Can You Wear Two Gloves in Golf? (And Why Most Only Use One)

I opted not to wear a glove for most of my life because I preferred to feel the golf grips in my hands for optimal feedback. Over time, calluses built up on my fingers, prompting me to start using one.

On the opposite end of the spectrum – a few readers recently asked if you can wear two gloves in golf?

Yes, you can use two gloves in golf, and nothing prevents you from doing that. While it prevents blisters on both hands, it reduces the feel and feedback on shots, which I am not personally a fan of.

In this post, I will unpack the features and benefits of using two gloves to help you decide if it works for you. In addition, I have included the 3 best golf gloves for 2022.


Why do Golfers Typically Only Play with One Glove?

This is a question I have made to every golf coach, pro, and equipment expert I have ever known. I usually get the response that a golfer wears the glove on their lead hand, which is common knowledge. By the way, your left hand is your lead if you are a right-hander, while the opposite is true for lefties.

My ulterior motive for wearing a single glove is that I enjoy having one part of my hand on the rubber grip. This improves my feel and feedback, which I desire on all shots. I take it a step further on short-game shots and remove my glove.

Professionals and amateurs employ a glove on the hand that goes at the top of their grip. This is the hand that maintains the stability of the golf club on your backswing and guides the clubface into place on the downswing. As a result, it creates increased friction with the grip and can rip your palm to shreds.


Can You Wear Two Gloves Instead of One?

Nothing is stopping you from making like Tommy and using Two Gloves. It boils down to personal preference and what provides the highest level of comfort. I also know golfers who wear gloves on both hands in the rain. They do it purely for increased traction, to achieve a good grip in miserable weather.

The point is there are different strokes for different folks, and preferences vary. The core objective is to ensure maximum traction and control of your golf club while keeping your hand comfortable.


Pros Who Use Two Gloves

Other than the South Carolina native, Gainey, no two glove-wearing pros come to mind. At least, not under normal circumstances. If you haven’t witnessed Two Gloves Gainey in action, here is a video of one of his better shots on the PGA Tour.

You will find tour pros wearing two gloves in wet weather, but those are extenuating circumstances. Once again, it is a matter of personal preference, and some pros may, in its place, prefer using a single waterproof glove in the rain.


Which Hand Does The Glove Go On, and Why?

When you use one golf glove, it fits onto your lead hand. That is your right hand if you are lefty, and your left if you are right-handed. The purpose for this is the friction your lead hand creates during your golf swing.

For example, the left mitt ensures the stability of your golf club on your backswing for right-handers. This keeps your clubhead on a path to make it easier to drop the clubface into position on your downswing.

Ultimately, your lead hand creates added friction from takeaway through impact,  leaving it susceptible to blisters and calluses.


3 of My Favorite Golf Gloves

1. TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove

Top pick
TaylorMade Men's Stratus Tech Golf Glove (Pack of 2)

Wear resistant combination of Hypertec and leather. Hypertec material helps maintain a consistent grip in hot and humid conditions.

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The TaylorMade Stratus Tech glove is the best option for hot and humid conditions. This durable construction produces exceptional breathability, 4-way stretch, and traction.

TaylorMade employed a combination of Hypertec material and leather to increase comfort without impacting durability. In addition, two gloves are included in this package to ensure that you always have a spare on hand.

Furthermore, the Stratus Tech is littered with perforations around the palm and fingers. The aim is to encourage maximum airflow through the glove to restrict the build-up of sweat. Therefore, your hand remains cool, dry, and comfortable while wearing the glove.

Lastly, the design team crafted the Stratus Tech glove with 4-way stretchable material. That means your palm and wrist enjoy optimal freedom of movement on your back and downswing. As a result, you can generate the needed power to execute a long, straight shot.


  • Optimal breathability
  • Maximum freedom of movement
  • Provides exceptional grip in humid conditions
  • Comfortable
  • Keeps your hand cool and dry


  • The fit is smaller than usual, so consider one size larger


FootJoy FLX Cadet Glove

FootJoy Men's Contour FLX Cadet Golf Glove

3-directional comfort closure to ensure that glove is securely fastened when you swing your golf club. Reduces tension and pressure felt at the closure point for added support.

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If your palms are wider and your fingertips shorter than usual, you need a cadet golf glove. The extra width increases your comfort and the lifespan of your glove. The Footjoy FLX Cadet is my top pick for this category.

The FLX Cadet sports a 3-directional comfort closure to ensure that glove is securely fastened when you swing your golf club. Plus, this design reduces the tension and pressure felt at the closure point for added support.

Furthermore, a comfortable wrist elastic appears on the back of the glove to provide an ideal fit without strangling your hand. Therefore, it reduces pressure in this area to increase the freedom of motion while swinging.

FootJoy was not done with comfort yet. They decided to employ perforations on the knuckles and fingers to enhance breathability. The moisture control system works to keep your hand dry and cool to restrict the build-up of sweat.

Finally, the FLX Cadet glove is concocted with Cabretta leather. The leather offers an exceptionally soft, pleasant feel for the ultimate in luxury.


  • Built for golfers with wider palms and shorter fingers
  • Enhanced moisture control
  • Superior comfort
  • Soft feel
  • Optimal grip


  • Reduced durability and lifespan


Callaway Weather Spann Glove

Callaway Golf Men's Weather Spann Premium Synthetic Golf Glove

Provides excellent durability, flex, and comfort for an all-around performance. Adjustable velcro closure gives you the power to secure your glove as tightly as is necessary.

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As much as we love to play golf with blue skies and sun in the sky, that is not always possible. That is why you need a glove that can handle all conditions. The first prize is to acquire separated gloves to handle each scenario. However, if you are on a budget and need a two-in-one option, the Callaway Weather Spann Glove is one choice.

This is my top all-weather pick, and it is surprisingly affordable. It provides excellent durability, flex, and comfort for an all-around performance. Starting with the 4-way stretch synthetics, which feature around the knuckles. This is done to increase the flexibility around this area for superior support.

Furthermore, an Opti-Fit adjustable velcro closure gives you the power to secure your glove as tightly as is necessary. That way, you are assured it will not move or come loose on your backswing.

Callaway went a step further than most manufacturers on the breathability front. The team added perforations to the palm, top of the hand, and fingers. This promotes a cool breeze to consistently enter the inside of the glove and keeps your hand dry in warm weather.

Moreover, the design added reinforced palm patches to boost your grip in all weather. Therefore, whether it is scorching outside or the rain is bucketing down, you have the traction required to control your golf club.


  • Exceptional breathability
  • 4-way stretch synthetics
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • It provides increased traction in the wet


  • The perforated holes can cause water to seep into the grip in heavy rain



Why do pro golfers remove their glove after every shot?

The main purpose for pro golfers removing their glove after every shot is to air dry their hand out and keep it free of sweat. Admittedly, some golfers take it off after every strike because it is part of their routine.

Should I Wear 1 or 2 Gloves?

I suggest wearing 1 glove so that one hand is exposed to the rubber of the grip. This allows your bottom hand to experience the feel of the club at address and the feedback at impact. I like this because I can feel where I struck the club in the face and why the ball ended where it did.


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Matt Stevens

Matt Callcott-Stevens started playing golf at the age of 4 when Rory Sabattini's father put a 7-iron and putter in his hand. He has experienced all the highs and lows the game can throw at you and has now settled down as a professional golf writer. He holds a Postgraduate in Sports Marketing and has played golf for 28 years.