The Top 5 Putting Mats with Ball Returns [2024 Guide]
Written by Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.

Updated on January 3, 2024

As any golfer knows, improving your putting stroke is the quickest way to lower your handicap.

But practicing putting can be difficult, especially if you don’t always have time to drive to a golf course or green. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 putting mats with ball returns, so you can practice your putting skills from the comfort of your own home or office.

These putting mats come with automatic ball returns, so you won’t waste time chasing after golf balls. At the end of this article, we also offer up our favorite alternative to ball return putting mats.


1. Crestgolf Putting Mat Indoor / Outdoor (Best Overall)

Top Pick
Crestgolf Golf Putting Mat

Indoor/outdoor putting green with two golf holes and ball return. Realistic artificial turf for practice. Easy to fold and store.

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Surface material: Premium Quality Velvet

Dimensions: 9.84” Wide x 109” Long (Ball Return is 10.62”)

Ball return system: Raised Incline Made of Wood


  • The velvet material of the putting surface leads to a putting experience that’s very similar to an actual green
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors, which makes this practice mat highly versatile
  • It can be folded up and stored without any fear of wrinkles, which is something not many brands can claim
  • The wooden ball return system has lots of durability and will save you a ton of time
  • Works well in a yard, office, garage, or bonus room
  • Golfers can practice on 2 different holes. One is smaller to increase putting accuracy.


  • The price is a little steep, but that’s understandable because of the quality materials
  • It could be a bit longer and wider

For a putting surface that’s nearly identical to a green on the golf course, consider choosing the Crestgolf putting mat. It’s 8 feet long, which makes it ideal for practicing short or medium-length putts. Crestgolf also went to great lengths to make sure that your putts would roll well on this surface.

With the wooden ball return feature, the high slope rolls each putt back to you. This means you can spend less time gathering your golf balls and more time practicing your putting stroke.


2. I&K Pro Indoor Golf Putting Green (Best Value)

Value Pick
I&K PRO Indoor Golf Putting Green

Indoor golf putting mat with realistic turf. Automatic ball return system. Two holes for varied difficulty. Non-slip base for stability.

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Surface material: High-Quality Crystal Velvet

Dimensions: 1.28 Feet Wide x 8 Feet Long

Ball return system: Raised Incline Made of Plastic


  • One of the cheapest practice putting greens on the market
  • Automatic Ball Return System works beautifully
  • Works well for both beginner and seasoned golfers to hone their putting skills
  • Easy to set up in any home or office
  • The backing is designed to limit slippage, which reduces the chances of injury and overall aggravation


  • The plastic ball return won’t hold up as long as other materials
  • Some have had issues with the material getting creases in it
  • A few folks have had problems with the ball return

If you need to improve your putting game but are short on cash, the I&K Pro putting mat is just what you need. This is arguably the most cost-effective option out there. Golfers will love how this practice mat easily stores 3 golf balls and provides 2 different holes to practice on.


3. Club Champ Super Sized Putting Mat (Best Option with Hazards)

Best Option with Hazards
Club Champ Super Sized Putt N' Hazard Putting Mat

Golf putting mat with electric-powered ball return. Built-in water hazard and sand trap for added challenge. High-quality turf for realistic practice. Perfect for home or office use.

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Surface material: Non-Directional Turf

Dimensions: 1.8 Feet Wide x 9 Feet Long

Ball return system: Raised Incline with Electronic Return


  • Very affordable practice mat with a nice ball return
  • The electronic ball return system doesn’t require any batteries
  • It shoots the ball back to you, whether you hit it in the hole or one of the hazards
  • The water hazard and sand trap will help you practice hitting straighter putts
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty, which is the longest one we’ve seen in the industry
  • It can be used on almost any surface, including carpets or wood floors
  • Easy to keep clean, which isn’t the case for all practice mats on the market


  • Some golfers think the ball returns too fast, which may make it unsuitable for small kids
  • The hazards are made of thin plastic, which means that they may not hold up well over time

Burned out on standard practice mats with incline ball returns? Check out the Club Champ Super Sized putting mat if you want to try something new. The ball return is electric, and it works even if you putt into the bunker or water hazard. That’s a neat feature that makes this practice mat worth trying.


4. Loowoko Indoor Putting Green (Best Alignment Lines)

Best Alignment Lines
Loowoko Indoor Putting Green with Ball Return

Portable putting green with two holes and alignment lines. Easy roll-up design for storage. Includes a 12-month warranty.

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Surface material: Crystal Velvet

Dimensions: 9.8” Wide x 122” Long

Ball return system: Raised Incline Made of Wood


  • Easy to assemble right out of the box, which is a nice plus
  • It folds up easily to make transportation or storage a breeze
  • A great putting training aid for any level of golfer
  • The turf is meant to simulate real grass for a more realistic roll
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty, which gives buyers peace of mind
  • It comes with 2 alignment aids and some distance markers
  • The automatic return portion is sturdy and made of wood


  • It can be hard to work kinks out of the material, which can cost you some practice time
  • The automatic ball return system sometimes gets hung up

Struggle to line up a putt correctly? If so, this golf mat will take your putting game to the next level.

It has 2 alignment aids to ensure your feet are in the right place while practicing. You’ll be shocked to learn how much proper alignment has to do with making good putts.


5. Britenway Golf Green Mat (Easiest to Assemble)

Easy to Assemble
Britenway Golf Green Mat

Featuring an auto ball return system and a baffle that helps the ball return to the mat after play. Made from premium-quality crystal velvet material.

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Surface material: Crystal Velvet

Dimensions: 15” Wide x 123” Long

Ball return system: Raised Incline Made of Wood


  • Engineered to give golfers an experience that’s similar to a real green
  • It makes a fantastic gift on any occasion for golf lovers
  • One of the best auto ball returns in the industry that’s made of solid wood
  • It can easily be moved from your home to your office and vice versa
  • Built to last for several seasons of putting practice
  • It comes with 2 different size holes to increase your putting accuracy
  • The crystal velvet material gives you a very realistic roll
  • There is no battery to have to worry about recharging


  • The marketing materials show someone putting with a wedge, which is kind of annoying
  • Some have had issues with getting the mat to lay flat
  • There is no mention of any kind of warranty, which is a little bit disappointing

This high-quality putting practice mat is super easy to put together. The solid wood ball return frame snaps together in a flash thanks to the magnetic suction of the material. This mat is a little pricier than others on our list, but the quality is top-notch.


One Last Thing…

While any of the above practice mats would make a great addition to your training routine, we have another recommendation for you to consider. The PrimePutt putting mat is hands down one of the best premium practice aids on the market.

PrimePutt Putting Mat

Lower your score and increase consistency by practicing daily on a quality, tour-grade, true roll turf mat.

Check Price on PrimePutt Read Our Full Review

While it doesn’t have a ball return, its other remarkable features more than make up for that. The PrimePutt mat lays flat right out of the box, which is something most brands can’t say. The material of the putting surface is also the most realistic we’ve seen.

Why do we trust the PrimePutt putting mat so much? The company was founded by a passionate golfer that wanted to create a better practice solution for putting. This will be evident when you roll your first putt.

An automatic ball return isn’t needed with the PrimePutt mat because it has 3 holes at the end instead of just 1 or 2. Another sweet feature is how unique the cups are. When you make a good putt, your golf ball automatically goes to the back of the cup.

Golfers will also appreciate the deep cups on the PrimePutt practice mat.  The high-quality material of the cups is the same as you’d find on a real golf course. We can’t say enough good things about the PrimePutt golf putting mat!


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Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.