100 Interesting and Fun Facts About Golf [2024 Update]
Written by Matt Stevens

Matt Callcott-Stevens started playing golf at the age of 4 when Rory Sabattini's father put a 7-iron and putter in his hand. He has experienced all the highs and lows the game can throw at you and has now settled down as a professional golf writer. He holds a Postgraduate in Sports Marketing and has played golf for 28 years. Current Handicap: 8

Updated on January 3, 2024

Golf is a game steeped in history and tradition. Over the last 600 years, it has evolved from pass time for Lords and Nobleman to a game played by millions of average Joe and Jane’s. This post takes a look at 100 interesting facts about golf.

I will take you on a journey through history and look at the records that currently rule our game.


Table of Contents

1. Scotland Is Credited with Shaping The Modern Game of Golf

According to USGA Historian Maggie Lagle, the modern game of golf emerged in Scotland in the 15th Century. However, Lagle points out that games with sticks and balls can be traced back to China in the 11th Century. Sports of this nature were first recorded in Europe in the 1400s.

2. Musselburgh Old Links Is The Oldest Golf Course in The World

The Old Links at Musselburgh is recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Records as the oldest golf course. It is noted that Mary Queen Of Scots played the links in 1567.

3. King James II Bans Golf in 1457

King James II banned golf and football on March 6, 1457, to force his people to focus on archery practice. The fascination with the sport led to the upper class neglecting their duty to prepare for battle. The King utterly condemned golf and football, and free time was spent working on their toxophily.

4. Feather Golf Balls

The first golf balls consisted of feathers that were housed in a leather pouch. Even Bryson DeChambeau would struggle to optimize yardage with those bad boys.

5. Mary Queen of Scots Is Regarded As The First Woman to Play Golf

Mary Queen of Scots was a classy dame who pioneered the game for women. Records suggest that she regularly hit the links in the 1500s, and given her status, she did it in style. Her clubs were carried by a military cadet, which some commentators suggest was the precursor to caddies.

6. Mary Queen of Scots Is Thought to Have Birthed The Idea of Caddies

The Queen learned how to swing a golf club while living in France. Speculation arose that during this period, a military cadet would carry her golf clubs, an idea which she took with her to Scotland. However, several scholars deny this, as the French did not play golf when Mary lived there.

7. The Highest Golf Course in The World Is The Yak Golf Course in India

The Yak Golf Club sits on an Indian Army Base in Kupup, Sikkim, India. The course is located at 13,025-feet. Tactu or Tuctu Golf Club in Peru held the previous record until it ceased operations in 1993. Tuctu sat at 14,335-feet at its lowest point.

8. Furnace Creek Golf Club Is The World’s Lowest Golf Course Relative to Sea Level

With an elevation of 214-feet below sea level, Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley, California, is the world’s lowest golf course.

9. Birdie, Eagle, and Albatross Stem from The Saying a Bird of a Shot

In his book, Fifty Years Of American Golf H.B. Martin revealed that when a golfer struck a ball well, their playing partners would say “what a bird of a shot.” Back then, there were no specific terms linked to -1 or -2 under par. However, over time, a birdie was assigned to a score of -1 on a hole.

One theory suggests that players called -2 an eagle because it is bigger than other birds. However, it could have to do with the rarity of the bird. These terms arose in Atlantic City in the 1900s. At the time, the bald eagle populations plummeted. Maybe, the rarity of sightings was an adequate way to describe -2 on a hole.

10. Nullarbor Links Is The Longest Golf Course in The World

The Nullarbor Links in Southern Australia is regarded as the world’s longest golf course. This 848-mile, par 72 golf course consists of a unique design. 18 towns along the Eyre Highway. Each town contains a hole, requiring you to drive between them.

It is advisable to set aside 4 days to complete the golf course. However, speedy players have reported finishing in 3-days.

11. Mission Hills, Shenzhen, China Is The World’s Largest Golf Resort

With 12-golf courses on-site, the facility in Shenzhen is the largest golf resort in the world. It overtook the previous leader, Pinehurst, in 2004.

12. The 3rd at Gunsan Country Club Is The Longest Hole in Golf at 1,097 yards

The honor of the longest hole in golf goes to the 3rd at Gunsan Country Club in North Jeolla, South Korea. The golf resort itself is impressive, with four 18-hole courses and a 9-hole links. The longest hole features on the 3rd at the Country Club, measuring 1,097-yards.

Fortunately, they make it fun for us mere mortals, increasing it to a par 7 hole. That means that getting it in 5-shots counts as green in regulation.

13. Tiger Woods Holds The Record for The Most Number of Weeks at Number One, 683

On June 15, 1997, Eldrick Woods soared to the number spot on the official golf rankings. He would rule the world for an unfathomable 683-weeks. He was only challenged by Rory McIlroy and Luke Donald during this time.

14. Jack Nicklaus Has Won More Majors Than Any Other Golfer In History With 18

Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus leads the way with the most major victories of any professional male golfer. Between 1957 and 1998, Nicklaus played in 154 consecutive majors claiming a record-breaking 18-titles. He leads his closest challenger Tiger Woods, who is on 15.

15. Sam Snead and Tiger Woods Are Tie for The Most PGA Tour Wins 82

Legends Tiger Woods and Sam Snead are tied for the most PGA Tournament titles. The pair have lifted 82 trophies each. Woods still has a chance to break this record outright, which will be challenging to beat.

16. Seve Ballesteros Has Won The Most DP World Tour Events

The late, great Seve Ballesteros holds the honor of the most European or DP World Tour victories. The Spaniard notched up 50 titles in his career on Tour, including 4 major titles.

17. Charles Luther Sifford Was The First African American to Play on The PGA Tour

Sifford qualified for the 1961 edition of the PGA circuit, making him the first Africa-American to play full time on the Tour. He won 2 titles during his career on the PGA.

18. Phil Mickelson Is Actually Right Handed

Despite his nickname, Lefty, Phil Mickelson is actually right-handed. He does everything right-handed except for swinging a golf club. Mickelson explains that he grew up modeling his swing off of his left-handed father. One thing led to another, and it was not long before he was a fully-fledged lefty.

19. You Have a 12,500:1 Chance of Making a Hole-In-One

According to Hole-in-one Insurance, amateurs stand a minimal chance of carding the elusive ace. Those odds are 12,500 to 1. Although the odds are better for professionals, they are still stacked against the best players. It is suggested that they stand a 2,500 to 1 chance of an eagle on a par 3.

20. William Taylor Constructed The First Golf Ball With Dimples in 1905

In 1905 William Taylor registered the first patent for dimple golf balls. Before that, golf balls consisted of a 1-piece rubber core. This design created drag and instability in flight, leading to limited distance and control. Golfers found that the more cuts the golf ball endured, the better the flight became.

This prompted Taylor to craft golf balls with dimples, a design still present on a regulation golf ball today. The dimples reduced drag and generated turbulence around the ball. As a result, the air grasped the ball tightly and produced increased carry distance and stability compared to the 1-piece core.

21. Most Expensive Golf Club

Andrew Dickson putter is the most expensive golf club ever sold. The club is one of the few remaining sticks crafted in the 1700s. Golfweek reported that the putter sold for a whopping $181,000. The putter itself fetched $151,000. But, after Sotheby’s estimated 20% commission, the total shot up to $181,000.

Now that you know about costly golf clubs read our post on the most expensive golf balls that money can buy.

22. James Hart Du Preez and Jon Thomson Are The Tallest Professional Golfers

My compatriot James Hart Du Preez and Jon Thomson stand at 6’9. As a rugby fan, I am sad to see Du Preez’s size go to waste for the Springboks. However, both these gentlemen are a win for golf.

Some commentators have suggested Du Preez is 6’10”. However, he says he is 6’9. In any case, it is irrelevant. The man averages 350-yards with a driver. That is 26.5-yards farther than this season’s PGA Tour leader, Cameron Champ.

23. Tadd Fujikawa Is The Shortest Golfer to Ever Play Professionally

Hawaiian-born Tadd Fujikawa is the shortest golfer to ever grace the fairways of the PGA Tour. Fujikawa also holds the honor of being the youngest golfer to qualify for the US Open. He achieved the feat in 2006 when he earned himself a spot on the tee sheet at Winged Foot.

24. The First Women’s Golf Tournament Took Place at Musselburgh Golf Club on January 1, 1811.

Although Mary Queen Of Scots played golf in the 1500s, the game was not open to the average female golfer until 1811. On New Year’s Day of that year, the first recorded women’s tournament took place at the Musselburgh Golf Club. The golf club explains that the wives in the town played for the coveted prize of a cree and skull.

25. Countries with The Most Golf Courses

It may not surprise you that the United States of America has more golf courses than any country. The National Golf Foundation reports that there are over 16,000 layouts across the states. That represents 42% of the global total.

26. How Many Countries Do Not Have Golf Courses

37 Countries do not have golf courses. These include nations like Eritrea, Guayana, Somalia, Tajikistan, and Montenegro. However, the Montenegrins are currently working on their first links.

27. There are 38, 081 Golf Courses in The World

According to the R&A, there are 38,081 golf courses in 208 countries.

28. State with The Most Golf Courses: Florida

Florida has more golf courses than any other State. Sunshine Country is littered with 1,250 golf courses. From Key West up to Jacksonville, there is a tee time waiting for you in Florida.

29. State with The Least Golf Courses: Alaska

Alaska has the least number of golf courses in the United States, with only 22. It is arguably one of the most beautiful places I have visited. However, the conditions are often unfavorable to chase a dimpled ball around.

30. Bob Cooke Sunk The Longest Putt in Professional Golf

Bob Cooke drained a 140.23¼-inch putt during a Pro-Am at St Andrews in 1976. The heroics helped him achieve the longest putt in professional golf history.

31. Harold Vardon Won The Most British Opens

Vardon holds the honor of 6 Open Championships. 3 of his wins occurred over 4 years. He is also credited with creating the overlap grip, which most golfers use today.

Read more about grips in our guide on golf grip pressure points.

32. Jack Nicklaus Has The Most Masters Titles

Included in his 18 major victories are 6 Masters’s titles. The Golden Bear conquered Augusta National on 6 occasions to don the green jacket.

33. Four Golfers Share The Record for The Most U.S Open Wins

Jack Nicklaus finds himself in the record books again with 4 U.S Open titles to his name. However, on this occasion he has to share the spoils with Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, and Willie Anderson.

34. Two Golfers Hold The Record for PGA Championship Wins

Jack Nicklaus and Walter Hagen share the record for the most PGA Championship titles. Both players notched up 5 in their careers.

35. Kathy Whitworth Holds The Record for The Most LPGA Tour Wins

According to the LPGA Tour, Kathy Whitworth holds the honor of the most LPGA Tour wins. She notched up 88 in her career, 6 more than Mickey Wright, her closest challenger.

36. Patty Berg Has Won The Most LPGA Majors 15

The Minnesota native bagged a record 15 Major titles in her career. This included 7 Title Holders Championships and Western Open trophies. The Women’s PGA Championship is the only major which she did not win.

37. Tiger Woods Is The World’s Richest Golfer

According to Yahoo Sports, Woods has pulled in $1.7 Billion since he turned pro in 1996.

38. Annika Sorenstam Is The Richest Female Golfer

The Swede has generated $22,577,025 in career earnings thanks to 72 Tour victories and 207 top-ten finishes.

39. Golf Equipment Market Size Is $8.5 Billion

Yahoo Finance reported that the global golf equipment market totaled $8.5 billion in 2020. This includes golf clubs, balls, bags, accessories, and apparel.

40. 66.6 Million People Play Golf Every Year

At the end of 2021, the R&A found that 66.6 million individuals played golf annually.

41. The Highest Score in a PGA Tour Round Is +51

Mike Reasor holds the unfortunate tag of the highest score in a PGA Tour event. The evening before the 3rd round of the 1974 Tallahassee Open, Reasor was thrown from a horse. He sustained damage to the ligaments in his left shoulder.

He needed to finish the tournament to retain his exemption for the upcoming Byron Nelson Golf Classic. As a result, he proceeded to play swinging a 5-iron one-handed the whole round. After the longest day of his professional career, he carded 123 for a score of +51. He soldiered on and finished the tournament, shooting a +42, 114 in the final round. After 72 holes, his total was 93 over par.

42. The Lowest Score in a PGA Tour Round Is 58 (-12) Jim Furyk

Jim Furyk may have an awkward swing, but it didn’t stop him from winning a Major and forging a successful career. He also holds the record for the lowest 18-hole score in a PGA Tour event. In the final round of the 2016 Travelers, he shot 58.

43. Young Tom Morris Is The Youngest Major Winner

The son of legendary Old Tom Morris, claimed The 1868 Open Championship when he was 17 years, 5 months, and 8 days. This made him the youngest major winner in history, an achievement yet to be broken 154-years on.

44. Phil Mickelson Is The Oldest Major Winner

When Phil Mickelson captured the 2021 PGA Championship, he became the oldest professional to win a major. Leftie was 50 years and 11 months old when he achieved the unthinkable. The previous record was held by Julius Boros. He won the same tournament in 1968 at 48-years old.

45. Youngest LPGA Major Champion

Lydia Ko became the youngest golfer to win an LPGA major title when she claimed a 6-shot victory in the 2015 Evian Championship. She was 18 years, 4 months, and 20 days old when she managed the achievement.

Her performance in 2015 also saw her become the youngest female or male golfer to reach number one in the world.

46. Oldest Woman Major Winner

Fay Crocker was 45 years, 7 months, and 11 days old when she won the 1960 Titleholders Championship. The victory earned her the title of the oldest woman to win a major.

47. Youngest LPGA Winner

The New Zealander shows up in the record books again. Lydia was 15 when she won the 2012 Canadian Open. That saw her become the youngest winner of an LPGA Tour event.

48. Youngest PGA Tour Winner: Charles Kocsis, 1931 Michigan Open (18 years, 6 months, 9 days)

Charles Kocsis was 18 years and 6 months old when he teed off in the 1931 Michigan Open. The teenager held his nerve to lift the trophy and become the youngest player to win a PGA Tour event. 91-years later, and this record shows no signs of being broken.

49. Matteo Manassero Is The Youngest DP World Tour Winner

The 2010 Castello Master would etch itself into the memories of golf fans as a 17-year-old Italian soared to victory. Matteo Manassero became the youngest golfer to win on the DP World Tour, previously the European Tour.

50. Oldest DP World Tour Winner

The ponytailed, cigar-smoking Spaniard cemented his place in history when he won the 2014 Open de Espana.

He was 50 years and 133 days old at the time, making him the oldest winner on the DP World Tour.

51. Phillipe Porquier Carded The Most Strokes on One Hole in a DP World Tour Event

This is a title nobody wishes on their worst enemy. Phillipe Porquier carded the most shots on a single hole in the Tour’s history. At the 1978 French Open, the local 20-strokes on a single hole.

52. Phachara Khongwatmai Is The Youngest Winner of a Professional Tournament

Phachara Khongwatmai won his first professional tournament 2 months after celebrating his 14th birthday. The Thai national bagged the Sing Hua Hin Open and became the youngest golfer to win a professional competition.

53. Oldest Golfer to Make The Cut In A PGA Tournament (Jay Haas, 68) Zurich Classic 2022

Jay Haas is the oldest golfer to make the cut in a PGA Tour event. At the 2022 Zurich Classic, Jay teamed up with his son Bill. The pair worked to make it to the weekend, doing so successfully. As a result, Jay beat the record previously held by Sam Snead.

54. Bob Charles Is The Oldest Golfer To Make The Cut in a European Tour Event

When he was 71 years and 261 days old, Kiwi Bob Charles stepped onto the tee at the 2008 Michael Hill Open. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Bob proceeded to make the cut and became the oldest man to do so in a European event .

55. JoAnne Carner Oldest LPGA Pro to Make The Cut (64 years, 26 days) 2004 Chick-Fil-A Charity Championship

JoAnne Carner was 64 years and 26 days old when she made it to the weekend in the 2004 Chick-Fil-A Charity Championship. This meant that she was the eldest LPGA pro to make the cut.

56. Guan Tianlang Is The Youngest Player to Make The Cut in a PGA Tour Event

Chinese born Guan Tianlang beat the record of Bob Panasik at the 2013 Masters. He finished 36-holes on +4 to make the cut. He was 14 years, 5 months and 8 days old when he achieved the feat.

57. 2 Players Share The Record for The Most Hole-In-One’s on The PGA Tour

Robert Allenby and Hal Sutton share the honor of the most hole-in-ones on the PGA Tour. Both golfers snatched 10 aces in their careers.

58. Most Hole-In-One’s on The DP World Tour

Another record for the Spaniard. Jimenez has holed 10 aces in his career on the European Tour.

59. 3 Players Share The Record for The Lowest 9 Hole Score in DP World Tour History

Jose Maria Cañizares, Joakim Haeggman and Simon Khan have all carded a -9 under par 27. This is the lowest score recorded over 9-holes on the Tour.

60. Jerry Barber Oldest Golfer to Play In a PGA Tour Event

Jerry Barber is the oldest golfer to play in a PGA Tour event. He was 77 years and 10 months old when he teed off in the 1994 Buick Invitational. Sadly, Barber passed months after this tremendous achievement.

61. Jamie Spence Recorded The Lowest Final Round By a Winner on The DP World Tour

Jamie Spence carded a -12 under par 60 in the 1992 European Masters to claim the lowest final round in the tour’s history. He came from 10-shots behind at the start of the final round, to run away with the silverware.

62. Highest Round By a Winner on The DP World Tour

Another one of my compatriots in the record books. I have met Mr. Hayes on several occasions, and nothing can keep his larger-than-life character down. In the 1978 Italian Open, he shot +7 (79) and still came back to win the tournament. This is the highest round by a winner on the European Tour.

63. 2 Players Share The Record for The Lowest Catch-Up in Round 4 To Win on The DP World Tour

Jamie Spence and Paul Lawrie are the guilty parties, with both clawing back by 10 shots to record victories. Spence did it in the 1992 European Masters, while Paul Lawrie came back to win the 1999 Open Championship.

64. Tiger Woods Holds The Record for The Largest Winning Margin in a Major 15 Shots (2000 U.S. Open Tiger Woods)

The great Eldrick Tont Woods holds the honor of the widest winning margin in a Major tournament. In the 2000 U.S Open at Pebble Beach, Woods surged to a 15-shot victory over the field. This bettered the previous record of 13 shots held by Old Tom Morris after the 1862 Open Championship.

65. Most Consecutive Birdies in a Round on The DP World Tour

Austrian Bernd Wiesberger racked up 9 birdies in one round during the 2017 Maybank Championship. However, because preferred lies were allowed, the record is not considered official. As a result, the 10 players who have recorded 8 birdies in a round share the title.

Names among this group include Seve Ballesteros, Darren Clarke, Ian Woosnam, Mark O’Meara, and Tony Johnstone.

66. 6 Players Share The Record for The Most Birdies in a Round at a DP World Tour Event

Ernie Els, Fred Couples, Darren Clarke, Jeppe Huldahl, Raphaël Jacquelin and Russell Claydon all share the honor. These players have recorded 12 birdies in a single round.

67. Ernie Els Has The Lowest 72 Hole Score to Under Par in a European Tour Event

One of my childhood icons, Ernie Els, finished on -29 after 72 holes in the 2003 Johnnie Walker Classic. Although it is the most under par in a DP World Tour event, it is not the lowest total score.

68. 2 Players Hold The Title for The Lowest 72 Hole Total Score in a European Tour Tournament

Thaworn Wirachant and Garrick Higgo are tied for the lowest 72-hole total in the tour’s history. Wirachant finished on 255 in the Indonesian Open in 2005, while my countryman Higgo returned the same score in the 2021 Gran Canaria Open.

69. Corey Pavin Shot The Lowest 9 Hole Score in PGA Tour History European Tour

Corey Pavin blitzed the front nine in the opening round of the 2006 U.S Bank Championship He carded a 26, the lowest 9-hole score in PGA Tour history. Given that he was 8 under par at the turn, the front 9 must have been a par 34.

70. Who Won The First Open Championship

Willie Park Senior holds the esteemed honor of winning the inaugural Open Championship. The first edition of golf’s oldest major was hosted in 1860, and Park Senior proceeded to win the tournament on three further occasions.

71. Cam Smith Recorded The Lowest 72 Hole Score Under Par in a PGA Tour Event

The human ferret Cam Smith pulled off an incredible victory at the 2022 Tournament of Champions, finishing on -34. The Australian recorded the best 72-hole score in PGA tournament history but had to work for the trophy. Despite his score, he only won by 1-shot over Spaniard Jon Rahm.

72. Brandon Grace Carded The Lowest Round in a Men’s Major Championship

South Africa isn’t half bad at producing quality golfers. Brandon Grace displayed that in 2017 when he broke the record for the lowest round in a major. The South African finished with an -8, 62 in that year’s edition of the Open Championship.

73. 2 Players Hold The Record for The Most Consecutive Birdies in a PGA Tour Event

Mark Calcavecchia and Kevin Chappel have both returned 9 consecutive birdies in a round. Calc did it back in 09 at the Canadian Open, and Chappel managed it in 2019 at the Military Tribute at The Greenbrier.

74. 2 Players Share The Honor of The Most Birdies in One PGA Tour Tournament

You can’t keep Calc out of the record books, but he shares the spotlight once more. He and Paul Gow hold the esteemed honor of carding 32 birdies in a single tournament, the most in any PGA Tour event. Mark’s perfect weekend came at the 2001 Phoenix Open. Gow managed the feat in the same year at the B.C Open.

75. 2 Players Are Tied for The Most Birdies in a Round on The PGA Tour

Staying on the topic of birdies. Adam Hadwin and Chip Beck are tied for the most 1 under par holes in a round. 13, to be precise. Chip Beck enjoyed this success back in 1991 at the Las Vegas International. Hadwin’s glory round was more recent. He managed the feat at the CareerBuilder Challenge in 2017.

76. Jack Nicklaus Has More Major Runner Up Finishes Than Any Other Professional

Nicklaus has not only won more majors than anyone, but he has also finished runner the most times. He has a total of 19 runner-up finishes in Majors.

77. 3 Players Have Shot The Lowest Round in a Women’s Major Championship

61 (-10) is the lowest score in a women’s major championship. It has been achieved on 3 occasions, all at the Evian Championship. Kim Hyo-Joo was the first to do it in 2014, and she was followed by Lee Jeong-eun and Leona Maguire in 2021.

78. Shadow Creek Has The Most Expensive Green Fees in The World

Shadow Creek is the most expensive of all the 18-hole courses on earth. A single round costs you $1000, but flashing the Black Amex won’t get you in. You can only gain access to the property if you stay in an MGM property in the City.

79. Most Expensive Membership Fees in Golf (Sebonack Golf Club & Shanqin Bay China $1 million Initiation Fees)

Private clubs give little away. However, it is suggested that the most expensive membership fees are found at Sebonack and Shanqin Bay Golf Club. Both clubs require initiation fees over $1 million.

80. Kyle Berkshire Recorded The Fastest Ball Speed Ever

The World Long Drive Champion recorded a ball speed of 233.4 mph in an indoor setting. You can watch it for yourself.

81. Fastest Clubhead Speed Ever Recorded (Connor Powers 156 mph 2014 World Long Drive Championship)

The team at Trackman explains that the fastest clubhead speed recorded in an official setting is 156 mph. This was achieved by Connor Powers in the 2014 World Long Drive Championship. However, Kyle Berkshire’s website suggests that Ryan Winther has recorded a top clubhead speed of 167.1 mph.

82. 300 Million Golf Balls Are Lost in The USA Every Year

The Danish Golf Union suggests that approximately 300 million golf balls are lost in the United States annually. Some golf balls are collected by recyclers or golfers passing by. However, many go unfound and can take hundreds of years to decompose.

83. Golf Was The First Sport Played on The Moon

Apollo 14 astronaut Alan Shepard decided to take his golf clubs on business. Except, there were no golf courses where he was going. Shepard lined up a 6-iron and freshied his first shot.

Introducing a new sport to foreign lands is daunting, and his nerves got the better of him. Fortunately, he connected the 2nd shot and sent it flying. Shepard claims it traveled for miles, but all my friends say that about their drives when playing solo. Thanks to Shepard, golf became the first sport to be played on the moon.

84. An Estimated 100,000 Golf Balls Are Retrieved from The 17th At TPC Sawgrass Every Year

The 17th at TPC Sawgrass is an iconic par 3 with an island green. Every year during The Players Championship, it shows us mere mortals that the pros are also human. The water hazard protecting the green collects approximately 100,000 golf balls annually. Those balls are then retrieved.

85. The Word Caddie Stems from The French Word Cadet

The Scots adapted several words from the French, and cadet was no different. The name referred to a young boy. In 18th Century Scotland, the term caddie began to take shape. Elitist individuals would have a young man follow them around town to assist with carrying goods. A caddie was practically an errand boy.

They would carry anything from groceries to mail and golf clubs. However, the term caddie did not specifically refer to the carrying of golf clubs until 1857.

86. The Average Handicap of Women Golfers in The United States Is 27.7

The USGA surveyed the handicaps of over 500,000 female golfers in the United States. Based on their research, they noted that the average handicap of women golfers is 27.7.

87. The Average Handicap For Men in The United States Is 14

While studying the handicaps of women, the USGA looked at the handicap of the average male golfer. They determined that 14 was a par handicap for males in the United States.

88. The Youngest Male to Record a Hole-In-One Was 4 Years 195 Days Old

This is a murky topic as the rules do not recognize hole-in-ones on shorter courses. Therefore some youngsters are excluded from recognition. Anyway, Christian Carpenter was 4 years and 195 days old when he became the youngest to record a hole-in-one.

89. Youngest Female To Record a Hole-In-One Was 5 Years, 103 Days

Soona Lee Tolley became the youngest female to card an ace. She was 5 years and 103 days old when she bagged a hole-in-one at Manhattan Woods Golf Club.

90. The Most Golf Balls Hit Simultaneously Is 1,873

In a bid to host the 2016 Olympics, the Madrid Organizing Committee arranged for 1,873 golfers to hit their shots simultaneously. This was to support the inclusion of golf as a sport in the 2016 Olympics. Madrid lost the bid, but golf was included and showcased in Rio de Janeiro.

91. The Most Holes in 24 Hours Is 420

I still can’t wrap my head around the math of this. However, Eric Byrnes played 420 holes in 24

hours. The madness took place at Half Moon Bay in California.

92. The Most Holes Of Golf In A Week Is 2001

More madness related to golfers playing unhealthy amounts of holes. In 2021, the crazy Australian Mick McLoughlin played 2001 holes in 7 days. That’s an average of 286-holes a day.

93. The Fastest Golf Cart In The World Travels 118.76 mph

Plum Quick Motors developed the fastest golf cart on the planet. It clocks in at 118.76 mph. It won’t be street legal anytime soon, but it is impressive.

94. Fastest Round of Golf for a 4-Ball (1 hour, 4 minutes, 25 seconds)

In 2017, 4 Kiwis from the immaculate town of Rotorua attempted to set the record for the fastest round of golf. Matthew Dalton, Steve Hollaway, Michael Ryan, and Landyn Edwards finished 18 in 48 minutes and 56-seconds

95. The World’s Longest Golf Club Is 20 feet, 6 inches,

This is absolutely silly, but credit to Michael Furrh for his work. Furrh designed a 20-foot, 6-inch driver that he managed to hit 63-yards. His work paid off as the big stick holds the title of the world’s longest golf club.

96. The Most Golf Courses Played in One Year Is 449

I am glad that some people have the time and resources to book off for a year to play golf. Cathie and Jonathan Weaver are 2 of those individuals. Between 2008 and 2009, the couple conquered 449 golf courses. That is an average of 8.6 per week.

97. The Most Holes Played in a Year Is 14,625

Chris Adam did not have the adventurous spirit of Cathie and Jonathan Weaver. He decided to set records in one place. He played 14,625 holes at the King Kamehameha Golf Club in Wailuku.

98. 8 Countries Is The Most Played in 24 Hours

Kasper De Wulf and Alexander Hautekiet from Belgium managed to play in 8 different countries over 24 hours. They began their journey at Tarvisio Golf and Country before journeying to Slovenia, France, Austria, and Luxembourg. They capped off their mission with a round at Damme Golf and Country Club.

Given the travel time, it is doubtful that they played more than a couple of holes at each, but it is still an epic accomplishment.

99. Furthest Shot Caught in A Moving Vehicle (303 yards) Marcus Armitage and Paul O’Neill

In 2021, DP World Tour Pro Marcus Armitage teamed up with British racing driver Paul O’Neill to set this record. O’Neill drove the car, and Armitage bombed a driver 303 yards to land it into the moving vehicle. As the video shows, it took him more than a couple of attempts to judge the distance.

100. The Longest Hole-In-One in History Is 517 Yards

Mike Crean achieved the unthinkable in 2002. The 4-handicapper tore a driver on the par 5 9th at Green Valley Ranch. While he was assisted by altitude, you cannot help but applaud the feat. It remains the longest recorded hole-in-one.


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