it comes to distance.

So let’s take an in-depth look into whether cobra golf clubs are any good and who should have them in their golf bag.


Quick Facts About Cobra Golf

Here are a few of the facts that are both interesting and worth knowing about Cobra golf:

  • Cobra was founded in 1973, it was at one point acquired by Acushnet, the same company that owns Titleist, but it was sold to Puma after less than ten years.
  • Greg Norman has always been a big ambassador for Cobra Golf, but many young players will recognize Rickie Fowler and Bryson DeChambeau as professionals that support the Cobra brand.
  • The company is known for its oversized irons, forgiveness, and Baffler technology in the irons.
  • The original founder of Cobra Golf was Thomas Crow.


My Thoughts on Cobra Golf Clubs

When it comes to Cobra golf, you have to remember that the company has gone through some changes through the years. Each time they made a change, there was a slight shift in how the clubs performed, but you will notice that forgiveness through the years has been consistent.

I’m going to go through a few of the things that I think you should understand about Cobra and what it is known for. If you are thinking of new clubs in 2022, here’s what you can expect from Cobra golf.


Cobra was one of the first companies to introduce adjustability in a golf driver. If you have ever had the experience of purchasing a golf driver only to find out it’s not the right fit for your game, then you can understand how important adjustability is.

Having an adjustable loft is great. However, with Cobra, expect adjustable loft, lie, and weighting in many golf clubs. You will see that it’s easy to make these changes in the clubs but also to track the changes.

With the addition of Cobra Connect Technology, you can now see how much changing the loft on your driver by a degree or two really impacts your golf game. It may seem like that lower lofted shot goes a long way, but is it?

Adjustability makes golf clubs so much more valuable. When you can change your game but just make a slight adjustment to the golf club head to have it still be a perfect and complete fit for you, it’s going to save you hundreds of dollars.

Cobra Connect Technology

Cobra Connect Technology is not only helpful, but it is also fun.

It’s great to know how far you’re hitting your golf shots and to use that to help you make changes in your swing. In addition, the information that you collect can be used to make decisions on the golf course.

When you have a better idea as to how far each club goes, the game of golf becomes considerably easier. Cobra Connect Technology does not cost anything extra for some basic data, but you can get a subscription to unlock even more tools to help your game.

Companies like Ping have now followed suit and are using this Arrccos Technology in their clubs as well.


The distance used to be a bit of a struggle for Cobra. It took some time to balance out the amount of forgiveness the clubs had with the distance that players were trying to hit the ball. However, with the most recent additions to the Cobra lineup, the new Cobra RTD X line, the distance numbers are some of the best in the game.

In fact, in some early testing, the RTD-X has gone further than the TaylorMade Stealth driver. These results will vary depending on the type of player you’re, your swing speed, and the contact that you make with the ball.


In my opinion, Cobra is king when it comes to forgiveness. You can hit the ball on the center of the clubface and benefit from great feel and performance. However, when you miss the center and the ball is hit in the heel or the toe of the iron, expect to still get a good distance and a straight shot.

Forgiveness can take feel away, but Cobra does an excellent job of helping players maintain the feel that they need while keeping forgiveness intact.

Handicap/Player Ability

As I mentioned, so many golfers think that the Cobra clubs are for mid to high handicappers and beginners. This group of players can greatly benefit from the Cobra clubs, but with some of the new releases, the lower handicap players are benefiting as well.

The majority of Cobra customers are certainly within the mid to high handicap range.

However, with the new line of 3D putters, the Black Wedge and the Forged Tec irons, there are truly options for any player needing new golf clubs.


Another one of the reasons why Cobra stands out as such a great golf company is the price of their golf clubs. If all other manufacturers put out a new driver at $550, Cobra usually comes in at $499.

In addition, after the clubs have been out for a few months, Cobra will typically drop the pricing a bit sooner than the other golf manufacturers in the game. The pricing and value of Cobra are really good and an excellent option for those on a budget.


The Cobra golf driver I had in my bag worked for me for ten years. I eventually took it out because some of the new driver technology had a bit more of a benefit from a distance perspective.

However, 10 years is a really good return on my initial investment.

I can’t tell you that all Cobra golf clubs will stay like this for the entire time you use them, but they will undoubtedly have plenty of longevity. Some Cobra golf clubs are sold as beginner sets, and they may not last quite as long simply because the technology is not as advanced.

However, if you purchase a new Cobra driver in 2022, expect to have it hit many long and straight drives for you for many years.

Club Selection

Cobra golf makes every club in the game. From the driver down to the wedges, you can easily find something that will work for your game. If you find that the Cobra products are a good fit for you, expect to have a wide range of options from the driver down to the putter to fill your entire bag.

Cobra also makes some great accessories. My current stand bag is a Cobra Stand Bag that is a great color, perfect for walking or riding on the cart, and has a great pocket design and club protection.


My Favorite Golf Club Brand

As much as I love Cobra and have had a great experience with the fairway woods, hybrids, and drivers, it doesn’t stand out as my favorite golf club brand. In my opinion, the best golf club brand is Titleist.

The thing that stands out about Titleist is the fact that it’s so consistent. Year after year, Titleist will make slight adjustments to get better distance and forgiveness, but the feel and the overall performance is consistent.

Many of the top brands in golf will change each year a bit too much, in my opinion. When the clubs don’t look anything like they did previously, it’s hard to be quite as brand loyal. However, with a Titleist club, you will see similar lines from the top-down view, as well as a consistent and stable feel.

In addition, I love that Titleist makes everything from the driver to the wedges.

There are some great companies like Miura that make beautiful golf irons, but you can’t play Miura irons in the driver and fairway woods as they don’t make them. I like being able to choose a driver, fairway wood, and set of irons that all flow together.

Even though Titleist is my favorite brand, I think it’s worth mentioning that Callaway has made some great improvements in the last few years. In the years of the original Big Bertha, I could never understand why golfers loved Callaway the way that they do.

However, in recent years with the improvements in the Apex and Mavrik line, this is a brand of golf club that every player should really consider. From slow swing speed to high swing speed, Callaway has some great options.



  1. Kenneth Glidewell says:

    I have a Cobra F6. Love this driver but i must say King Cobra customer service is the worst. I get the feeling they just don’t really give a shit. I won’t buy another one, just hang on to the F6

    1. August Noble says:

      Appreciate you sharing your experience with the F6 – bummer to hear their customer service is lacking

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Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf since the age of 7. Almost 30 years later, she still loves the game, has played competitively on every level, and spent a good portion of her life as a Class A PGA Professional. Britt currently resides in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children. Current Handicap: 1