The 6 Best Golf Balls to Hit Less Slices [2022 Edition]

Do you struggle with a big, looping banana slice off the tee?

If so, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone! 60% of all golfers fight a massive slice, especially when using their driver.

Did you know that there are some specific golf balls on the market today that will help limit your slice? We break down what type of ball is best for golfers who slice and which brands to try.

For golfers that just need a quick recommendation, here are our top choices:


Do Anti Slice Golf Balls Actually Work?

Yes, certain golf balls will help reduce the severity of your slice. While anti slice golf balls will not completely cure your slice, they can at least turn it into more of a power fade. This can help you play from the fairway more often, which almost every golfer would happily welcome.

Golf ball manufacturers all have certain patented technologies that help reduce side spin during the ball’s flight. Sidespin is what causes the golf ball to slice so any reduction in sidespin is going to limit the slicing action.

One way that manufacturers look to limit slicing is by designing their golf balls with a special dimple pattern. Each of the brands on our list has a specific number of dimples and a unique shape that helps reduce slicing.


Will More Expensive Golf Balls Slice Less Than Cheaper Ones?

No, it’s actually the opposite. As a general rule, the more expensive golf balls are designed for highly skilled golfers and professionals. Most highly-skilled golfers need more spin to control their irons on approach shots. Most slicers are high handicappers who need less spin.

Before getting to our list of best golf balls for slicers, keep in mind that no golf ball will eliminate your slice. That is something that can only be achieved by changing some of your swing habits and patterns. If you hit such a wicked slice that you are losing lots of golf balls each round, consider taking a few lessons with a PGA teaching pro.

However, if you don’t have the time or money for a few lessons, the golf balls on this list can help with your slice. I’ve used a few of these golf balls personally and they’ve helped reduce my slice to a more manageable level.


6 Best Golf Balls to Reduce Slices

1. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

This golf ball features low driver and long iron spin for straighter distance, as well as an advanced mantle and cover which work together for great approach and green-side performance.

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If you struggle with a slice from the tee box, the Bridgestone E6 may be the perfect choice for you. Bridgestone invests lots of time, energy, and resources into all of their golf balls and the E6 is no exception. This is currently the golf ball that I play with during my rounds and I love it!

The E6 provides a rare combination of accuracy and distance. This is because of their Delta Dimple technology that helps the ball fly high, long, and straight. Golfers all over the world have written positive reviews about the E6 so it is worth trying if you’re a slicer.

Why is Bridgestone so great at making quality golf balls? They have over 900 rubber science engineers that help with the design of all of their products! It’s hard to argue with a resume like that.


2. Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

Value pick
Nitro Maximum Distance Golf Ball

The Nitro Max Distance cost less than $1 each and have very little sidespin. This makes them a great choice if you need to decrease your slice off the tee but are on a limited budget.

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If you’re a habitual slicer who wants a cheap golf ball that will fly straight, the Nitro Maximum Distance is a great option. These little beauties cost less than one dollar each and have very little sidespin. This makes them a phenomenal choice if you need to decrease your slice off the tee but are on a limited budget.

The dimple design of this ball is very aerodynamic-friendly. This means that it will have lots of trajectory and less drag. The Nitro features a super reactive 2-piece titanium core that delivers plenty of distance with the longer clubs in your golf bag.

The only negative about the Nitros is that they are indeed hard as a rock. This means that they won’t feel or react the best on the greens. However, their low spin, cheap price, and high level of durability make them a popular choice amongst slicers of the golf ball.


3. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

This ball offers longer distance, extremely low long game spin, and high flight on all shots.

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Titleist is one of the most trusted brands in the golfing world. These folks have been making amazing golf balls for more than 85 years. The Titleist Velocity has a 4.8 rating on Amazon so it was a no-brainer to put it in our top spot.

Most folks have heard of Titleist because of their countless commercials that are run during PGA Tour golf tournaments. Almost all of their commercials promote their Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls. While those are both great choices, they are both super expensive and will probably create too much spin for the average slicer!

The Velocity is Titleist’s best option for golfers who struggle to hit the ball straight. These balls won’t feel as good at impact as the Pro V1’s but they will fly straighter off the tee if you tend to slice the ball.

Golfers also love that the Titleist Velocity golf balls also provide a very high ball flight. The high trajectory not only helps you stop your approach shots on the green, but it helps you hit the ball straighter off the tee as well.

I used the Velocity golf balls during my early years of playing golf. I was amazed at how they helped reduce the severity of my slice.

Did I still hit the ball way right? Of course, but I noticed that with the Velocity golf balls I didn’t lose as many balls each round. That was enough proof to make me a believer in the Titleist Velocity.


4. Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls

This ball almost didn’t make our list because it is not approved for tournament play. However, most amateur golfers never enter tournaments and simply want a golf ball that will fly straighter when playing rounds with their buddies. The USGA decided to outlaw this golf ball because it does such a good job at fixing hooks and slices!

Polara’s Ultimate Straight Self-Correcting Technology helps reduce the severity of slices by up to 50%. This is a 2-piece golf ball so it will not spin nearly as much as premium golf balls. That is a great thing for those that fight a massive slice.

The only negative about the Polara’s is the price, which is a bit higher than the other golf balls on our list. However, if you are wanting to keep more balls in play, these are worth a shot.


5. Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls

WILSON Smart Core Golf Balls

Yields spin and control on short shots. Minimizes spin for distance and accuracy on long shots.

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Wilson calls this golf ball “the only intelligent distance ball that reacts to your swing speed”. This ball is self-correcting and will adjust to both your swing speed and your swing type. Golfers rave about how the ball reacts upon impact and love how it limits their slices and hooks.

This golf ball explodes off the tee because of the Smart Core Technology, but it also has a softer feel while putting on the green. That’s a rare combination that all high handicappers love! The only negatives about this golf ball are its lack of availability and its lack of durability.


6. MaxFli StraightFli Golf Balls

Here is a brand that does not get a ton of hype but offers a great product. The MaxFli StraightFli has been put through numerous lab and robot testing. The results show that this golf ball travels 20% straighter than any other golf ball that MaxFli offers.

The added accuracy is due in part to the Find the Fairway Dimple Pattern, which uses 374 large and small dimples. The dimples are packed and positioned in a specific way that helps keep the ball from spinning too much. The soft Ionomer cover also feels pretty nice while putting on the green.


How to Select the Right Golf Ball for You

Finding the right golf ball for you and your game can be a daunting task. Before deciding on which golf ball to buy, here are a few aspects to consider.

1. Severity of Your Slice

How bad is your slice? It helps to be gut-level honest about the severity of your slice before deciding what type of golf ball to buy. Like we told you before, fighting a slice is very common and nothing to be ashamed of.

Is your slice so bad that you lose several golf balls every single round? If so, you may want to look into one of the self-correcting golf balls on this list. They may be a little more expensive, but you are likely to have better luck with them.

Is your slice just more of a mild annoyance? Do you find yourself losing a couple of balls per round and playing too often out of the tall grass? If so, any of the golf balls on this list will help to decrease your slice.

2. How is Your Short Game?

Do you struggle with your putter? If so, the two-piece golf balls on this list may not be a good option for you. The cheaper two-piece balls work great for limiting slices but most golfers dislike the hard feel of them while putting on the green. In golf, like in life, everything is a trade-off.

If you are a golfer who putts well no matter what type of golf ball you use, this is less of a concern. Feel free to use any on this list at your discretion.

3. What’s Your Budget?

When buying golf balls, price should always be a consideration. If you’re on a tight budget, consider the cheap Nitros on this list. If you have some extra money, maybe try out the more expensive self-correcting golf balls.

If after trying out a few of the brands on this list you are still not hitting the ball as straight as you’d like, save up enough money for a few golf lessons. The most effective way to cure a slice is by finding the root cause instead of just a quick fix. A few simple swing adjustments are probably all you need to start hitting the ball straight down the fairway!

Mike Noblin

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