Review: Redvanly Golf Apparel

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Redvanly, a clothing company that has been producing quality tennis shirts for years and now is growing its golf presence. As a golf professional, I have an amazing collection of golf shirts from dozens of different companies. I’m always interested when new companies arise and challenge the big apparel companies dominating the field. In this article I’m going to give you a full honest review of the Redvanly golf polo and how it performed during our strenuous testing process.

Redvanly Golf Polo

To start, I’m a PGA member originally from Florida and love playing golf in warm weather. As a result, the first thing I look for in a golf polo is performance in hot weather situations. I need a material that feels lightweight, keeps me cooler on the golf course by wicking moisture, and provides me with complete sun protection. The Redvanly polo is made of a unique combination of materials:

  • 78% Polyester
  • 13% Tencel
  • 9% Elastane

Most consumers have heard of Polyster and Elastane before, but Tencel might be a new fabric for many people. Tencel is a sustainable fabric that is regenerated from wood cellulose. The majority of Tencel comes from eucalyptus trees grown on farms so this fabric is sustainable and environmentally friendly. This unique 78/13/9 blend of fabrics is what gives Redvanly polos their unique feel, elasticity, durability, and breathability. To expand on this point, here are 4 things I loved about the Redvanly polo:


As mentioned, the Redvanly Polo contains 13% of Tencel, which is one of the softest fabrics in the world. The Redvanly looks like a cotton shirt, but is lighter in weight and significantly cooler on the golf course than a standard cotton polo. I teach golf for a living and always teach my students that the first part in playing good is looking good on the course. You have to have clothes that make you feel comfortable and allow you to perform your best. Redvanly has succeeded in providing players a comfortable fit throughout the entire round.


On course testing the Redvanly Polo

Extensive on-course testing is a must for any review!

When reviewing clothing, I play at least (3) eighteen hole rounds of golf with the shirt before making my opinion. Obviously comfort and performance on the course is important, but for me the most important factor in deciding whether to purchase a shirt from a new company is how the shirt looks after a few washes. Earlier this year my wife bought me a beautiful polo from Calvin Klein. I loved the look of it, but after only one wash, the shirt faded, the softness in material noticeable changed. After 3 washes I wanted to donate the shirt to good will. I’ve washed the Redvanly polo 6 times now, and it feels just as good as when I unwrapped it from the packaging. My wife did a load of laundry and said, “Where is this new shirt from? The quality is amazing! You need more shirts like this one”. That’s a big endorsement coming from someone who does loads of laundry every day.


redvanly golf polo

Redvanly’s unique logo sets it apart from other companies

One of my favorite features of the Redvanly shirt is its unique rectangle logo. Unlike most modern shirts that hotpress a logo on the sleeve or breast of the shirt, Redvanly upgrades the logo to a small plastic rectangle that is stiched directly to the chest. It’s lightweight enough that you never notice it when wearing it, but its unique and catches the eyes of your playing competitors who notice it and say, “Hey, that shirt is different, what brand is it? Where did you get that?”


redvanly golf polo

The quality of this shirt can be seen in the fine stitching of the collar which helps the shirt last longer.

I’m a large size in most golf shirts, and the sizing of the Redvanly polo fit exactly the same. It’s not a European cut like J Lindberg and certainly not the oversize cut of Cutter and Buck, it’s equivalent to Nike or Under Armour golf polo in sizing and is a modern, tailored fit that prodives plenty of comfort to swing.

Areas for Improvement

I’m always honest and open when reviewing any products. I would never hide my honest opinion to please the company I am working with. At Golf Workout Program we are working hard to provide our golf community quality, honest information to help you make better informed purchases.

There was a lot of positives about the Redvanly polo and honestly the only thing I would like to see improved is the variety of colors and patterns available. I believe as the company expands and ramps up its manufacturing it will continue to launch new patterns and slowly start to integrate more colors into its lineup. The new 2018 collection features white and blue, with a few more orange and yellow options available.

The Redvanly Golf Polo retails between $87-92 and you can view their entire collection by visiting their gallery here.