Where Are Bridgestone Golf Balls Made? (+ More Facts)

Bridgestone may be more famous among non-golfers for its tire production, but this company makes one heck of a golf ball.

Bridgestone has been making golf balls since 1935, but their sales really took off after the company started offering custom ball fittings in 2006.

But do you know where Bridgestone golf balls are made? Most new golfers are surprised to learn that some of their favorite golf balls are made in the USA and internationally.

You’ll learn intricate details about Bridgestone in this post. We’ll cover where Bridgestone golf balls are made, provide an average price range for their balls, and discuss the sponsorship deals Bridgestone has with PGA Tour golfers.


Where Are Bridgestone Golf Balls Made?

Bridgestone makes its golf balls at its Covington, Georgia, manufacturing plant.

The company offers two premium golf balls for advanced players: the B RX and the B XS. Bridgestone also offers two options for average golfers: the e6 and the e12.

Just how much has the demand for Bridgestone golf balls grown in the marketplace? The company recently increased its production capacity by 30% just to keep up! That fact alone speaks volumes as to how much golfers enjoy using Bridgestone golf balls.


Who Owns Bridgestone?

Bridgestone Golf is a subsidiary of the Japanese corporation Bridgestone. It designs and manufactures a variety of golf equipment, including clubs, balls, and golf accessories.

Bridgestone was founded by Shuichi Ishibashi in 1931, while the company started making golf balls in 1935.


Pro Players Who Use Bridgestone Golf Balls

The list of pro golfers who play with Bridgestone balls include:

  • Tiger Woods
  • Bryson DeChambeau
  • Lexi Thompson
  • Fred Couples
  • Matt Kuchar


Price Range

Bridgestone golf balls average between $2 to $4 per ball.


Our Favorite Bridgestone Golf Balls

If you’re looking for some of our favorite Bridgestone balls, here are our top 3:

Top Pick
Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

REACTIV iQ smart cover technology rebounds quickly on tee shots, stays on the face longer on approach shots, and delivers increased ball speed for max distance off the tee. The TOUR B RX is ideal for players with swing speeds under 105 MPH who want additional distance.

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Top Pick
Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Balls

REACTIV iQ is a smart cover technology that reacts to the force of impact. Rebounds quickly on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance. Stays on the face longer on approach shots, providing more spin and soft feel around the green.

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Top Pick
Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

The unique Contact Force Dimple Pattern that creates 38% more surface contact on impact. Dimple pattern also makes your ball fly longer and straighter with every club in your bag.

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