The 10 Best Golf Balls for a Straighter Shot [2024 Guide]
Written by Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.

Updated on January 3, 2024

Did you know that approximately 60% of amateur golfers struggle with a slice off the tee?

This startling statistic results in countless penalty strokes, lost balls, and a whole lot of pure frustration on the golf course. If you happen to fight a banana slice or a dreaded duck hook, there is hope.

Most golf ball manufacturers make specific golf balls that help with inaccurate tee shots. Thesewill help give you a straighter ball flight. Here are our top 10 choices.


1. Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Balls

Top pick
Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Balls

For the golfer whose problem is significant and persistent hooking or slicing off the tee. From the tee, point the arrow on the ball directly at your target, or line it up with the center of the fairway. From the fairway, play the ball "as it lies" or re-adjust the ball orientation so the arrow again points at your target.

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  • Reduces slicing and hooking by as much as 75%
  • Allows golfers to hit more fairways and shoot lower scores
  • Fewer inaccurate shots mean fewer lost balls
  • Easy to use on the course by simply pointing the arrow on the golf ball towards your desired target
  • Less aerodynamic lift than regular balls, which results in a lower but straighter ball flight off the tee


  • Because of the self-correcting advanced technology, this ball won’t fly as far as a distance ball
  • Expensive
  • Deemed illegal by both the USGA and PGA for official tournament play

If you are in desperate need of a straighter ball flight, give the Polara Ultimate Straight balls a chance. Polara has been helping golfers with directional issues for more than 50 years. These will self-correct in midair, which means that the sidespin will change into more of a backspin.

Rick Shiels, who is famous for his golf videos on YouTube, put the Polora Ultimate Straight to the test in the video below. Shiels was shocked at how straight these balls flew, especially since he was trying to hook or slice them. This just proves that Polara are worth the extra money if you want to hit the ball straighter.


2. Titleist Velocity

Titleist Velocity

This ball offers longer distance, extremely low long game spin, and high flight on all shots.

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  • Maximum distance off the tee because of the higher speed LSX core
  • Special NAZ+ cover also adds ball speed without sacrificing softness on and around the greens
  • 350 octahedral dimple design helps you achieve a higher and straighter ball flight
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Keeps a low spin rate on all larger clubs like the driver and fairway woods
  • Great value for an established brand like Titleist


  • May not have a low enough compression rating for golfers with a slow swing speed

titleist velocity 1

Attention all hardcore Titleist fans who struggle with slices or hooks – This is the best golf ball for you!

The Titleist Velocity gives you the exceptional performance and feel that you’ve come to expect from such an iconic brand. The nicest thing about the Velocity though is that it cost almost 50% less than the Titleist Pro V1.


3. Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact

The unique Contact Force Dimple Pattern that creates 38% more surface contact on impact. Dimple pattern also makes your ball fly longer and straighter with every club in your bag.

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  • Efficient energy transfer between the club head and the golf ball at impact
  • Soft feel helps make chipping and putting easier
  • Straight flight off the tee with reduced sidespin
  • Engineered by Bridgestone’s elite Research and Development Team.
  • Endorsed by Tiger Woods, Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Kuchar, and Lexi Thompson


  • Not quite as soft as the Bridgestone e6 model

Bridgestone not only makes great tires, but they’re also an outstanding golf ball manufacturer.

The e12 contact is specifically made to only fly straight. The specialty Contact Force dimples help reduce slices and correct hooks on all shots.


4. Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft

Supersoft has been one of the most popular golf balls for years. The new Hybrid Cover features a multi-material construction allows for an incredible combination of fast ball speeds from high launch and low spin, soft feel, and excellent greenside control.

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  • Affordable option from a reputable brand like Callaway
  • Hybrid cover helps increase ball speed, durability, and launch
  • Hex aerodynamics helps the ball fly higher and straighter with less drag
  • Low Compression rating of 38 is ideal for golfers with slow swing speeds
  • Incredibly soft feel on all short game shots


  • Too soft for folks with moderate or fast swing speeds

callaway supersoft vs chrome soft

The Callaway Supersoft is an all-around incredible golf ball. It lives up to its billing as being super long, super straight, and super soft.

The price is also hard to beat at only around $2 per ball.


5. Wilson Ultra 500 Straight

WILSON Ultra 500 Straight Golf Balls

Advanced two-piece golf balls with a titanium core and cutproof cover give the Ultra ultimate playability and distance off the tee. Complete with spin-reducing technologies.

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  • Two-piece ball that employs various technologies to reduce sidespin, which results in a straight ball flight
  • Core is made of titanium, which has been proven to increase ball speed at impact which increases distance
  • Cut proof cover strikes the perfect balance between durability and playability
  • Great price per ball


  • Compression rating of 90 is probably too high for slower swing speeds and high handicappers

We have to admit that we are a bit partial to Wilson balls. They fly straight with plenty of distance and they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Wilson has been around for quite some time and they sponsor 2019 U.S. Open champion Gary Woodland, which just further adds to their credibility.



FLIGHTPATH Premium Tracer Golf Balls

With its high-speed compression core, this expertly engineered distance golf ball is created specifically to maximize your shot range off the golf tee.

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  • Made up of 3 layers instead of just 2, which gives this ball some added softness and increases the accuracy of wedge shots
  • The urethane cast outer cover holds up remarkably well and produces just the right amount of spin
  • High-speed central core helps maximize distance off the tee
  • Glossy white finish makes this ball easy to find on the course
  • Large dimple design gives you a normal ball flight on each shot


  • Newer to the market

Here’s a new brand that may be worth trying out during your next round of golf.

Flightpath has specifically designed their Tracer model golf ball to fly straight so that you wind up in the center of the fairway more often. It wouldn’t surprise us if Flightpath ends up being the next big thing in the golf industry.


7. Maxfli StraightFli

Maxfli StraightFli

Maxfli’s straightest golf ball promotes more accurate ball flight for improved overall performance.

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  • Unique dimple pattern that consists of 374 large and small dimples to further improve ball flight
  • Not only fly straight but long as well
  • Ionomer cover strikes the perfect balance between spin rate, durability, feel, and control
  • Deemed legal for USGA tournaments
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Not available in a standard 12-pack like most brands

The Maxfli brand doesn’t have a ton of commercials like Titleist or Bridgestone so some golfers are not familiar with them.

However, Maxfli has been making high-quality balls for more than 80 years. The Maxfli StraightFli has been lab-tested to go 20% straighter than regular balls.



OnCore Golf ELIXR Tour Ball

Low driver spin and optimal launch angle yield extreme distance and control off the tee.

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  • Specifically designed for a low spin rate with the driver to help boost accuracy on tee shots
  • Moderate to high spin rate for all iron shots, which also helps increase accuracy
  • Great choice for windy days on the golf course
  • Urethane cover holds up well but has a soft feel
  • Competitive price


  • 85 compression rating may be too high for golfers with slower swing speeds
  • Some have commented that it doesn’t spin enough on chips and pitches

Here’s another brand that is kind of flying under the radar but is worth trying.

Oncore developed the ELIXR to compete with premium balls like the Titleist Pro V1 and TaylorMade TP5. The ELIXR won gold in Golf Digest’s 2019 Hot List awards, which proves that it’s a viable choice.


9. Piper Green

Piper Golf Green

2-Piece construction creates longer shots and a stable flight and is the best golf ball for beginners, ladies, seniors and high-handicap golfers with lower swing speeds.

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  • Built to produce maximum distance off the tee
  • Great value at only $2.50 each
  • Alignment aid helps improve the accuracy of your putts
  • Dupont surlyn cover is very durable and feels outstanding
  • Designed for a low spin rate to reduce the severity of slices and hooks


  • Not enough spin for advanced players

piper golf balls green

Piper golf balls haven’t been on the market very long but they are already creating quite the buzz in the golf world. The Piper Green two-piece ball is an excellent choice for folks with slower swing speeds.

Another neat thing about this ball is that Piper offers it with an alignment aid in four different colors (black, blue, gold, and green). Make sure to match the color with your swing speed. For example, the green is for slow swing speed while the gold and black are for fast swing speeds.


10. Cut Blue

Cut Blue

Designed for maximum distance with your driver and irons without compromising greenside spin and control.

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  • Urethane cover is resilient to scuffs and nicks
  • 314 dimples that help maximize distance off the tee
  • Conforms to USGA standards so you can use them in official tournaments
  • Lower ball flight is perfect for windy conditions


  • Not as much distance as other balls on the market

cut blue review

Cut were designed to give the average golfer an affordable ball that still performed well on the course.

The Cut Blue has a lower spin rate, which helps it fly much straighter off the tee than other balls. At only $1.66 per ball, why not give them a shot?


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Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.