HackMotion Golf Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
Written by Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf since the age of 7. Almost 30 years later, she still loves the game, has played competitively on every level, and spent a good portion of her life as a Class A PGA Professional. Britt currently resides in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children. Current Handicap: 1

Updated on December 12, 2023

HackMotion is a feedback and training tool to help golfers get their game to the next level. The tool focuses on wrist action in the swing, which, in my opinion, is often overlooked.

I’ve had the HackMotion for a few months now and have had some time to really get to know what this device offers and who it can help.

In my HackMotion review, I’ll show you what this training aid has to offer, who should buy one, and where I think it could improve.

Note: This review was created based on testing the Pro version of HackMotion.

hackmotion on wrist

Overall Rating and Thoughts

The HackMotion is an impressive training tool for golfers. The most significant benefit of HackMotion is that you can get real-time feedback. In addition, the audio feedback and personalized drills certainly help to prove the value of HackMotion.

I love this tool for a golfer that slices the ball because I think it’s a perfect way to learn what clubface control is and what it should look like.

In addition, the putting capabilities will help you fully understand what it takes to be a consistent putter. If you’re a tech-savvy golfer and love more data about your swing and what it takes to hit a ball straight, give HackMotion a try.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Verdict: Good Buy
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What Is HackMotion?

HackMotion is a sensor that you wear on your lead wrist as you take a swing. The developers of HackMotion learned that although wrist action can vary from one professional golfer to the next, there are some guidelines and tendencies that remain the same throughout.

What this means for amateur golfers is that there is a right and a wrong way to position your wrist at setup, top of the backswing, and most importantly, at impact.

When comparing the majority of recreational golfers against professionals, you can see that the extension and flexion of the golfer’s wrists are quite a bit different.


HackMotion’s Features

HackMotion has a wide range of features and several models to choose from. One model has the standard wrist functionality for the full swing; another includes both putting and the full swing, and finally, the pro version is built more for professionals managing a range of students.

Live 3D Model

I think one of the most critical features of any golf training aid is the timing of the feedback. The quicker you can get your brain a message about whether or not the action you made was right or wrong, the easier it is to fix the mistake.

Launch monitors are a great tool, but we get to look at them after we make a mistake in our swing.

hackmotion 3d view

With the HackMotion on your wrist, you can see the wrist data in real-time. This means when you are just working on what it should “feel” like to get yourself in the right position, you can do so by looking at your phone or iPad screen.

Tour Players Ranges and Data

HackMotion uses data that is based on tour player suggestions and performance. You can use the suggested tour player ranges to learn the proper clubface control for your game.

Tour data is really something we have learned to use for things like strokes gained, driving accuracy, smash factor, and more. This concept is proven again here with the tour data used for wrist action in the golf swing.

When I first started working with HackMotion, it was easy to see where I needed to work on things to control the clubface.

Putting Mode

One of the best things about the putting mode in the HackMotion device is the way it can improve consistency. In order to be great at putting, you have to be a consistent putter. Putting mode allows you to measure your wrists’ flexion and extension and see how much things move or change.

So many golfers think their putting stroke is consistent when in reality, it is not at all!

Audio Feedback in Real-Time

Audio feedback can be turned on to help you learn while you are swinging. The HackMotion will alert you if you fall outside of the recommended wrist extension or flexion range. Again, this is just another example of that real-time feedback and the value that it can offer.

If you have ever felt like waiting until after a shot to find out what you did wrong was not effective, HackMotion can help.


HackMotion’s Performance

It should be ready to use when you take HackMotion out of the box. Simply plug it into an outlet if you find that the battery is a little low. There is a button on the HackMotion that you press, and then you download the app on your phone.

After that, you should be good to go.


Overall, I found HackMotion to be very user-friendly. I do recommend watching a quick tutorial on how to wear the HackMotion the correct way. There is nothing complicated about it, but making sure you have the correct fit can help to achieve accurate data right from the start.

hackmotion screenshot

One of the things I was also concerned about was the way the HackMotion would feel while it was on. I don’t like when something restricts my swing or makes me feel as though I have to make changes as the club comes closer to the ball.

With HackMotion, I didn’t experience that at all.

Regardless of your playing ability, the HackMotion does not get in your way, and you should be able to take some swings, gather data, and make this an effective part of your practice routine.


I can’t tell you that I have another wrist sensor to compare the HackMotion to because this is a really unique device. However, I can tell you that there are very few times that I feel as though the results from HackMotion are skewed or off in any way.

In fact, with the live data feature, you get to see a direct representation of how your wrist motion impacts the angle of the clubface.

To me, this is incredibly accurate, and it is crucial for brain training, something all golfers can benefit from!


The HackMotion is incredibly lightweight, won’t restrict your swing at all, and you can keep it in your bag for a quick practice session before or after your next round.

One of the things I love about HackMotion is how discrete it is. It does such a great job of collecting data for being such a small training aid and device. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to bring an extra cart full of gear with me to the range to work on my game.

I would much rather have a small tool like this to take out.


It’s important to bring up the concept of whether or not HackMotion is actually effective. I’ve covered that it works and that it’s quick with feedback and information, but does it work?

I’ve always felt like I’ve had a relatively accurate swing. As a scratch golfer, I know my clubface is usually square to a little closed at impact. HackMotion taught me quite a bit.

One of my biggest takeaways was that you could take a very minimal movement with your wrist, and it can have a huge impact on clubface direction. For those that slice the ball consistently, this is going to be a major learning breakthrough.


What I Like About This Device

I’ve mentioned this before in other reviews of products, but I’m kind of an old-fashioned “practicer”. Give me a bucket of balls and a 7 iron, and I can stay busy on the range for hours.

The introduction of technology into my practice routine has been a tough one for me.

However, here’s why I like the HackMotion:

  • It’s simple
  • It’s quick
  • It gives me real-time data I can work with

I don’t need to keep HackMotion on the entire time I practice. In fact, I don’t.

I simply head out to the range, look at where my wrist angles stand, work on some of the things I want to work on, and then take it off.

At the end of my practice session, I’ll often put it back on. This becomes a perfect way to double-check my learning.

For golfers that love data and analytics, there is so much built into the HackMotion app you will keep yourself busy for days!


What I Dislike About This Device

I really only have one major complaint about the HackMotion, and it has to do with the fit on the hand. I have really small hands, so if I try to use HackMotion without a glove, it feels like it slips and is never on tight enough.

When I put a glove on, the clip for the glove is a great feature, and the HackMotion never slides out of place.

The first time I tried to collect data, I knew that my address position was not correct, and I think it had to do with a poor fit. Once I got it figured out, I have not struggled with getting the proper numbers.


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  1. Dan says:

    The hack motion produces a noise ( in or out of range). I would have thought this continuous tone on the driving range would be off putting for fellow golfers using the driving range .
    Could this tone be transferred via the phone to personal ear buds .

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Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf since the age of 7. Almost 30 years later, she still loves the game, has played competitively on every level, and spent a good portion of her life as a Class A PGA Professional. Britt currently resides in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children. Current Handicap: 1