Review: Tomo Golf Shoes

If you love golf and have an Instagram account, you no doubt have seen the recent buzz surrounding Tomo Golf Shoes. One of the hottest new spikeless golf shoes to hit the scene in 2018, Tomo Golf is changing the way golfers embrace style and comfort on the course. With their Volume 1 series, Tomo Golf is disrupting the golf shoe market by offering a fashion forward and ultra-comfortable new shoe to the golf space. In this article we are going to break down the pros and cons and give you a full review of Tomo Golf Shoes.


Tomo Golf was founded by Sunny Chou whose vision for Tomo began when he struggled to find a comfortable golf shoe at an affordable price. Instead of giving up hope, Sunny decided to make this into a new company. Sunny and his team have traveled the world in search of the best materials to bring this shoe to market. Let’s dive in and examine the types of golfers that would enjoy Tomo Golf.

You will love Tomo Golf Shoes if…..

tomo golf shoes

  • You value Comfort –  It goes without saying that comfort is a huge priority when selecting golf shoes. Golfers walk 5-7 miles for 4-5 hours every time they tee it up, and you will be hard pressed to find a more comfortable golf shoe on the market than Tomo. The key factor in Tomo shoes is the lightweight, stretchy knit material. The knit material is made from a quality fabric and is extremely flexible, allowing the material to mold around each individual’s foot. This is a great feature as golfers with both wide and narrow feet will be able to use these shoes. The knit material also allows the shoe to breathe, as air passes through it cooling the feet and reducing moisture. Each shoe weights only 9.8 ounces which makes Tomo one of the lightest golf shoes available.
  • You love Fashion – Tomo Volume 1.0 currently offers four colors (Stone, Charcoal, Sand, and Forest). These colors represent several elements of the earth and give tribute to the company’s core principle of using a socially responsible method to produce the shoes. With these minimalistic and simple color patterns, the shoes easily match with almost any outfit.  Each time we wore these shoes out on the course, our playing partners immediately commented on how stylish the shoes were and how fashionable they looked. (Tomo Volume 2.0 shoes will be debuting in early 2019 and feature a few more color options)
  • You value Quality – When you unpackage your Tomo Golf shoes and hold them in your hands, you immediately know you are looking at something special. A lot of work goes into crafting these shoes and the supreme quality and craftsmanship is what will separate Tomo away from its competition in the coming years.

tomo golf

  • You love a good bargain – Golf shoes nowadays are expensive! They range anywhere from $120-$300 for a quality pair and it’s nearly impossible to find a well-designed, comfortable golf shoe for under $100. Well search no more, Tomo delivers both for only $89. (Read this entire article to find out how you can save an additional 15% off your order)

tomo golf shoes

  • You need one shoe for the entire day – We all live busy lives. Imagine slipping on a pair of shoes and taking your dog for a walk, dropping the kids off at school, attending your weekly sales meeting,  playing an afternoon nine, and grabbing  dinner at your favorite restaurant……all while wearing the same pair of stylish shoes. Tomo Golf shoes are just that, a perfect shoe for the modern man that look good both on and off the course! (Don’t worry women, 2019 editions will feature women’s sizes too)

Tomo might not be the best shoe for you if….

  • You are a tournament player looking for the ultimate in stability and performance– Don’t get us wrong, you can and will play great in Tomo Golf Shoes, but it’s important to understand Tomo’s target market. Like we mentioned before, the ideal Tomo customer values comfort, fashion, and versatility. If you make a living playing golf, these shoes probably won’t work for you.

spikeless golf shoe

A closeup of the lightweight knit material that comprises the shoe

  • You are looking for an all-weather golf shoe– Tomo golf shoes are water resistant, however because of the lightweight, breathable knit material they are definitely suited for warmer conditions. If you need an all purpose shoe for rainy conditions this shoe won’t work for you. 

Final Thoughts 

Before writing this article, we did our due diligence by playing a total of 5 rounds with Tomo Golf shoes. The question we were asked the most throughout our testing process was, “How is the traction for these shoes?”. One thing we would like to point out is the sole features horizontal lines on both the toe and heel for additional traction. We really felt these horizontal lines played a large part in increasing the amount of traction the shoes gave.

tomo golf

Unlike other spikeless shoes, Tomo features both dots and horizontal lines to improve stability throughout the swing

Like we mentioned before, Too Golf Shoes are probably the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever worn. They make your feet feel ultra light and we loved the ability to wear them on and off the golf course.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of golf shoes, the team at Golf Workout Program highly recommend you try Tomo. We 100% standby the endorsement of this product and know it will perform well for all our Golf Workout Program members. Thank you for reading our review of Tomo Golf Shoes. Save an incredible 15% off your order by using the promo code “golfworkout15” at checkout. To take advantage of this opportunity, click here to visit the Tomo Golf website and order your pair today.