Where Are Mizuno Golf Clubs Made?

Avid baseball enthusiasts may be shocked to learn that Mizuno also offers an impressive line of golf equipment. Mizuno irons have sold incredibly well over the last few decades. Tiger Woods even used Mizuno clubs during his first Masters win in 1997.

But have you ever wondered where Mizuno golf clubs are made?

In this post, we’ll dive into where Mizuno manufactures its golf clubs. You’ll also learn other interesting facts about each Mizuno’s ownership, the price range for their golf clubs, and which pro golfers they have partnered with.


Where Are Mizuno Golf Clubs Made?

All Mizuno golf clubs are made in Japan and then shipped to its plant in Braselton, Georgia, for final assembly. The company’s headquarters is in Osaka, Japan, and is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. 


Who Owns Mizuno?

Mizuno was started way back in 1906 by Rihachi and Rizo Mizuno.

Akito Mizuno, the grandson of Rihachi Mizuno, is the current of Mizuno Corporation.


Pro Golfers That Use Mizuno Golf Clubs

Here is a short list of pro golfers who play with Mizuno clubs:

  • Keith Mitchell: ST-Z Driver and Pro 225 / 221
  • Luke Donald: ST-Z Driver, Pro 221, and Pro Fli-Hi
  • Stacy Lewis
  • Greyson Sigg
  • Cameron Smith: Pro Hi-Fli Irons
  • Adam Scott: Pro Fli-Hi Irons
  • Paul Casey: MP-5 and JPX919 Hot Metal Pro
  • Lucas Glover: JPX919 Tour Irons


Price Range

Mizuno clubs range from $2,100 to $2,900 for a full set.


Our Favorite Mizuno Clubs

If you’re looking for some of our favorite Mizuno clubs, here are a few:

Top pick
Mizuno Golf JPX921 Wedge Series

Increased surface roughness to increase spin nearer the green. A soft and durable metal that provides outstanding feel and is easily bendable for custom.

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