9 Best Lob Wedges to Get You Closer to The Pin in 2024
Written by Matt Stevens

Matt Callcott-Stevens started playing golf at the age of 4 when Rory Sabattini's father put a 7-iron and putter in his hand. He has experienced all the highs and lows the game can throw at you and has now settled down as a professional golf writer. He holds a Postgraduate in Sports Marketing and has played golf for 28 years. Current Handicap: 8

Updated on January 3, 2024

Despite its difficulty to master, the 60-degree wedge is my favorite club for greenside shots. I like to get the ball up high and stop it dead near the target to get up and down, which requires a weak loft and increased spin.

I’ve tested dozens of different lob wedges, so if you’re looking for a good lob wedge to keep in your bag, this article details my top 9 for 2023.

Although all the lob wedges on our list spin rampantly and improve your consistency around the green, they vary in price and design. I have included a range of compact profiles with minimal forgiveness for superior golfers and forgiving cavity-back designs for a high-handicap golfer.


What to Look for in a Good Lob Wedge

Mid or Low-Bounce

In my experience, the best lob wedges feature a lower bounce profile to help you get under the ball and launch it high. When a lob wedge carries excess bounce in the sole, it can cause the clubface to bounce up and catch the ball higher than intended.

Hitting the ball in the equator or higher leads to a lower-flying golf shot which may not stop as quickly as if it were elevated.

When shopping for lob wedges, visit the specs section and identify the bounce of the said product. You will notice that bounce runs from approximately 4 degrees on the low side to over 10 on the higher end.

In my experience, I feel that anything over 8 degrees offers the average golfer too much bounce and can lead to your clubhead bouncing up off the turf. As a result, you will struggle to get under your golf ball for slop and bunker shots.

Versatile Sole Grind

Although superior golfers demand different grind options for their wedges, I believe the average golfer should keep it simple. That is why a versatile sole grind is a suitable option. This makes it easier for you to play chips, flops, medium-range shots, and bunker shots without drastically altering your setup.

Full Face Grooves

Without higher quantities of spin, you will struggle to elevate the ball and stop it rapidly near your target. That is why I suggest that the average golfer consider the options of full-face grooves, which help you produce maximum spin with an open clubface.

The grooves typically extend from the heel to the toe to offer a greater surface area to connect with the ball. As a result, it is easier for mid and high handicappers to make contact and impart substantial revs per minute on the ball.

Clean Turf Interaction

Crisp turf interaction is vital to help your clubhead glide across the turf and avoid digging into the earth. This motion propels your lob wedge to get underneath the ball for a raised launch and a soft landing. Characteristics that golfers welcome on flop and full shots.


The 9 Best Lob Wedges

1. Titleist Vokey SM9 – Overall Best Lob Wedge

Top pick
Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge (60 Degrees)

Features a progressive center of gravity (CG) across all lofts, optimizing ball flight, precision and tolerance. The center of gravity is also ahead of the face, resulting in a higher MOI, an exceptional feel and a club face that simply wants to square on impact.

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Soft feel
  • Controlled flight
  • Exceptional spin
  • Compact profile
  • Numerous soles are available to suit all attack angles and turf conditions.

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • Pricey lob wedge
  • Beginners may struggle for consistency based on its low launching nature.

The Titleist Vokey SM9 soars to the top of our list of best lob wedges for 2023 for its controlled flight, rampant spin, and superb feel. Plus, I appreciated the wealth of sole grind options to cater to varying attack angles and turf conditions.

I generated exceptional spin levels off the face with the combination of sharp patented Spin Milled Grooves and Micro-Grooves. The sharp spin-milled grooves bite into your ball at contact and impart increased spin on the ball for drop and stop control.

In addition, the micro-grooves run horizontally between the main grooves to enhance friction on all shots. From memory, this is the most forgiving Vokey wedge I have struck, but it still works better for low-handicap golfers.

Next, I found the higher center of gravity (CG) appealing because it prompted low-flying shots for superior command. This reduced the risk of ballooning lob wedge shots and losing distance control in my short game. Finally, Titleist offers the SM9 lob wedge in a 58, 60, and 62-degree profile.


2. Callaway Mack Daddy CB – Best For Golfers on a Budget

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge (60 Degrees)

Offers more spin from Groove-In-Groove Technology. The four sole grinds suit a variety of playing styles, attack angles and course conditions.

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Affordable price tag
  • Maximum Forgiveness
  • Prompts straighter shots
  • Built for a high handicap golfer
  • Generates consistent spin

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • The lob wedge is only available in a single-sole grind
  • The high MOI limits the workability

Keeping your golf equipment expenses to a minimum is possible if you box smart and opt for slightly older models. The Callaway Mack Daddy CB turns 3 this year, but its forgiving cavity back design and consistent spin help it punch far above its weight.

The cavity back construction enabled Callaway engineers to distribute weight around the clubface perimeter for an improved moment of inertia (MOI). Its high MOI profile restricted twisting during my swing to keep the face square at impact for straighter shots.

I also found the cavity back boosted the stability of the wedge to preserve ball speed and spin on off-center strikes. The full-face JAWS groove construction also generated substantial spin on all shots and enhanced my short-game control.

The only downside is that the Mack Daddy CB range sports high-bounce wedges which may increase the difficulty of executing a flop shot. Callaway offers this wedge in their W-grind, which suits golfers with steep attack angles. Lastly, the only lob wedge features 60 degrees of loft.


3. Cleveland RTX Zipcore – Best For Forgiveness

Cleveland RTX Zipcore (60 Degrees)

Zipcore shifts the CG while raising MOI, adding spin, enhancing control, and boosting consistency on all your shots. UltiZip Grooves are sharper, deeper, and narrower. They bite harder, channel more debris, and they’re closer together for more groove contact per shot.

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Exceptional forgiveness
  • Promotes straight flying shots
  • Ample spin
  • Durable, long lasting grooves
  • Available in 3 sole grinds

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • Its increased MOI minimizes workability
  • The lower launch may prove challenging for slower swing speeds

Although we all long for a playable lob wedge with a soft feel, the average golfer suits a highly forgiving, oversized lob wedge. The Cleveland RTX Zipcore features a low-density ZipCore which lowers CG for a high launch and boosts MOI for greater consistency.

The UltiZip grooves performed as expected, prompting consistent spin, even on heel and toe mishits. This stems from the deep, sharp, and narrow grooves positioned closer together for an expanded active zone.

In my experience, the hollow cavity back design pushed weight into the toe while dispersing a low chamber to the heel. Together these components improved stability at impact for excellent spin and ball speed while keeping the clubface square for straight shots.

Next, the inclusion of a Gelback TPU insert softened the feel of each shot by drowning vibrations from mishits. Finally, Cleveland engineers built the RTX Zipcore lob wedge in a 58 and 60-degree profile, with the option of a low, mid or full grind.


4. Cleveland CBX2 – Best for High Handicappers

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge (60 Degrees)

Additional weight distributed to the perimeter offers more forgiveness at impact. Three different sole grinds deliver more versatility to execute any shot on the course. Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology along with a GelbackTPU Insert reduces vibration for a pure feel at impact.

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Superior forgiveness
  • Generates adequate spin
  • Promotes a higher launch
  • Eradicates vibrations on off-center hits
  • Affordable

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • Chunky profile
  • Only one sole grind is offered for the lob wedge.

High handicappers need a forgiving wedge that contains perimeter weighting, a low CG, and a high MOI. These features deliver straighter shots and consistent spin, as I found in the Cleveland CBX2 wedge.

The hollow cavity back design spreads the weight around the clubface perimeter to increase stability at contact. This helped me maintain spin and ball speed on all strikes for satisfactory distance control and accuracy.

Like the CBX Zipcore, the CBX2 possesses a Gelback TPU insert to dampen vibrations running up the shaft on off-center hits. Furthermore, the Enhanced Feel Balancing Technology offered a surprisingly soft feel off the clubface for a game-improvement lob wedge.

Cleveland engineers opted for a single sole grind option on the lob wedge, a C-Shaped sole. The design made it easier for me to open the clubface thanks to relief on the heel, toe, and trailing edge. Finally, Cleveland offers this lob wedge in a 58 and 60-degree profile.


5. Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS – Best For Mid Handicappers

Callaway Mack Daddy 5 Jaws Wedge (60 Degrees)

The new tour-tested w and C grinds are both updated to make it easy to play a wider variety of greenside shots. Head shaping progresses from traditional shaped lob and sand wedges to a compact player preferred design in the gap and pitching wedges for a seamless transition into an iron set.

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Soft feel
  • High spinning grooves
  • Consistent spin on mishits
  • Attractive player-preferred profile
  • Three sole grind options

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • I struggled with the glare
  • The 3 medallions on the flange are an eyesore.

Mid-handicap golfers deserve a refined-looking wedge that produces a soft feel and satisfactory revolutions per minute without sacrificing forgiveness. The Callaway Mack Daddy 5 JAWS hits the mark in these areas to enhance your greenside experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the soft feel and exceptional feedback generated by the MD 5 JAWS, thanks to the 8620 Mild Carbon Steel clubface. As a result, it caused me to better judge the power of each shot for superior distance control.

Besides its feel, the Callaway MD 5 JAWS produces spin across the face because of its Groove-In-Groove technology and micro features. The grooves bite into your ball at impact for a rampant spin, while the microfeatures ensure optimal friction on all shots.

Next, mid-handicappers will appreciate the players-shaped head, which offers a compact profile for a more attractive look. Lastly, Callaway crafted the lob wedges in 58 or 60-degree lofts. Plus, you have the option of an S and W and C-grind, with the latter offering the best versatility.


6. TaylorMade Hi-Toe Raw – Best Lob Wedge For Low Handicappers

Taylormade Hi-Toe Raw Wedge (60 Degrees)

Consistent turn in all conditions with control and variety. Reliability from the grow.

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Superior feedback
  • Classy-aged copper finish
  • Prompts consistent spin and velocity on all strikes
  • Produces controlled flight
  • Smooth turf interaction

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • The face rusts over time which some golfers may not appreciate
  • The lower flight is not ideal for high handicappers or seniors

Low handicappers look for wedges that generate a buttery smooth feel, controlled flight, a compact profile, and exceptional spin. The TaylorMade Hi-Toe Raw lob wedge possesses all these features, with an Aged Copper Finish for a rich, premium finish.

Apart from aesthetics, the Hi-Toe Raw wedge produces sensational spin levels from its Raw Face, which sports narrow, sharp, and deep grooves. The golf ball sunk into the teeth of the indentations and spun hard off the face for a drop-and-stop spin on the flop and full shots.

The Raw Face Technology is supported by Full Face Scoring Lines which sit between the grooves to boost contact. I found I generated the necessary spin and ball speed on all shots, thanks to this genius engineer by TaylorMade.

Low handicappers will welcome the higher CG position, which managed to deliver lower, controlled flight for hop and stop spin. Finally, TaylorMade offers the Hi Toe Raw wedge in a 58, 60, and 62-degree loft and the alternative of a standard or low wedge bounce.


7. Wilson Staff Model – Best For Consistent Contact

WILSON Staff Model Wedge

The Staff Model wedges have been designed alongside our world-class tour players who provide direct feedback on design and performance. The end result for players at every level is confidence in their short game.

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Promotes consistent contact off the clubface
  • Generates sufficient spin
  • Soft feel
  • Clean turf interaction
  • Versatile sole grind for

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • Only crafted in one sole grind
  • The glare was an issue

Generating optimal spin in your short game requires clean contact with the golf ball and elevated friction levels. The Wilson Staff Model lob wedge thrives in this department as its clubface is designed for consistent connection resulting in optimal spin and velocity on all shots.

I found the Precision Milled Face and Advanced Spin Scorelines worked well to soften the feel and boost spin on all shots. The Advanced Score Spinlines are machine etched into the face to create a larger density pattern.

The density pattern across the clubface gives your golf ball more surface to grip onto at impact, generating sufficient spin. I also welcomed the remarkably soft feel enjoyed on most shots which stemmed from the durable 8620 Forged Carbon Steel.

Wilson only constructed a 60-degree lob wedge profile with a Tour grind sole, which I felt glided through the turf effortlessly. The grind is designed for versatility and consistency on all shots without severely altering your setup.


8. Cobra Snake Bite – Best For Consistent Spin

Cobra Golf King Snakebite Wedge (60 Degrees)

A new groove design utilizes a re-engineered cutting method that tightens groove tolerances to maximize the groove volume and sharpen the edges to deliver the maximum spin to the ball.

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Generates optimal spin across the clubface
  • Crisp turf interaction
  • Glare resistant
  • Pleasant feel
  • 3 sole grind options

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • The profile may appear too chunky for some golfers
  • Moderately expensive compared to its peers

The average golfer struggles to consistently strike the ball cleanly, leading to lackluster spin results on flop shots, chips, and shots out of the bunkers. The Cobra Snake Bite wedge sports Full-Face grooves to produce maximum revs per minute on open-face strikes.

Not only do the grooves run the width of the clubface, but they are also 40% sharper and 11% deeper than previous iterations. I felt this did well to bite into my ball at impact and impart enhanced spin for drop and stop control in my short game.

Cobra engineers enhanced the groove tolerances and optimized the groove volume to encourage a clean strike across the clubface. I noticed that I still generated satisfactory results on heel and toe mishits.

The Cobra Snake Bite lob wedge is offered in a 60-degree profile, and Ricky Fowler’s sponsors provide 3 sole grinds. While I preferred the Versatile option, you also have the choice of a Widelow or Classic club grind, which suits neutral and steep swingers.


9. Ping Glide 4.0 – Best For a Soft Feel

Ping Glide 4.0 Wedge

Ping's new Glide 4.0 wedges offer control you can feel from a precision-machined face and grooves with new textured face blasting. A larger custom tuning port and softer steel construction improves the feel while the compact, refined profile inspires more confidence at address. 

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What I Like About This Lob Wedge

  • Buttery soft feel
  • Encourages consistent contact
  • Imparts optimal spin on the ball
  • Available in 4 sole grinds
  • Generates a lower ball flight which superior golfers appreciate

What I Dislike About This Lob Wedge

  • It’s priced at a premium
  • I find most sole grinds deliver more bounce than I desire.

Soft-feeling wedges provide maximum feedback and help golfers determine how much force their shot requires for superb distance control. The Ping Glide 4.0 stands out as the best-feeling wedge thanks to a CTP insert and 8620 carbon steel body.

The steel produces a buttery-soft feel at contact for a superb feel and amplified acoustics. Ping engineers decided that was not enough and applied a CTP insert behind the clubface to reduce vibrations on mishits.

In addition, I felt the Emery face blast finish did wonders for the consistency of my strikes due to the added texture on the clubface. This resulted in superior friction levels at impact, prompting adequate velocity and spin on all shots.

Ping engineers constructed the Glide 4.0 lob wedge with a 58 and 60-degree loft profile and 4 sole grinds. The S-grind proved to be the most versatile and suited to a broader range of golfers, but it does produce more bounce than I would like.


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Matt Stevens

Matt Callcott-Stevens started playing golf at the age of 4 when Rory Sabattini's father put a 7-iron and putter in his hand. He has experienced all the highs and lows the game can throw at you and has now settled down as a professional golf writer. He holds a Postgraduate in Sports Marketing and has played golf for 28 years. Current Handicap: 8