35+ Awesome Gifts for The Golfer Who Has Everything
Written by Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.

What do you get for the golfer in your life who seems to have everything?  We’ve talked in previous posts about gift ideas for beginner golfers, but what about veteran golfers who seem to have all of the equipment that they need?

We all know that these folks can be incredibly hard to buy for! That’s why we’ve put in countless hours of research to bring you the following list of gift ideas for golfers who have everything.

We’ve broken these gifts down into 4 categories: Funny Gifts, Unique Gifts, Tech Gifts, and Golf Memorabilia.


Funny Gifts

1. Shanker Golf Exploding Balls

Shanker Golf Exploding Balls

Sleeve contains 3 rude horrible golf balls that will explode on impact in to a cloud of white smoke!

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Is the golfer in your life a major jokester? If so, you can’t go wrong with this gag gift! Imagine them bragging to their buddy about this great new golf ball that they’ve found and how much extra distance it’s been giving them off the tee.

Now imagine the hilarity when this person takes a giant backswing and then sees this golf ball explode into a huge cloud of white smoke. That’s the kind of funny moment that golfers tell their grandkids about for years.

Why do Shanker golf balls make a great gift? Well, they’re pretty affordable at less than $10 for a sleeve of 3. The logo also looks eerily similar to Callaway, so the joke is more likely to go off without any suspicion.


2. RE Goods Golf Flask Set

Golf Flask Gift Set

All in One Set Includes Divot Repair Tool, Ball Marker, and Four Tees.

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Even serious golfers who have everything can benefit from a nice flask! This 7oz polished flask comes with a classy-looking leather case. As a bonus, the leather case also holds 4 golf tees on one side and a divot tool on the other.

Why does liquor come in handy on the golf course? It’s the perfect way to celebrate sinking a long birdie putt. It’s also a good way to forget about a wayward drive off the tee that wound up in the water.


3. Nice Shot The Bird Men’s Golf Glove

Nice Shot The Bird Men's Golf Glove

Convey a compliment while staying true to the competitive nature of the sport without having to speak a word; Let the glove do the talking!

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This would be an ideal gift for golfers that play in a competitive foursome regularly. We all have that annoying friend that beats up on everyone with their single-digit handicap. This funny gag gift will allow folks to “congratulate” them on a nice shot in a sarcastic manner.

How great would it be to tell a buddy off without ever having to utter a word? Though this is technically a funny gift, the glove itself is high quality and will hold up for several rounds of intense golf.  It’s made of premium leather that gives golfers a snug but comfy fit.


4. Funny Ball Markers

Funny Golf Ball Marker Set

"Bad Putter" pack. Pack of 6 golf markers, with different funny phrases.

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Here’s another funny golf gift that’ll also be useful on the course. Everyone needs a solid ball marker and these poker chips add the perfect touch of humor. Golfers who especially struggle with putting will love the chip that says, “Isn’t This a Gimme?”.

Each poker chip ball marker has its unique phrase that everyone will get a kick out of. Each marker is thick enough to last a long time, which is a nice bonus.


5. Funny Golf Towel – Tap Tap Taparoo

Funny Golf Towel - Tap Tap Taparoo

Funny golf towel inspired by Happy Gilmore. The unique microfiber waffle design has stronger water absorption and dust removal ability than ordinary towels.

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Every golfer needs a high-quality golf towel. Not only are these towels highly durable, but they’ll have everyone on the golf course cracking up! Three of the options feature funny moments from the ever-so-lovable Happy Gilmore movie.

These towels are made of a microfiber material that works great for cleaning golf clubs or for wiping away sweat. Each towel cans with an aluminum carabiner so that golfers can clip it onto the side of their bags. The price is pretty sweet as well.


6. BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

BenShot Pint Glass with Real Golf Ball

16oz Pint Glass with a new Titleist golf ball embedded in it. High quality, heavy glass holds a true 16oz pour.

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Do you have a golfer in your life that loves to drink beer? This awesome glass is perfect for sipping on a nice cold brew after a round on the links. It even comes with a Titleist golf ball built into the side.

This glass holds up to a full pint of beer (16 oz) and can be stored in the freezer for an even more enjoyable experience. Each glass is made at a premium glass shop in Wisconsin. Get a premium beer glass while also supporting a small business in America.


7. Toilet Golf Game

EZ DRINKER Toilet Golf

Retractable golf putter, 3 balls, flagstick and mat Included.

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Here’s a hilarious gift for Christmas, birthdays, or Father’s Day! This one-of-a-kind practice set comes with a retractable putter, 3 golf balls, a golf hole with a flag, and a putting green. Now your favorite golfer can practice their putting stroke while sitting on the toilet.


8. Funny Sleeve of Birthday Golf Balls

If you need a funny birthday gift for someone who loves to play golf, this might be just the ticket. The set comes with 3 golf balls and each one has a different logo and funny expression. My favorite is the one that says “Aged to Perfection” on the side!


9. 3 Pack of Funny Golf Socks

Funny Crew Dress Socks

Each pair of socks with different golf patterns and a funny phrase on the bottom of each.

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Every golfer needs a few pairs of high-quality socks for the course. Why not add some humor to your socks instead of wearing the same old boring ones? This snazzy pack contains 3 pairs of socks with various golf emblems down the sides and a funny saying on the bottom.


10. May The Course Be With You Golf Towel

May The Course Be with You Golf Towel

16 x 24 inches with a trifold center grommet and a heavy duty carabiner clip to attach to your golf bag.

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Is the golfer in your life also a Star Wars fan? If so, this would make a fantastic gift for them. Not only does it have the funny slogan of “May the Course Be With You” on it, but it’s also made of high-quality microfiber. The back has a gritty material that makes cleaning the grooves of your irons a breeze.


11. Funny Tin Golf Sign

This is the ultimate Dad gift and it’s very affordable! This vintage tin sign has a golfer on it that’s holding a beer in one hand and his putter in the other. The saying on it is hilarious, which is why we highly recommend this item for Father’s Day.


Unique Gifts

12. Thirty Six Six Dry Fit Polo

Three Sixty Six Dry Fit Short-Sleeve Polo

Lightweight, breathable and has unreal stretch providing superior comfort all day long, on and off the golf course. Moisture wicking fabric technology moves sweat away from your skin and onto the dry areas of the shirt.

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Know a golfer that needs to add some pizzazz and flavor to their on-the-course attire? This dry fit polo from Thirty Six Six comes in dozens of options that will do the trick. Made with a blend of 88% polyester and 12% elastane, this polo shirt facilitates optimal air circulation, ensuring that your skin remains cool and refreshed, even under the harshest sun.


13. Golf Shoe Bag

Golf Shoe Bag with 3 Pockets

Allows you to easily carry your shoes with you at all times and keeps your shoes protected. Comes with 2 zipped storage side pockets and 1 large back pocket, giving you plenty of space to store any additional golf accessories.

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This show bag is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received as a golfer. It’s perfect for folks that don’t want to lug their shoes around separately, or for people who don’t have room for shoes in their golf bag. The three storage pockets are also ideal for squirreling away extra golf balls, tees, cell phones, and car keys.


14. Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer

Clean Flight Premium Golf Ball Washer

Your own personal golf ball washer. Clips easily to your golf bag or sits comfortably in a golf cart cup holder.

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Is there anything better than hitting a shiny new golf ball off the tee? The problem is that even new golf balls don’t stay clean for very long. This ball washer fixes that and would make a great gift for any golfer. It can be easily clipped onto a golf bag or put into one of the cup holders on the golf cart.


15. Callaway On-Course Golf Accessories Gift Set

Callaway On-Course Golf Accessories Gift Set

Includes a premium golf brush and groove cleaner with a carabiner clip, a unique 3-In-1 putt-align golf divot repair tool with magnetic ball marker and a marking pen, 3 Callaway par-tee performance tees, 4 neon plastic ball markers, and 2 Callaway Warbird golf balls.

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Know a golfer that’s partial to Callaway golf equipment? This is the gift for them! This incredible set comes with a whole slew of useful items like ball markers, golf balls, tees, a divot tool, a cleaning brush, and a permanent marker. Every item has the famous Callaway logo on it.


16. Maxfli Performance Golf Tees

Maxfli Performance Series Low Resistance

4-prong design minimizes contact to maximize distance and accuracy. Comes in a 50-pack.

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These golf tees from Maxfli are specially designed to minimize contact in order to maximize distance and accuracy. Each tee has rings on it to help you consistently place your tee at the right height. There are two sizes for drivers and woods, and another for irons and hybrids.


17. Callaway Golf Chipping Net

Callaway Chip-Shot Golf Chipping Net

Dial in your short game with the help of our ultra-lightweight and durable golf hitting net designed to help you work on various kinds of chips and pitches; size 25 x 25 inches when assembled.

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Know a golfer that struggles with chipping? This will help them in their quest to shoot lower scores on the course. This Callaway net features 3 primary targets running vertically down the center; work on chips, lobs and pitches from a range of distances and trajectories. The price is pretty sweet also!


18. Cooling Towels

Cooling Microfiber Towels

Hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you simply soak, wring out and snap it.

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If you’ve ever played golf in the dogs days of summer, you know how useful this gift will be. These microfiber towels also contain a unique mesh material that’s designed to cool the skin on contact. It also helps wick sweat away from the skin, even on days with an insane amount of heat and humidity.


19. Gudessly Shiny Rhinestones Sun Visor

Shiny Rhinestones Sun Visor

One size fits nearly all thanks to a Velcro backstrap.

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Lady golfers who want a little more glitz and glam on the course would love this visor. It’s stylish enough for playing golf or lounging around at the beach. It almost provides outstanding protection against the sun’s deadly rays.


20. Golf Lover Blanket

Here’s another fantastic gift that would look great on any sofa. This 60” x 50” comfortable blanket is a beautiful collage of 18 different golf pictures and quotes. It’s made of high-quality flannel to keep you nice and warm during the fall and winter months. It’s easy to keep clean too, since it can be thrown into any washing machine as long as you use cold water.


Tech Gifts

21. Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V5 Rangefinder

Features, magnetic cart mount, pinseeker with visual jolt, and 6x magnification.

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Rangefinders have become all the rage in golf over the past few years and it’s easy to see why. Knowing the exact distance to the pin helps golfers make better club choices throughout their rounds. This popular one comes with a vibrating feature that lets you know when you’re locked onto the flag stick. It can also be slapped onto the railing of a golf cart.


22. Golf Pad TAGS Tracking System

Golf Pad TAGS

Turn your Android and iPhone phone into the ultimate golf tracking and analysis companion. Tells you how far you really hit each club and gives you intelligent club recommendations. Includes 15 tags.

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Here’s one of the coolest inventions I’ve seen in quite some time. Golfers can now track exactly how far they hit each club with these neat little tabs. Each one screws easily into the butt of each club to send tons of helpful data to your smartphone!


23. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

OCOOPA Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Warm up double sides in a matter of seconds. You have a choice of three temperature ranges: 95–107°F, 104–118°F, and 118–131°F.

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Do you know a hardcore golfer that tees it up even when it’s freezing outside? They’ll definitely appreciate this gift. It comes with 3 different heat settings and a rechargeable Lithium battery. Being able to keep the hands warm in the winter will result in lower scores on the course and a more enjoyable experience.


24. FlightScope Mevo Portable Personal Launch Monitor

FlightScope Mevo

Mevo provides accurate real-time performance data to help you train and improve with every club in the bag, whether on the range, on the course, or in your home. Practice indoor or outdoor with data parameters that include carry distance, club head speed, ball speed, smash factor, vertical launch angle, spin, apex height and flight time.

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This gift is definitely on the pricey side, but any serious golfer will love it! Flightscope Mevo’s high-tech launch monitor provides golfers with automatic feedback on all shots, both at the driving range and on the course. It also comes with PGA and LPGA skills challenges to spice up practice sessions and is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.


25. All-In-One Golf Multitool

Golfer's Best Tool Golf Multitool All-IN-ONE

Includes Ball Marker, Brush, Stroke Counter, Cleat Tightener, Club Groove Cleaner (Divot Repair tool) and Bottle Opener with Screwdriver.

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Know a golfer who’s always losing little important accessories? This set comes with a bottle opener, ball marker, divot repair tool, cleaning brush, stroke counter, and a cleat tightener. Since all these items are attached, the golfer won’t have so much clutter in their golf bag.


26. Polara Self-Correcting Golf Balls

Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Balls

For the golfer whose problem is significant and persistent hooking or slicing off the tee. From the tee, point the arrow on the ball directly at your target, or line it up with the center of the fairway. From the fairway, play the ball "as it lies" or re-adjust the ball orientation so the arrow again points at your target.

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Since most golfers struggle with either a hook or a slice off the tee, a self-correcting golf ball will lead to a more pleasurable experience on the course. Polara designs these golf balls to fly straighter and higher than regular golf balls. Keep in mind though, that these balls are not permitted for official tournament play.


27. Glow in the Dark Golf Balls

THIODOON Light Up LED Golf Balls

No charger needed, no UV flashlight needed. Just hit the ball and it lights up on impact and creates a colorful arc as it flies through the air.

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Here’s a neat little gift that’ll come in handy, especially in the winter when there are fewer hours of daylight. Each golf ball comes with a LED light inside to provide up to 40 hours of brightness. This is perfect for when you’re trying to finish up a round of golf in the twilight hours just before dusk.


Golf Memorabilia

28. Framed Photo of Augusta National Golf Club

Framed Photo Collage - Augusta National Golf Course (12th Hole)

Beautifully matted collectors photo presentation, handmade in the USA. Collage contains an 8" x 10" photo, additional 3" x 5" photo and a biography.

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Every hardcore golf fan dreams of making a trip to Augusta National. This iconic course was designed by Bobby Jones and is the home of The Masters each year. This gorgeous picture of the course is double-matted and would look great in any home, office, or man cave.


29. Bobby Jones Golf Quote Poster

Bobby Jones Golf Quote Poster

Printed at 300 DPI on a museum-quality acid-free, archival matte paper.

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Speaking of the great Bobby Jones, here is a poster that all golf enthusiasts will love. This comes in 4 different sizes (8 x 10, 11 x 17, 18 x 24, and 24 x 36). The deep, introspective quote from Mr. Jones is also highly motivating for anyone trying to improve in the game of life!


30. Personalized Golf Canvas

My wife got me one of these for Christmas a few years back and I love it! You can spell out your golfer’s first or last name with different pieces of golf equipment in the picture. There are 3 different size options and each one will easily hang on any wall.


31. USA Map with Top Golf Courses

Top Golf Courses Map - Push Pin Travel Maps

Track Your Golfing Adventures at 200 of the Top Courses in the USA. Includes 150 pins in a mixture of Red, White and Black.

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Have a golfer in your life that loves playing at different courses around the country? This map would be a great way for them to check off all of their bucket list courses. The right side of the print lists the top 200 courses in America. The set comes with 150 push pins to help keep track of what courses have been played.


32. Clubhouse Collection Mahogany Golf Ball Display Cabinet

Do you know a golfer or a golf fan who collects different types of specialty golf balls? They’ll love this beautiful display cabinet in their home, garage, or office. It’s made of high-quality wood that’s durable with an elegant finish. It’s offered in 3 different sizes and each one holds anywhere from 25 to 63 golf balls.


33. Framed Photo of TPC Sawgrass Hole #17

Sawgrass Hole #17 at The Players Championship Collectible

Collage Contains an 8" x 10" Photo, additional 3" x 5" Photo and a biography.

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Augusta National may be the most iconic course in the world, but this may be the most famous hole in golf. The PGA Tour’s biggest stars usually dread playing this “island green” hole at The Players Championship each year. Any golfer would be thrilled to have this on their wall.


34. John Daly Autographed 8 x 10 Photo

Who doesn’t love the great John Daly? He came out of nowhere to win 2 majors back in the early 1990s and most golf fans have adored him ever since. This signed picture shows Daly smoking a cigarette while in the middle of his backswing. That’s a classic pose and will make any golfer smile!


35. Framed Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer Photo

When it comes to golf memorabilia, this might be the best item on our list. Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer are two of the most iconic names in golf history, so any serious golf fan would be thrilled to get this piece as a gift. Each picture comes with the golfer’s facsimile signature etched underneath. Make the golf fan in your life feel a little closer to The Golden Bear and The King!


36. 2022 Masters Ball Marker

When it comes to golf memorabilia, any item from The Masters is considered the creme de la creme. This fabulous gift idea was rated by Beckett Grading Services as in near-mint or mint condition. If the golfer in your life carries on and on about Augusta National, they’ll love this little piece of history.


37. Framed Jon Rahm 2023 Masters Photo

Framed Jon Rahm 2023 Masters Champion Collage

Collage measures 12" x 15" and includes an 8" x 10" photo, additional 3" x 5" photo and a biography.

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Here’s another gorgeous picture that would go great in any man cave. Jon Rahm is a rising star on the PGA Tour and he won the 2023 Masters Tournament. This 12 x 15 collage features Rahm on the final hole in an exhilarating pose. The bottom picture is smaller, but it shows Rahm in the iconic green jacket while hoisting The Masters trophy.


38. 2023 Ryder Cup Flag

The Ryder Cup is one of the most intense sporting events in the world. In this insanely competitive tournament, Team USA takes on Team Europe. If you know a golfer that lives for the Ryder Cup, this may be the perfect gift for them because it’s the official pin flag for this year’s tournament.


39. Framed Old Course at St. Andrews

Augusta National may be the most popular course in America, but around the globe, the Old Course at St. Andrews is still the gold standard of golf. This beautifully matted picture will take golf historians back to where the game all started. What a gorgeous shot of one of golf’s most famous courses!


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Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.