75 Golf Cart Names That Are Cool, Clever, Funny, and Unique
Written by Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.

Updated on December 13, 2023

Every golf cart owner needs a good name for their new toy.

If you haven’t given your golf cart a name yet, here are 75 possible names for you to choose from.

1. Taz 

We had to put this one on this list. It’s the nickname for the ever-so-lovable cartoon character, The Tasmanian Devil. All golfers are prone to frustration outbursts just like Taz.

2. Boozer Cruiser

For your buddy that seems to always have one too many beers while on the golf course, this would be the perfect nickname for their golf cart.

3. Tank

This nickname is funny but it also commands respect.

4. Thunder

A good choice for your golf cart if you are known as a golfer that is long off the tee.

5. Lightning

A catchy name that is great for any type of automobile, even a golf cart.

6. Rocket

Another snazzy golf cart nickname that could refer to the speed of the cart itself or to those low line-drive type of shots that cut perfectly through the wind.

7. Seve

A cool nickname that is also a nod to one of the most charismatic golfers of all time, Seve Ballesteros. Born in Spain, Ballesteros racked up 90 professional wins as well as 5 major championships.

8. Bam Bam

A great golf cart nickname for golfers who smack the ball a long way or who are big fans of the Flintstones cartoon.

9. Sunday Driver

This one is perfect for that person who always seems to drive the golf cart too slowly.

10. Miss Daisy

A cute nickname and a great movie as well, “Driving Miss Daisy”.

11. Merlot

Are you a wine lover? If so, why not name your golf cart after your favorite wine?

12. Bunkermobile

Let’s face it! All golfers spend more time in the bunker than they’d care to admit.

13. Slicer

Since most amateur golfers fight a big banana slice off the tee, this nickname is both funny and applicable for many.

14. Cobra

This is a popular golf manufacturer but also a slick nickname for a golf cart.

15. Hot Rod

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. You can’t go wrong with Hot Rod.

16. Homer

This name is a great option for hardcore fans of the iconic cartoon The Simpsons.

17. Birdie

Not much thought went into this one. However, since there’s no such thing as a bad birdie, we figured it can work as a golf cart nickname as well.

18. Midnight Rider

Want a name for your golf cart that is both interesting and mysterious? This would be a good one!

19. Ace

This is one of our favorites! A hole-in-one is often referred to as an ace in golf.

20. Hurricane

Are you exciting but dangerous behind the wheel? Hurricane might be the perfect name for your cart.

21. Dolly

A pretty little nickname whether you’re a spunky lady or a man who is a fan of the great Dolly Parton.

22. Batmobile

If you always dreamed of driving the Batmobile as a kid, this name is a natural choice.

23. Superman

We can’t mention Batman without mentioning the other popular superhero!

24. Sandy

Another good name choice if you find yourself spending way too much time in the bunkers!

25. Flash

Is your golf cart faster than most? Flash is a great name choice.

26. Samurai

A sleek, yet a powerful name for your golf cart.

27. Angry Birdie

A funny name for your golf cart that plays off the hit game Angry Birds.

28. Bronco

Does your driver hit the ball a long way but get kind of wild from time to time? Bronco just might be the perfect name for your golf cart!

29. Tornado

Do you drive your cart so aggressively that you leave a whirlwind behind you? Go with Tornado as your name choice!

30. Dark Knight

Another cool nickname that is also a nod to Batman.

31. Crash

This is a cool name for your cart, just try not to crash on the course!

32. Offroader

If you think the “Cart Path Only” signs are just a suggestion, this name is a great idea.

33. Tsunami

This name is similar to a hurricane but with its own twist.

34. T-Rex

For golfers that scare folks off the tee and with their driving.

35. Hulkster

Perfect for Hulk Hogan and Lou Ferrigno fans.

36. Iron Horse

A name that’s classy but still powerful.

37. Speedy Gonzalez

For folks who drive so fast that they scare the beverage cart workers.

38. Rev

For those that wish they could rev their golf cart engine.

39. Bullet

For folks that drive fast and possibly deadly.

40. Bomber

A great choice for folks who are long off the tee.

41. Basher

Do you bash five-foot putts by the hole? This might be the ideal name for your cart.

42. Mighty Mouse

Perfect for the golfer that is both slight in stature but also strong.

43. Old Bessie

A good name for your cart if it’s getting on up there in years.

44. Stealth

Is your golf cart fast but quiet? The name Stealth may be a good fit.

45. Eagle

We all want more eagles on the golf course! Naming your golf cart Eagle just sounds like a good idea.

46. Albatross

Here’s a catchy name for your cart. Albatross is another name for double eagle on the course.

47. The Love Bug

Do you like to play golf with your significant other? This could be an appropriate name for your golf cart.

48. Cowboy

Are you wild off the tee and while driving your golf cart? Do you also try to get home in two shots, even on the longest of par 5 holes? Cowboy may be a good name for both your golf cart and maybe even yourself.

49. Cheetah

For the golfer who is quiet but always ready to pounce.

50. Roadie

Nothing fancy about this cart name but it’s still a good one.

51. Tigger

This name is great for folks that have Tigger from Winnie the Pooh’s personality. If you’re super energetic and constantly bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm, we recommend calling your golf cart Tigger!

52. Pooh Bear

Perfect for those odd golfers who always remain calm and sweet, no matter how poorly they may be playing.

53. Angel

There are no angels on the golf course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t call your cart one.

54. Black Betty

This was a fantastic song back in the day. It’s also a great name for your golf cart if it happens to be black.

55. Boom Boom

A catchy name that also happens to be Fred Couples’ nickname.

56. Cherry Bomb

Here’s a fun little name if your golf cart just happens to be red.

57. Delorean

Here’s the ideal golf cart name for all avid Back to the Future fans. Just watch out for Biff Tannin on the course 🙂

58. Foxy

A cute cart name that has a sexy connotation.

59. Greenie

This one is a logical choice for folks who drive green golf carts.

60. Ice

Are you calm under pressure on the course? Ice may be an applicable nickname for your golf cart.

61. Lucille

A pretty cart name that would work nicely for fans of Lucille Ball.

62. Mercy

We all need mercy on the golf course, especially after missing a two-foot putt and yelling a few curse words.

63. Popeye

Does your golf cart have a cool-sounding horn? Why not name your cart Popeye? After all, the song says “I’m Popeye the Sailorman, toot toot!”

64. Pearl

Does your cart shine like a pearl? Might as well call it that.

65. Phantom

Perfect cart name for a golfer that is deep and mysterious.

66. Speed Racer

For the golfer that always seems to be in a hurry.

67. Sassie

Probably a good name for a golf cart with lots of attitude.

68. Smoke

Do you drive your cart so fast that your constantly screeching tires? Smoke may be the perfect fit if you’re fast and mysterious.

69. Tinkerbell

For golf carts that are cute and tiny-looking.

70. Uber

For the golfers who are always giving other players a ride.

71. Wainwright

Oddly enough, the meaning of the word is for a person that can fix carts.

72. Wheelie

For golfers crazy enough to try to pop a “wheelie” in their golf cart.

73. Zoom-Zoom

For the annoying golfer in your group that is always zooming past everyone else.

74. Princess

A pretty cart name, especially if it’s pink or purple.

75. Bogey Buggy

Although a bogey is not a desired result on the golf course, we still think this is a hilarious name for your golf cart.


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Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.