The 6 Best Golf Grips for Seniors [2022 Edition]

Whenever I cover game improvement tips, I focus on the importance of a secure grip to better control your golf clubs.

As you age, this elementary task becomes more challenging, especially for those suffering from arthritis. This guide unveils the best golf grip for seniors in 2022. Plus, we added the individual category winners to offer variety.

By the end of this post, you will have a broad list of rubber grips that boost your control over your golf shots. Once you fit your clubs with the correct grips, you are more likely to square your clubface at impact and deliver straighter golf shots.

For golfers that just need a quick recommendation, here are our top choices:


What to Look for in a Golf Grip That’s Ideal for Seniors


As far as golf equipment goes, grips are affordable items. Plus, they are easy to add or remove from your golf clubs without the assistance of an expert. Therefore, there is no excuse to keep using the stock grips featured on your clubs.

You can expect to drop less than $50 for an entry-level set of irons and driver grips. Contrarily, a premium set will run you over $100.

Oversized Grip

There are 4 golf grip size options available to players, with the largest being best equipped to assist seniors. An undersize grip is the thinnest option and is constructed for players with a hand size under 7-inches. These grips are most common among junior golfers.

The second thinnest is a standard grip that suits 7 to 8 ¾ -inch hands. These are the most popular grips and are typically the go-to choice for stock clubs found in retail outlets. Next in line is a midsize grip that fits hands measuring 8 ¼ to 9 ¼.

The oversized construction is also referred to as a jumbo-sized grip. It helps players with hands that exceed 9 ¼ -inches. In addition, these grips work wonders for seniors. Its thicker chassis makes it a little easier for you to achieve a firm hold of the golf club for maximum control.

This setup is especially beneficial if you suffer from arthritis and struggle to wrap your fingers around a thinner design. Golf coach Peter Finch supports these claims by suggesting that jumbo or oversized constructions promote lighter grip pressure and less tension in your hands:

Grip Material

Manufacturers turn to one of these materials to construct grips. These fabrics include rubber, corded, and wrap golf grips. Rubber is a crowd favorite because it is easy to shape, durable and consistent. In addition, rubber grips are a more affordable option for consumers.

As the name suggests, corded grips are created with cord substances to enhance traction in all weather conditions. In addition, this material is sweat and oil resistant to keep your grip free of moisture.

The final material is leather, which features on wrap grips. This design provides a softer feel and promotes optimal traction for added control.

Shock Absorbing Material

When your grip is constructed with non-durable material, it exposes your hands to nasty vibrations. These shocks run up your shaft on mishits and can rattle the palms of your left and right hand.

As a senior, I suggest sourcing a grip constructed with material that improves shock absorption at impact. That way, it enhances your comfort, feel and control over your golf club. Wrap golf grips offer the highest level of shock absorption, while rubbers grips provide the least.


6 Best Golf Grips for Seniors

1. Lamkin Sonar + Grip – Best Rubber Grip For Veteran Golfers

Lamkin Sonar + Grips

Reduced-taper profile reduces grip tension, which adds power.

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The Lamkin Sonar+ tops our list as the best grip for seniors in 2022, thanks to its feel, traction, and durability. These features combine to offer a highly comfortable grip for consistent pressure.

In addition, this oversized grip is equipped with micro textures, making it easy to handle. These textures boost torsional control in the upper hand for superb stability Conversely, the lower part of the grip induces less pressure on your leading hand.

As a result, you produce exceptional stability during your swing to prompt accelerated clubhead speed and a square clubface through impact. This leads to increased distance and accuracy for a straighter shot.

Furthermore, Lamkin obstructed this grip with Genesis material. It is set up to boost traction and minimize grip tension for added comfort. In addition, the material reduces shocks felt on off-center strikes.

The grip possesses fingerprint technology to promote consistent hand placement and unmatched traction. This creates a platform for lighter grip pressure and finger placement for exceptional comfort during your swing. Lastly, the Lamkin Sonar+ is built to perform consistently in the wet and dry.


  • Comfortable feel
  • Durable
  • Maximum torsional stability in your upper hand
  • Medium-soft feel in your lower hand
  • Provides superb traction
  • Promotes lighter grip pressure
  • Combats face twisting during your swing


  • Moderately expensive per unit
  • Reduced shock absorption


2. Super Stroke Traxion Tour Oversized – Best Overall Grip For Senior Golfers

Top pick
SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Club Grip

An advanced surface texture that improves feedback and tack. It places “X-shaped” treads in high sensory areas of the grip to enhance feel and comfort.

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The Super Stroke Traxion Tour grip is another top choice for seniors in 2022. It provides a high level of traction, excellent feedback, stability, and taper profile. In addition, it is an affordable product, accessible to every golfer.

Traxion Control surface texture increases friction to give you a secure handle of the golf club. This helps you accelerate your swing speed and ensure your clubface is square at impact for a straighter shot. Besides, the soft-polyurethane outer layer enhances feedback and tackiness for a quality feel.

Furthermore, a firm rubber core is inserted at the top of the grip to bolster torsional stability in your top hand. Therefore, the grip increases your ability to resist twisting during your swing for a square clubface at contact.

Super Stroke employed taper control technology for added comfort from address through impact. The technology expands the area for the lower hand on the grip for a soft feel, less hand tension, and accelerated swing velocity.


  • Maximum comfort
  • Increased stability
  • Exceptional traction
  • Soft feel
  • Promotes reduced tension in your hands


  • The grips do not resist moisture.


3. Majek Jumbo Grips – Best Budget Grip For Senior Golfers

13 Piece Senior Men's Majek Jumbo Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips

The thicker design is a breeze to hold, providing superb control of every club from takeaway to impact.

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Majek is a company that has dedicated itself to making golf easier for seniors. While I still have reservations about their golf clubs, I do not doubt their seniors’ grips. These rubber constructions are our top pick for budget golf grips for seniors.

These simple jumbo grips were built to increase comfort and reduce the tension and pain in your hands. The thicker design is a breeze to hold, providing superb control of every club from takeaway to impact.

Majek employed a non-slip surface pattern across all grips to bolster your traction. The non-slip material keeps your lead and trailing hand firmly attached to the grip throughout your golf swing. In addition, the surface area provides a soft feel for a pleasant experience all around.


  • Highly affordable
  • Superb comfort
  • Non-slip surface pattern
  • Specifically constructed for senior golfers


  • Reduced durability


4. Winn Excel Wrap Oversized Golf Grip – Best Tacky Feel For Seniors

Winn Excel Wrap Oversize Golf Grips

The tacky composition of the Winn Excel makes it absorb 65% more shocks than standard rubber grips.

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Tacky grips offer golfers a soft feel, maximum comfort, and optimal control. The Winn Excel Wrap Oversized Golf grip tops the board as the best Tacky golf grip for seniors this year.

Added to the comfort and soft feel of the Winn Excel Wrap are its shock-absorbing qualities stemming from its ultra-tacky material. The tacky composition of the Winn Excel makes it absorb 65% more shocks than standard rubber grips. Therefore, it provides maximum protection to the palms of your hand.

Moreover, the team at Winn applied polymer compounds to the grip to boost slip resistance. As a result, the grip performs optimally in wet and dry conditions. The tacky material is combined with the polymers to enhance your traction and repel moisture from the grip.

Finally, the Winn Excel Wrap Oversized golf grip is built to reduce hand fatigue, thanks to less pressure.


  • Built to perform in all weather conditions
  • Provides superior comfort
  • Soft feel
  • Slip-resistant
  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Maximum shock absorption


  • Minimal feedback


5. Golf Pride CP2 Family Jumbo – Best Premium Grips Seniors

Set of 8 - Golf Pride CP2 Family (Jumbo CP2 Wrap)

Control Core technology features bolster the stability of your golf club to avoid a wobbly feel during your swing.

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Comfort, performance, and control. These three words best describe the Golf Pride CP2 Family Jumbo grips, our top premium pick this season.

This is Golf Pride’s first comfort grip without sacrificing innovative performance technology. Control Core technology features bolster the stability of your golf club to avoid a wobbly feel during your swing. In addition, this combats twisting to promote straight shots.

Furthermore, the CP2 Jumbo grip works for golfers experiencing a reduction in clubhead speed. The additional control and comfort enable you to generate increased power on the downswing. This lifts your ability to impart accelerated velocity onto the golf ball at impact for a consistent distance.

Finally, Golf Pride designed the CP2 Jumbo grips to perform optimally in any condition. The wrap construction repels moisture from the surface to keep the grip dry and full of traction.


  • Superior comfort
  • Optimal stability
  • Resists twisting during your swing
  • Helps you increase clubhead speed
  • Suitable for all weather


  • Expensive


6. Super Stroke Traxion Tour – Best Putter Grip

SuperStroke Traxion Tour Golf Putter Grip

Parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure and maintain putter head path for a more consistent stroke.

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The final putter we recommend for seniors is the Super Stroke Traxion Tour. This product is a top pick for the flat stick grips, thanks to its traction, feedback, and lack of taper technology.

A tech port slot enables you to insert accessories such as the CounterCore weight system. That means you can counterbalance your putter to promote precise strikes for improved accuracy.

Engineers at Super Stroke applied Spyne technology to this grip to ensure consistency at address. The construction of the spine makes it easy for you to replicate your hand positioning to ensure you remain in control of your putter at all times.

Moreover, Traxion control technology provides an advanced surface texture that heightens feedback and tack. Plus, X-shaped treads are littered around the grip, improving friction for added control.

Lastly, Super Stroke employed no taper technology to loosen your grip pressure. The patented technology promotes a lighter grip to remove tension from your hands. This increases your comfort when holding a golf club and reduces the risk of hand injuries.


  • Reduces grip pressure for increased comfort
  • Provides ample feedback
  • Maximum traction
  • Spyne technology makes it easy to replicate your hand position
  • The tech port allows you counter balance your putter for improved accuracy.


  • Expensive for an individual grip


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