Golf Workout Program

Golf Workout Program

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How to play golf

My experience with the Golf Workout Program:

I picked up the game of golf at 10 years old.

Playing occasionally until I turned 20 years old and my dad got a club membership.

This meant one thing…


I became completely obsessed with the game.  Reading every book and article I could find.

That Will Make You a Better Golfer

I played 100+ rounds the following two years, while practicing 1-2 times a week.

But something weird happened, I hardly improved.

I was around a 25 handicap my first summer at the club.

Over the next two years, and 100+ rounds, I only managed to get my handicap down to a 18.

I guess that could be seen as an improvement..


At that rate I could’ve made golf my full-time job and I still wouldn’t have ever got below a 12.

Frustrated beyond belief I took a break from golf.  I couldn’t take the fact that my “hard work” wasn’t improving my game.

I put the clubs down for almost 3 months.

The next time I touched them was for a work event and I shot the best round of my life…


I took a step back and tried to figure it out.

During those six months away from the game I did two things.

I read 2 books and develop 1 new golf theory.

Golf Workout Program Putting

I hadn’t even touched a club.

The following summer I took the first 4 weeks and practiced for a modest 1 hour / week.

Still hesitant to fully dive back in.

After those 4 weeks I started to play again.

I went from a 18 to a 12 that summer.

Then in the following 8 months I plummeted from a 12 to a 4.

I was dumbfounded. As were my friends, family, and most of all, my Dad.

My Dad was my playing partner for the last 3 years and watched the transformation.

He called the first 5-10 strokes luck, the next 10 ridiculous, and soon he couldn’t deny the results.

So I shared with him what I’d been doing.

Golf Workout Program

He went from a 17 (which he’d been for the last ten+ years) to a 7.

I still smile when I think about the day I watched him shoot the best round of his life at 50 years old.

Soon after that, everyone at the club was asking for this “program.”

I laughed.

I thought there was no way that what I was doing could help these weekend golfers shoot better scores…

but it did.

I honestly can still hardly believe it today.

Call it dumb luck, because it probably was.

After a few months of development the Golf Workout Program was born.

I still think it’s hilarious when I see people at the range smashing ball after ball trying to improve their game.

Unfortunately, that type of “hard work” won’t improve your game.

Strategic practice and education will.

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Golf is fun.

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