11 Insanely Cool Golf Balls You Need to Check Out in 2024
Written by Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.

Updated on January 3, 2024

Are you tired of the same old boring golf balls? Luckily, there are tons of exciting options on the market to put some spice back into your game.

In this article, we’ll dive into some of the most interesting golf balls that have ever been made. Golfers who are looking for a premium golf ball with lots of pizzazz will find this list immensely helpful.

Here are 11 cool golf balls that’ll make your time on the course even more fun!


1. THIODOON “Glow in The Dark” Golf Balls

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THIODOON Light Up LED Golf Balls

No charger needed, no UV flashlight needed. Just hit the ball and it lights up on impact and creates a colorful arc as it flies through the air.

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Since most of us have turned our clocks back for the winter, there isn’t nearly as much daylight. This can make it tough to sneak a round of golf in after work. These glow-in-the-dark golf balls are the perfect solution.

These golf balls are made with a small LED light inside them that turns on upon impact. Once activated, the LED light will stay lit for 8 minutes. That gives golfers plenty of time to hit their next shot before the light goes dim.

The price point on these golf balls isn’t too bad, and the battery inside each one lasts 40 hours. This 6-pack comes with 1 of each of the following colors: Pink, White, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. These golf balls come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is refreshing.

Give these little beauties a shot this winter. There’s nothing prettier than seeing your towering drive light up the night sky.


2. Polara “Self-Correcting” Golf Balls

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Polara Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Golf Balls

For the golfer whose problem is significant and persistent hooking or slicing off the tee. From the tee, point the arrow on the ball directly at your target, or line it up with the center of the fairway. From the fairway, play the ball "as it lies" or re-adjust the ball orientation so the arrow again points at your target.

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These self-correcting golf balls aren’t legal for official tournaments, but they’re an excellent option for high handicappers since they reduce the severity of slices and hooks. Polara designed this golf ball for folks who need to hit the ball straighter off the tee.

With these specialty golf balls, your ball flight and launch will be lower, which will help your shots travel more in a straight line. This will help save you lots of lost golf balls. A dozen of these babies are expensive, but you’ll love the positive impact these balls have on your scores!

Just think of how much fun you’ll have playing from the fairway instead of the deep rough! You don’t have to follow any special instructions either. Simply point the arrow at your desired target and complete your normal swing.


3. Shanker “Exploding Golf Balls”

Shanker Golf Exploding Balls

Sleeve contains 3 rude horrible golf balls that will explode on impact in to a cloud of white smoke!

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Want to play a joke on one of your playing partners? Give them one of these golf balls, and laugh hysterically after it explodes when they hit it. Shanker Golf designed this golf ball to be the perfect gag gift.

As soon as the ball is hit, it explodes into a giant cloud of white smoke! Since the logo on this ball looks eerily similar to Callaway’s, your friend probably won’t even realize they’re being pranked.

Don’t worry – there won’t be any damage to your friend’s golf club. Shanker went to great lengths to ensure these golf balls are safe and environmentally friendly. Any powdery residue will wipe right off after the joke is over!


4. Volvik “Marvel Superhero” Golf Balls

Volvik Marvel 4 Ball Pack

Low Driver Spin, High Launch and More Distance driven by Volvik’s Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core.

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Are you a big fan of the Marvel superheroes? These golf balls will be perfect for you on the course. Volvik offers 6 different options: Black Panther, Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man.

Each golf ball in this set also comes in the vivid matte colors that Volvik has been making for several years. The matte finish reduces the sun’s glare off the golf ball, so your concentration level will be higher. Volvik also designed these golf balls for more ball speed and total distance.

These balls have a resilient inner core which helps give your approach shots an impressive trajectory. Most folks also love how the soft cover of this golf ball responds on chips, putts, and pitches. Seeing your favorite superhero before each shot might just inspire you to shoot your lowest score ever.


5. Diawings “Max Distance” Golf Balls

Diawings Max Distance Golf Balls

Diawings Golf Balls' core technology is combination of 90% of Diawings’ COR (coefficient of restitution) and 10% of spring COR of driver face. This combination creates higher COR from a slower swing speed to achieve maximum impact energy.

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Diawings is one of the newer brands on the golf ball market, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a chance. These golf balls are specifically made for folks who have slower swings and need more distance off the tee. The particular dimple pattern on Diawings golf balls also helps straighten out slices and hooks.

Just how much extra distance can you count on with these golf balls? Well, lots of folks are seeing a 20% increase in their driving distance just by switching to Diawings! The extra velocity you’ll notice at impact will leave you stunned.

Another great thing about Diawings is that they make each golf ball with a tougher dimple cover that holds up remarkably well. This means golfers won’t get those annoying little nicks and cuts with these golf balls. Also, Diawings made sure that these golf balls are legal for play in both USGA and R&A tournaments.


6. Oji-Emoji Premium “Emoji” Golf Balls

Oji-Emoji Premium Emoji Golf Balls

11 Yellow and 1 Red Unique Emoji Golf Balls In A Beautiful High Quality Glossy Gift Box.

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Emojis have become the rage in today’s high-tech world. Why not bring that fun and excitement to the golf course? With this 12-pack of golf balls, each has a funny face. This will keep you in a good mood on the golf course no matter how badly you play.

These balls would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for any golfer. Not only do these golf balls look cool, but they perform well on the golf course as well. Each ball is made up of 2 layers and an extremely durable cover made out of Surlyn.

Each box comes with 11 yellow emoji golf balls and 1 red emoji ball. Oji Emoji is also based in Chicago, and its excellent customer service team is always willing to help with any issues. It’s always nice to do business with a company that stands behind its products.


7. WILSON Staff Fifty Elite “Pink” Golf Balls

WILSON Staff Fifty Elite Golf Ball (Pink)

An advanced rubber core delivers big distance with high greenside spin. Likewise, a responsive cover combines a low driver spin for powerful acceleration with effective softness around the green.​

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Pink golf balls are hard to find, but Wilson Staff offers the best option for lady golfers or folks who like pink. The price point on these is very affordable, and the compression rating of only 50 makes these perfect for women, seniors, or high handicappers. Any golfer with a slower swing speed will see an improvement in their performance with this golf ball.

Each Fifty Elite golf ball has 302 dimples for more friendly aerodynamics. Folks will love the responsiveness of this golf ball, thanks to the specially designed casing layer. This gives the golfer a low amount of sidespin off the tee but plenty of softness for all short-game shots.

Since Wilson has been around since 1913, you don’t have to worry about the quality of these golf balls. Wilson has been helping PGA Tour players win major titles for several decades. We highly recommend these pink golf balls.


8.  “Dinosaur” Golf Balls

Dinosaur Golf Ball 12pk

1 Dozen Dinosaur Golf Balls with 12 different designs.

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Do you have a kid who plays golf and also loves dinosaurs? This 12-piece dinosaur golf ball set would make a terrific gift. Each golf ball has a different dinosaur on it, and GBM Golf Ball Manufacturers did a fantastic job with the design.

These golf balls aren’t just for collector purposes. They are tournament-quality golf balls that are made up of 2 pieces and 352 dimples for maximum performance on the course. Kids or just people who like dinosaurs will enjoy playing with them.

GBM ships out over 4 million golf balls per year which just further speaks to the quality of their printing abilities. Each golf ball is printed in Loudonville, Ohio.


9. Chromax “Metallic M5 Colored” Golf Balls

Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Balls

Unique vivid colors are easy to see, Track and locate in all light conditions, lowering scores and helping golfers with limited vision.

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Want to add some real bling to your golf game? Try out these metallic-colored golf balls. The Metallic M5 balls shine so brightly that they’re almost impossible to lose on the golf course.

Chromax offers 8 different colors to choose from, and for a limited time, the gold ones are on sale for 49% off. Golfers who play lots of their rounds in the early morning or around dusk will love how easy these balls are to see.

These aren’t just novelty items either. Chromax designed these golf balls with a larger dimple pattern and a unique core to give golfers more yardage and control. After playing just 1 hole with the Chromax Metallic M5, you’ll see why many golfers use them.


10. Nitro Eclipse “2-Color” Golf Balls (12-Pack)

Nitro Eclipse 12-Pack Golf Balls (Assorted Colors)

Greater visibility in flight, easy putting allignment, and soft feel off irons.

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Are you tired of hitting the same old boring white golf balls as everyone else on the course? These Nitro Eclipse golf balls can fix that. Each golf ball in this set of 12 is made up of 2 different colors.

Folks can get the Teal and White or the Yellow and White color combinations at a discounted rate. However, we prefer the assorted pack because each golf ball in the set is unique. After all, why settle for just 1 style when you can get 12 for only a few more dollars?

Nitro has been making affordable golf balls for several decades, and they’re known for their maximum distance. The split colors make it incredibly easy to line up putts, which is a nice bonus. These golf balls are also much more visible off the tee than other brands.


11. Westman Works Set of 2 “Patriotic USA” Golf Balls

While most folks would consider these collector golf balls, they’d also make a perfect fit for a tournament on the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day.

This set of 2 golf balls also comes with an excellent display case for folks who prefer to keep them on their desks at work. It’s pretty impressive how Westman Works displayed all of the stars and stripes on these golf balls.

With the holiday season around the corner, this would make an outstanding stocking stuffer. Also, you can check out our previous stocking stuffer article for more ideas.


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Mike Noblin

Mike has been involved with sports for over 30 years. He's been an avid golfer for more than 10 years and is obsessed with watching the Golf Channel and taking notes on a daily basis. He also holds a degree in Sports Psychology.