An Honest Review of Cut Grey Golf Balls
Written by Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf since the age of 7. Almost 30 years later, she still loves the game, has played competitively on every level, and spent a good portion of her life as a Class A PGA Professional. Britt currently resides in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children. Current Handicap: 1

Updated on January 3, 2024

The Cut Grey is considered to be one of the best sellers from Cut, so I was excited to see what it’s all about.

This is a 3 piece golf ball that’s designed for players with moderate swing speeds who are looking for a ball with great feel. Without giving too much away, I’ll give Cut some credit – this ball definitely offers pretty good value.

Why listen to us? Our team has tested dozens and dozens of the top balls on the market (you can read in-depth review of each here). We keep detailed notes and findings about each one to come up with our recommendations for you.


The Cut Grey are considered value balls. You can tell that their mission is to make golf more affordable for the average golfer. The features and technology used in the ball will reflect that quite well.

3 Piece Design

With a 3 piece ball, you can expect a mix of performance from the tee to the green. The Cut Grey is designed to have long distance off the tee but still offer some approach and control around the greens.

Urethane Cover

The Cut Grey feature a urethane cover. Most modern balls have either a surlyn or urethane cover. The urethane cover is a more premium material, which makes it a bit softer and more responsive around the greens.

All of the tour-quality golf balls that professionals use are made with a urethane cover.

80 Compression Rating

The 80 compression rating is a little softer than the 4 piece Cut Blue. With an 80 compression ball, the mid-swing speed golfers can maximize distance. The Cut Grey isn’t the longest of all the Cut balls, but it is designed to maximize the distance for the average swing speed players.

314 Dimple Pattern

A 314 dimple pattern helps keep control down off the tee, improve distance control, and make sure that the ball flight is more penetrating. Cutting through the wind and keeping your shots straighter is something that the Cut Grey can certainly help with.


I took the Cut Grey golf balls out on the course to test them. I played about four rounds of golf with them in play throughout the entire round. Here’s my experience with the feel and sound, spin, and overall distance.


Score: A+

All of the Cut golf balls get an A+ from me when it comes to price. If you don’t want to break the bank and also don’t want a golf ball that deteriorates after just a round or two, the Cut Grey is a great choice.

Pricing here isn’t just cheap – it’s also a really good value. Most three-piece golf balls are quite a bit more expensive and may not even offer the same amount of performance.

Feel and Sound

Score: B

The feel of the Cut Grey is a little soft. It’s probably slightly lower compression than I need for my swing, which is a good thing for moderate swing speed players. The feel coming off the driver’s clubface is soft, and you’ll notice it again in the irons.

I don’t really mind this.

In fact, I prefer it to a golf ball that feels like a rock coming off the face. The only thing I worry about with this softer feel is a slight loss of distance and speed.

Around the greens, the feel is quite good.

I also like to test how a ball feels on the putting green, and the Grey may have been my favorite of the Cut products I’ve tried. It has just enough firmness to stay on track. However, it’s soft enough to let you feel like you are in control of your putts.

Sound from the Cut Grey was good – it reminded me of the Titleist TruFeel.


Score: B+

I don’t expect a 3 piece ball in this price range to have the best spin performance, and neither should you.

That being said, I had no trouble getting some extra roll off the tee with the Cut Grey in play.

In addition, when it came to approach shots onto the green, I was able to spin it just enough to stop it.

The Cut Grey is certainly not as responsive as something like a Callaway Chrome Soft or Titleist Pro V1, but it’s also half the price.

Around the greens, the soft feel and urethane cover help to put you in control. However, the overall spin rates around the greens were pretty low. Plan for this by landing your shot just short of the target and letting it roll a few feet.

It’s not a big enough problem that you would have to work hard to adjust your game.


Score: A

The two areas I like to check for distance performance are off the tee and then on approach shots with mid irons.

From the tee, the Cut Grey is long. You will probably gain a few yards of distance if you are a mid swing speed player. Faster swing speed golfers may want to stick with the Cut Blue.

On the approach shots to the green, I noticed no issues with total distance on my shots. My iron shots may have even flown a few yards further than they do with the premium 4 piece balls.

What I Like About Cut Grey Golf Balls

Overall, I was impressed with the Cut Grey. I don’t think that this is a golf ball that can replace premium balls, but for the price it’s offered, you get a good mix of technology and performance.

Distance from The Tee

The Cut Grey is long from the tee box. If you are a mid-swing speed player who is seeking some extra distance, I would recommend this one. Overall distance on a three piece ball might be a little less than it is with a two piece ball, but I think the differences you will see are minimal.

Soft Cover

The softer cover of the Cut Grey golf balls is a nice addition. I think you see a lot of value type balls try and skimp out on the cover material, and I’m glad to see that Cut does not do that.

The urethane material is a great addition, making this golf ball worth trying.

Fair Pricing

You can’t beat the price of the Cut Grey. They keep things simple – the marketing is clean and straight to the point. If you’re looking for distance and want a great feel, that’s what they’re offering.


What I Dislike About Cut Grey Golf Balls

Honesty is always part of these golf ball reviews. I tell you the truth about whether or not I would put a ball into play and exactly who I think the ball is for.

Would I put a Cut Grey into play as my regular ball? No.

However, I actually played some great golf with the four rounds that I used the Cut Grey, and I quickly adjusted to its performance on the course.

Greenside Spin

The greenside spin is not all that high for the Cut Grey. A faster swing speed player that generates a ton of speed around the greens may do alright, but for most golfers (especially coming out of the rough), leave some room for the Cut Grey to roll.

Did I expect all that much more in this price range? Not really.

Not as Fast Off The Face

With the 80 compression and soft urethane cover, I sometimes felt as though the Cut Grey didn’t come off the face hot enough for me. Again, this could change if you are a golfer with a swing speed of less than 80 mph.


Overall Rating and Thoughts

I won’t be switching this ball out for some of the more premium ones on the market, but it does hold its own on the course. One more positive worth mentioning is that the Cut Grey’s I used still look quite good. You can definitely get more than one round out of a ball.

Best for: Average swing speed golfers on a budget who value distance over spin. If you feel as though your game from the tee is lacking a little speed and you want to keep the budget in check, give this one a try.

Overall Score: 8/10


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Brittany Olizarowicz

Britt O has been playing golf since the age of 7. Almost 30 years later, she still loves the game, has played competitively on every level, and spent a good portion of her life as a Class A PGA Professional. Britt currently resides in Savannah, GA, with her husband and two young children. Current Handicap: 1