35+ Funny Golf Gifts Your Friends Will Never Fore-Get
Written by Matt Stevens

Matt Callcott-Stevens started playing golf at the age of 4 when Rory Sabattini's father put a 7-iron and putter in his hand. He has experienced all the highs and lows the game can throw at you and has now settled down as a professional golf writer. He holds a Postgraduate in Sports Marketing and has played golf for 28 years. Current Handicap: 8

Updated on December 12, 2023

Finding gifts for golf lovers who have everything is a challenge. However, equipment and apparel are not the only golf presents at your disposal.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to 35 of the funniest golf gifts I’ve ever come across.

The list includes a variety of practical and mean gifts that will give a laugh to at least one party. Whether you need a gift for a work colleague, a loved one, or your golf buddy, this list will have what you need.


1. My Sack Golf Ball Storage Bag

MySack Golf Ball Storage Bag

MySack makes a great golf bag accessory – just hang from the clasp & have a laugh. This product makes a great golf gift for your buddy. The sack comes with 2 golf balls and can hold a total of 6.

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A trusty ball sack is a practical yet fun gift for all golfers. The sack includes two balls, surprise, surprise, but you can fit up to half a dozen. It clips to a golf bag to provide an additional space to store balls outside of your bag.


2. Nice Shot Golf Glove

Nice Shot The Bird Men's Golf Glove

Convey a compliment while staying true to the competitive nature of the sport without having to speak a word; Let the glove do the talking!

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Help your loved ones stick it to their playing partners with this comfortable, premium Cabretta leather glove. Despite the material, the main feature is a “nice shot” inscribed on the back of the middle finger slot. Whenever their playing partners have something to say, your family member can give them the bird and kill them with kindness.


3. EZ Drinker Toilet Potter

EZ DRINKER Toilet Golf

Retractable golf putter, 3 balls, flagstick and mat Included.

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The EZ Drinker potty putter is a great gift to keep your loved ones entertained while in the bogs. It includes a retractable putter, three balls, a mat, and a flagstick. Be careful because this game may require you to drag them away from the toilet.


4. Shanker Exploding Golf Balls

Shanker Golf Exploding Balls

Sleeve contains 3 rude horrible golf balls that will explode on impact in to a cloud of white smoke!

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Shanker Exploding balls are an ideal birthday gift for your highly-strung friend. Gift them the box of balls on the first tee and sit back as they fall victim to an exploding golf ball and a cloud of white smoke.


5. Go Sports Battle Putt

GoSports Battleputt Golf Putting Game

 An exciting new hybrid between Golf and Pong for the ultimate 2-on-2 party game.

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The aim of the game is to sink putts into the opposition’s holes. The losing team drinks and that is where the fun and laughter begins with the Go Sports Battle Putt. It is an ideal birthday or Christmas gift.


6. Loftus Heads Down Tees

The Loftus Heads Down tees are a suitable gift for your friends with dirty minds. The site of a tee through the hindquarters will give your friend a laugh every time they tee up the ball. It may even distract them and help you win the round.


7. Intech Golf #2 Poop Putter

Golf #2 Poop Putter

Poop emoji-shaped putter is so funny it will make you nearly poop your pants.

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This tops my list of hilarious gifts for your golf buddies. Show them what you think of their putting ability by purchasing an Intech poop putter with a high moment of inertia for optimal forgiveness around the greens.

Plus, it includes a funny headcover that features the number two and the catchphrase “it’s time to go.” The embarrassment of receiving this club might push them to learn how to putt.


8. RE Goods Golf Flask Set

Golf Flask Gift Set

All in One Set Includes Divot Repair Tool, Ball Marker, and Four Tees.

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This is a serious present that the recipient will get good use from. It does not fit into the golf gag gifts category as this is designed for a more serious individual. The hip flask includes a leather case, threads for tees, and a pitch marker.


9. “I Use This Towel To Wash My Balls” Towel

"I Use This Towel to Wash My Balls"

Microfiber waffle golf towels remove dirt, grass, sand, and excel at drying your clubs and balls.

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It’s total toilet humor, but it always catches a laugh. This microfiber waffle towel performs suitably at removing sand, dirt, and grass. Plus, it keeps one’s golf balls clean. However, its performance is overshadowed by the chucklesome phrase “ I use this towel to wash my balls.”


10. Golfing Gizmos Pen Set

Golf Pen Set

With the pens' luxury matte feel and fine tip signature style, these pens make a perfect addition to your office or a gift to impress your friend.

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The Golfing Gizmos Pen Set falls into the bracket of unique gifts rather than comedic. However, this driver, putter, and iron pen set is a neat addition to an office desk. It is recommended as a gift for your golf-playing boss or favorite office colleague.


11. Bikini Woman Golf Tees

This is a suitable gift for the single guy in your crew. Give them a moment of joy when they step up to the tee and see a bikini figurine tee. They also get ten different tees in one pack. The plastic construction and low friction tip mean these tees last longer than your average tee.


12. Hide Your Beverage Sleeve

Silicone Can Sleeve (10 Pack)

The Beer can cover, hide your beer cans from prying eyes. No one will know unless you tell them.

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If your buddy enjoys a few cold ones on the course, they should appreciate the Hide Your Beverage Sleeve. It helps disguise alcoholic beverages from other players, not in the immediate circle of trust. These sleeves will make the rest of the field believe that you are sipping on coca-cola.


13. Snugen Floater Golf Range Balls

Floater Golf Range Balls

Convenient to play at the pool or the lake.

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Snugen floater range balls rank among the best golf gifts you can get for a player who lives near water. The 12-pack of balls float and are easily retrievable on lakes and in the pool. Those without turf to practice on will appreciate a set of floating practice balls.


14. Gugelives Emergency Portable Urinal

Portable and Reusable Outdoor Urinal

Accordion design, retractable, the minimum length is about 7.1 inches, but the max. Capacity is up to 700ml which is enough for 2 people.

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Have some fun with your aging playing partners and present them with a portable urinal. Besides the hilarity of one of the best golf gifts you can find, it does come in handy. This gift saves a golfer from finding a quiet place to relieve themself.

With the Gugelives Emergency Urinal, simply turn away from the playing partners and get to business.


15. Putt Cup

Putt Cup - 16oz Coffee Mug + Putting Trainer

"Hilarious play on an office classic, putting into the coffee mug. Love this product because the ball will actually go in if not perfectly hit, plus it looks like a golf-cup/grass. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend this for a gift, new employee welcome bag, gag-gift, etc.!" -Steven P.

"I bought this as a surprise gift for my husband and he absolutely loves it! He uses it all the time and raves about it to all his friends." -Jessie

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Putt Cup is a fun new take on the office classic of putting into a coffee mug. One side of this mug is slanted to make it easier to sink more putts without needing to hit it in perfectly. These make perfect gifts for Christmas, Birthday or any other reason for the golf enthusiast. Your recipient won’t be disappointed!


16. Bio Swiss Novelty Bandages

Bio Swiss Novelty bandages are designed for the true golf fanatic who does anything to show their love for the game. These long-lasting, breathable, and flexible golf ball bandages feature a non-stick pad to apply cream when required.


17. YGMONER 3D Golf Break Glass Sticker

3D Simulation Golf Ball Breaking Glass Car Window Sticker

Easy to use, easy to remove with no residue left behind, will not damage car glass.

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This 3D sticker is highly realistic and is designed to be stuck on a car window or laptop screen. Prank others by sticking it onto their car window or laptop screen to make it look like a golf ball cracked the glass.


18. Shank It Golf Funny Towel

This waffle fabric golf towel gives struggling players the morale boost needed when out on the golf course. “May The Course Be With You” is printed in white on highly absorbent black fabric, ideal for cleaning your clubs and balls throughout your round.


19. Emoji Golf Balls

Oji-Emoji Premium Emoji Golf Balls

11 Yellow and 1 Red Unique Emoji Golf Balls In A Beautiful High Quality Glossy Gift Box.

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A dozen emoji golf balls should bring a smile to any player’s face. The range of feeling printed on each golf ball represents the emotional rollercoaster golfers endure every time they take to the golf course.


20. “I’d Rather Be Golfing” Socks

These I’d Rather Be Golfing Socks are a quirky gift for your husband or boyfriend. Whenever they are forced to do tasks they despise, your other half can don their socks to remind themselves that they would rather be golfing.


21. “I Love You More Than Golf” Marker And Hat Clip

This is a great gift for girlfriends and wives trying to send a message to their other halves. The I Love You More Than Golf doubles as a ball marker and a hat clip. Ladies, this may be the best way to get through to your partner.

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22. Horrible Balls Funny Golf Ball Marker Set

Equip your loved one with a set of poker chip golf ball markers with witty phrases. Six chips such as “keep calm you’re missing anyway” and “3 putt specialist.”

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23. “It’s All In The Hips” Hat Clip

If the gift recipient is a fan of Happy Gilmore, they will get a kick out of this hat click and magnetic ball marker. It features the classic image of Chubbs Peterson teaching Happy Gilmore about hip rotation. One cannot help but crack up when seeing this image.

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24. Birdie Juice Hip Flask

The stainless steel Birdie Juice hip flask is a funny gift idea for the golfer who enjoys hard tac and keeps it concealed in their hip-flask. Also, when other players ask why they are playing so well, they needn’t speak. Just point to the Birdie Juice label.

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25. Fairly Odd Novelties Golf Drinking Game

This entertaining golf drinking game can be played on any countertop. Be it at the office or at home. Line up your putt on the mini-course and play better than your opponent to avoid excessive boozing.

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26. Fore! On-Course Drinking Game

This game dictates how you hydrate on the golf course. It is an on-course drinking game, where cards determine who drinks. Landing in the bunker or near a tree can help a player rapidly quench their thirst.

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27. Funny Golf Shirts Hole-In-One Gag

Give your loved one their moment of glory with this hole-in-one gag shirt. “I Made A Hole-in-One is printed in large font and visible from afar. Upon closer inspection, the shirt reads, “I made a bogey on every hole and threw my putter in one of the ponds.”

Golf is a frustrating game. Every player understands that and can likely chuckle about it.

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28. Golf Instructions Coffee Mug

Fewer games are as frustrating as golf. But this instructional coffee mug simplifies the process. Swing, swear, blame noise, blame grass, look for the ball, and repeat. That is something everyone can comprehend.

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29. 10L0L Golf Bag Pen Holder

The 10L0L is the ideal gift for your golf mad work colleague. The holder is shaped like a golf bag on a pushcart and includes three pens shaped like a club.

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30. Shank It Golf Legalize Mulligans Cap

Every golfer can get on board with the legalization of mulligans. Your loved ones will earn course credit when they walk onto the first tee with this Legalize Mulligans cap.

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31. Ben Shot Golf Ball Pint Glass

The golf ball pint glass is an ideal companion for the player who enjoys a few cold beverages after their round. This 16-ounce glass features a golf ball sticking out the side and is made in the United States.

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32. Wolf Golf Towels Best Grandpa By Par

Whether it is for Christmas, fathers day, or a birthday, gramps will appreciate this towel. The microfiber waffle material is absorbent and easily removes dirt and turf. Plus, it reads “Best Grandpa By Far.”

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33. Funny Trump Golf Coffee Mug

Love him or hate him, every golfer can appreciate the mental confidence boost this mug provides. Your golfer friend or family member will love waking every morning to being told they are the best golfer.

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34. Horrible Balls World Okayest Golfer Pack

If your friend’s shocking golf skills cost you in a tournament, it is time to let them know how you feel about their game with the Horrible Balls set. It includes golf balls, tees, and a ball marker, which hurl abuse at your friend.

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35. Ann Arbor T-Shirt Co My Golf Retirement Plan

Do you have a work colleague who is about to retire? Get them this t-shirt that features the words “My Golf Retirement Plan” and a golf ball on a tee. Instead of explaining to everyone what they plan to do post-retirement, they can save their breath and point to the shirt.

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36. Stinky Hand Sanitizer

Stinky Hand Sanitizer Prank

Looks normal but this gag gift after a few seconds smells like stinky butt.

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The Stinky Hand Sanitizer is not necessarily a gift for someone else in the traditional sense. When one of your golf buddies leaves their sanitizer at home, pull out this gel, and enjoy the sight of your smelling like a rancid posterior.


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Matt Stevens

Matt Callcott-Stevens started playing golf at the age of 4 when Rory Sabattini's father put a 7-iron and putter in his hand. He has experienced all the highs and lows the game can throw at you and has now settled down as a professional golf writer. He holds a Postgraduate in Sports Marketing and has played golf for 28 years. Current Handicap: 8